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  1. WarriorFan

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    I think Danville will be a solid football team next season. Yes, they do lose Stevens, Burton, Hiland, Plant, and some other playmakers on defense. But the proverbial cupboard is not bare. Coach Woods will have this team ready to go come week 1. It will be fun to watch how he, and the rest of the coaching staff, can get this team to gel and become the team they want them to be.
  2. WarriorFan


    To my knowledge, the position has not been filled yet.
  3. Talked to several players after that Chatard game, and they were not as excited as you might think. Of course they were happy to have won a Regional Championship and beat Chatard for the second year in a row, but they have completely bought in to the fact that winning Regionals and beating Chatard is not their ultimate goal. I think last year, you could say this team did that, but not this year. They were no more excited as they were when they beat Greencastle 44-0 the week before. This year, they fully expected to beat Chatard. So to answer your question....absolutely not!!!!
  4. Yes. They play at 4:00. It is being live streamed so I can think of a group of young men and a coaching staff in Danville that will be tuned into that one!
  5. Appreciate all the love being shown for Coach Woods and this Danville team! The matchup with West Lafayette is not going to happen because they were beaten by Brebeuf tonight. It would have been fun to see, but the winner of Danville/Evansville Memorial has to be the favorite to win the State Championship! Next week will be a lot of fun!
  6. That is the exact same thing that was said about last years Danville team as well. This Danville defense is extremely physical and it is much better than last year. I know not a single player can wait until 7:00 and this town can’t wait to show their support either. Should be fun!
  7. This game could very well rival the game that was played in 2002. I believe it is two evenly matched teams going at it for 4 quarters! I can say, as I have talked to a lot of former Danville players, that Chatard used to be a mental thing for some recent teams. They saw they were playing Chatard and were mentally beat before the game even started. However, this team doesn’t seem to have that mindset. Their win over Chatard last year REALLY changed the mental attitude towards them. This team is not scared of them! They know they can beat them. And as everyone on here can attest to, this Danville team is even better than last years! I look for a well played football game with Danville winning by 7 - 10 points. GO WARRIORS!
  8. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Duly noted.....anything from this year? The kid has been an absolute stud this year. How many all-purpose yards did he gain on your Bruins? 179? WeBo does not have a running back the caliber of Washington. Not to mention that Robertson threw for 227 on WeBo for the Bruins, and all of us on here know how you feel about him. Hiland AVERAGES more than that. And if you want to think that he just "threw up" those long TD passes against your Bruins, you go right ahead. If that makes you feel better. Danville's defense dominated that game from the time the Bruins scored in the 1st qtr on.
  9. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    If I remember your post after the Danville/TW game, you sounded pretty impressed with the Danville defense. Looking at WeBo's schedule, I don't think WeBo has played anybody that has a defense that plays at the level of this Warrior team. They held Jaylen Washington to 20-something total yards for the game vs Lebanon. Tell me another team that has done that to him in his entire high school career.....I'll wait for your answer. As far as your agreement with Danville being overrated, I believe, top to bottom, this team is just as good if not better than last year's team. They really kind of remind me of the Bruin team that won state a few years ago. A very stout defense and an explosive offense. Yeah, this Danville team only beat TW 27-14, but that was by far the worst game they played all year. If you watched them each week you would know that. Hopefully we will be able to see that it won't be as close in about three weeks. Danville wins by 20 tonight.
  10. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    I don't see any circumstance where this happens....Danville wins by AT LEAST 17!
  11. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    I remember him last year in middle school where he was at least a head taller than everybody else. Really good size height -wise. Bigger and stronger will go a long way for him. Good luck to you guys this Friday.
  12. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Hey Bruin2358, is Bryce as good as the other Hendershots? Also, it just occurred to me that all the numbers in your username were/are worn by a Hendershot during their days at TW. Any connection there or is it just a coincidence?
  13. WarriorFan

    Sagamore Conference 2017

    Danville completely DOMINATED Lebanon last night in every aspect of the game! The solid Warrior defense held Jaylen Washington to 20 yards on 16 carries and they only allowed Lebanon to gain 107 total yards! If there were any doubts about Danville being for real, after last night, those doubts should be erased. When was the last time Washington was held to 20 yards in a game?