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  1. Tigers32

    Sectional 32

    Let the fun and the games begin!!!!!!! #Win6 #RoadToLucas #FTF
  2. Tigers32

    SIAC Sectionals Round 1

    I wish but Gibson southern would never play us...
  3. Tigers32

    Sectional 31

    Stink stink 1....2....3 we would love for you to come back and visit Enlow field this year. Blue tigers FOREVER ... orange tigers NEVER
  4. Tigers32

    Sectional 32

    Wow that is crazy !!!
  5. Tigers32

    Sectional 32

    People don’t give HH enough credit could be the team to beat in 32
  6. Tigers32

    Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Anybody smarter than me know where the potential Chatard vs Evansville Memorial matchup could be played? Again both teams have a long way to go but would be a great matchup ! I’ll never forget 08,09 semi-states !
  7. Tigers32

    Sectional 32

    Throwing in the towel already ? You don’t believe anymore ? Wow. You sure you are Titanpride?
  8. Tigers32


    Reitz 31 Mater Dei 24 Central 63 North 7 Bosse 21 Harrison 20 Memorial 49 Castle 28
  9. Tigers32

    Sectional 32

    Anything can happen @ VL
  10. Interested to see how Chatard responds after first loss ! I think they will !
  11. Not an ACL. He should just be out a couple weeks . Good news
  12. Memorial had control the whole game. Never did memorial even sweat. Could be a great win and horrible loss at the same time . Hopefully Brock combs is ok!!!!!!
  13. It's just going be a great day to be a tiger . Wheels up at 4:30 for great soup from Tango and many others ! #FTF We have #Gumbo . Yes GUMBO.
  14. Name one kid that’s improved his stock. Lindauer is playing two D1 sports for free and hasn’t spent a dime on recruiting services. We can agree to disagree. 2 % High School athletes play at D1....he’s playing 2 sports
  15. They didn't get much exposure because the parents didn't pay the websites to rate them but I don't blame them... It's a joke and a waste of money. Go watch practice tomorrow if you think he doesn't have a strong arm. 65 yards with ease ......