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  1. David vs Goliath? Only if Southridge is playing Goliath this year. Not sure Jasper can ever be a David though. To me, David vs. Goliath is more like Wood vs. Gibson Southern, Tecumseh vs. Castle (games that aren't actually played for good reason). All this aside...I agree that SR vs Jasper has the slight edge of appeal over Boonville vs. Vincennes. Although Big 8 conference could be on the line.
  2. abc123

    Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    Princeton was a big disappointment last night, not in other conference games. Jasper played very well defensively, and moved the ball well. They hit shots and Princeton missed a ton. The tigers need to right the ship before their matchup with Barr Reeve on Saturday and the surging HH Patriots on Tuesday.
  3. abc123

    Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    Jasper @ Princeton tonight for the Big 8 championship. Winner will be the outright champ. Jasper (10-8) at Princeton (16-3) GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central. COACHES: John Goebel, 143-102 in 11th year at Jasper, 229-139 in 16th year overall. Ryan Haywood, 67-95 in 7th year at Princeton, 143-190 in 13th year overall. SAGARIN RATINGS: Princeton, 78.38, 71st overall, 19th in Class 3A. Jasper, 72.55, 120th overall, 68th in Class 4A. LAST OUTING: Jasper defeated Washington, 56-39. Princeton defeated South Spencer, 58-52. VS. COMMON FOES: Jasper 7-2, Princeton 8-1. OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Jasper 200-144, Princeton 188-173. SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Jasper, 21-11. LAST MEETING: Jasper, 55-52, Feb. 14, 2017. PREDICTION: Princeton, 60-49.
  4. I think they're still exploring options. If they found someone, I haven't heard.
  5. Pike Central dropped us. This was happening before they beat us this year, and well before the Evans came.
  6. There are some 240-250 marshmallows. The guys that are 215-230 are stronger than the heavy ones.
  7. Several guys 5'10 - 6'1 215-250 Starting center is 5'10 225 TE Zach Dove is 6'5" 230-240
  8. abc123

    Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    Princeton moves to 4-0 in conference with a 78-42 win over Washington. The tigers host a Saturday afternoon game with winless Mt. Vernon.
  9. Maleek Hardiman was our senior QB this season. He tore ligaments in his ankle before sectionals and has since had surgery and returned to basketball. He was a very mobile QB and was dangerous inside the 10. He wasn't a gifted passer by any means. Sophomore Gerit Bock started at QB in the sectional 15-32 loss to a bad Washington team. Word is that he'll be the starter next season as well. He isn't mobile at all. The OL is very small.
  10. abc123

    Combining South Gibson Basketball Teams

    You guys have made a believer out of me. You need paid 5th and 6th grade coaches, team transportation and a schedule overhaul (these are 3 things that outsiders aren't aware of). My arguments are out of date. It's hard to admit being wrong...especially to GS guys. It helps that we won last night. Which home gym would you use? Would you rotate?
  11. We only had one...it got burnt last year. No word on any new ones. Will you GS guys keep your eyes open for cheap boats?
  12. abc123

    Combining South Gibson Basketball Teams

    I know there isn't a south gibson middle school. I meant, I'm not sure what the 3 schools' schedules look like. (I didn't word the previous post very well) I just now looked at the Ft. Branch and Haubstadt schedules. I was shocked to see that they didn't play all the PAC schools. That is a big issue. I've taken a step toward agreeing with you now that I've seen the schedules.
  13. abc123

    Combining South Gibson Basketball Teams

    I'm a basketball fan. I like to see how the youth teams are doing from time to time. I heard that Ft. Branch had a really good 6th grade so I caught a game. I remembered seeing South Gibson's travel team and it looks like they're basically all from Ft. Branch. You make some good points. I think the best point is the one of qualified coaches. I know a lot of schools who struggle to find 1 good coach, let alone 3 for each grade. However, football and baseball are hard to compare to basketball. You need a lot more numbers to play those, and Owensville would probably struggle to field football or baseball teams. I'm not saying consolidating would for sure be an awful idea, I just think there are more positive reasons to have teams at each school, especially if you have solid coaches. I don't know exactly what South Gibson's middle school schedule looks like, but they have to play the PAC schools. My guess is that schedule would stay similar. It would open up 2 more games and maybe they would play Ev. North and another big school.
  14. Titan32 is making fun of the fact they're posted on Twitter. Some coaches like to keep things private, some like to build community support by sharing and posting things on social media. We all know GS is a model football program. They don't have to show those types of things, because their community and players (youth and HS) have already bought in. They let winning do the selling. Princeton isn't to that point, so I'm not sure there's anything wrong with the tweet. Maybe it will motivate a few kids, maybe it won't.
  15. abc123

    Combining South Gibson Basketball Teams

    I've always thought that having 3 middle schools is an advantage. You have 15 starters coming into 9th grade, which means you probably have 25ish players with quite a bit of basketball experience. Yes, if you just had one middle school team you would win a lot more, but winning in 8th grade doesn't always = varsity success. We can all think of "late bloomers" who have come out of nowhere to really make an impact on our varsity teams. Those kids might get discouraged and quit if they sit the bench or get cut in middle school. There are pros and cons to each, but I think the pros far outweigh the cons on this issue. Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with, "everyone should play and get trophies and lollipops." Some years Fort Branch might have most of the tallent (like current 6th grade), but I believe having more kids start, means more kids to work with/ choose from at the high school level.