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  1. Except they weren't this year or even really last year as your champ wasn't head and shoulders above our best. The champ and second Big 8 team were also better than #2-3 in the PAC last year. But keep your bias and chest pounding routine going.
  2. Big8Football

    Sectional 32 Championship

    I know we like to be humble and conservative on the GRID but Memorial smokes GS. Let's be realists here. Bulletin board material from this site means nothing to a kid in these programs playing for a sectional. If Memorial plays their worst game ever and GS plays a perfect game they'll have a shot. But EM is too well of an oiled machine on both sides of the ball. EM is too good and likely the best local team since Reitz a decade ago. They are HS kids and GS is peaking, but I dont think that's going to matter this game. Sometimes you just run into a juggernaut. 45-14
  3. Big8Football

    Sectional 32

    Your team didnt exactly play with much class either, so you sure you wanna die on that hill? You had players taunting fans at halftime. And not salty about the game at all. Expected that domination just like I expect you all to dominate the next two weeks. But quit pretending Memorial players were some sort of victims tonight. You had a kid throw a punch.
  4. Big8Football

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Memorial is gonna smoke us. I didnt like our chances even before Corronas injury but they are teenagers. Without him, it's just not gonna happen. We'll be lucky to score a TD until they put in their JV. HH handles business and pulls away in the 2nd half and wins by 17.
  5. Big8Football

    Big 8 Week 9

    Out for season. Shame our best basketball and football player is out for the rest of his high school career. Was going to be a tall task to beat Memorial, but we'll be the next ones blown out by Memorial after they dismantle Princeton.
  6. Big8Football

    Sectional 32

    Booneville is as good if not better than HH and better than the next two PAC teams. Jasper destroyerd SR. Quit with the excuse of they played "lost". Its Jasper-SR. Jasper also played well enough to win that hurricane game against HH. Even with the weather if HH was that much better think the score would of reflected that. VL is as good if not better than GS this year and I sincerely believe HH is not neck and shoulders better either. HH might win but it would be close. I'd take the Big 8 top 3 against the PAC top 3 this year. All would be great games. Any combo would be a pleasure to watch. It's ok to give credit to the Big 8. That's not knocking the PAC down. Just simply acknowledging our top teams are as good as yours this year. But I understand some of you are still reliving your glory days through spectating HS football. Still gotta keep that conference pride going.
  7. Big8Football

    Sectional 32

    I was really hoping VL got to play GS again this year. Shucks. Memorial heavy favorite.
  8. I'd hate to see how he reacts to an actual troll after that reaction. Touche. That offended and bothered by a prediction from an informed fan. Would the correct term here be snowflake?
  9. Big8Football

    Vincennes Lincoln at Jasper

    Huge win and no chatter.
  10. Big8Football

    Big 8 Week 4

    Wasn't that my idea weeks ago and you were very sceptical of it? Now you like it when the coaches go ahead with it.... We need to see more of it because the current starting QB is going to be a TO machine. There's still a role for him but Corrona needs plenty of snaps at QB. This team is limited offensively by the QB play. Make the change. I remember a couple years where the best offensive player on VL was neutralized because of horrible QB play. Lets hope that doesn't happen again.
  11. Big8Football

    Big 8 Week 3

    What about thay busted coverage at the end on 3-20? Hes playing man off and soft with 2 high S and he eyes the QB..... that was painful. Very glad they moved Corona to RB. I'd personally like to see him at QB and do a quick easy scheme switch.
  12. Big8Football

    Big 8 Week 3

    Booneville your 2018 Big 8 Champs. Heard Jasper probably lost 3 more starters for the year with knee injuries and one ankle.
  13. Trenches were the weakness everyone's been worried bout and tonight they were officially exposed. Lot of work to be done there. VL could never stop them on 3rd down. Connor is a beast. Coaches have to find more ways to get Coronna touches.
  14. We have a pretty good D coaching staff. My prediction is D is our strong suit this year. And what you saw is what you're going to get for the most part from my understanding. Things won't change too much minus a couple spots that are being debated.
  15. Not happening. I see more of a same type of record. They'll lose 2-3 games before sectionals. They'll still be solid but you don't lose who they lost and be better, especially what was in the pipeline below. Week 3 will give us an early glimpse of this teams potential. I hope they continue to improve and get better but we're not legit sectional contenders with this team.