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  1. punttheball

    Regional Scores

    Eastbrook 28-7 half
  2. punttheball

    Regional Scores

    Eastbrook 28-0 in second.
  3. Once again,ignorance rules the day. Our linemen run veer, zone, bucksweep(pin and pull), trap, g down, iso, power, and counter schemes. You are making a judgement without any facts or data. You must be a member of the media...Oh wait....you are. Many on this board are coaches. They have a great depth of knowledge in the game which is why they get what I am posting. I think you should poll actual offensive linemen in these systems and see if they feel irrelevant. I know that on Monday and Tuesday of practice our linemen do not think hitting the sled is irrelevant. When we are doing sweep and inside drill, they do not feel irrelevant. They do not just stand around while we are running Jet, power, buck, and counter.
  4. After years of running power I and wing-t at Cass, we run different variations of RPO's and have married it with some of our old concepts. Our kids love it. The community likes it. It is unfortunate you don't understand it. It is option football. Many of the RPO's happen before the snap of the ball. It is making d-coordinators dot their I's and cross their T's. You cannot load the box with 8 men and get away with it. You must defend the field. We are still learning it and adding to the offense. But you have no clue when Make the statement blaming 7 on 7 football. Summer 7 on 7 makes the RPO game difficult. We need our lineman and our lineman know it. We also run a ton of pass pro. Our lineman have gotten really good at run blocking, down blocking, trapping, pulling, and pass blocking. We even run screens! Our O-line coaches(Jeff Phillips and Jeff Jones) do an excellent job of teaching our linemen all of these techniques. Don't confuse your ignorance of the scheme with simpleton concepts. Our Qb knows all of the schemes, coverages, protections, and check with me's that any other qb knows in a pro style offense. He probably knows more than a QB in a pure wing-t or wishbone system. This is not going away. In fact, it is making defenses that have ran zone coverages forever switch to Man to Man. That to me would get you fired up! Real football right? Not sitting back in these passive zone coverages where DB's back pedal and cover grass. Where lineman gets sacks just because they are dropping 7 players into space. Don't hate the evolution. This is making the game better.
  5. Curious where people are getting their information on schools moving up and down. In talking with Coach Adamson, he seemed to think Eastbrook by enrollment would be in 2a again. I think they would need to win state to bump up by the success factor.
  6. punttheball

    Lateral or Pass protocol.

    That is what I wanted to hear. My problem now is that Impartial Observer is an official and has a different idea of a Parallel pass. Unless I am misunderstanding him.
  7. punttheball

    Lateral or Pass protocol.

    I have not even looked at the video. This is something I'm looking for clarification on. So what I am implying is truly a Vocabulary question. Just because Lateral isn't in the rule book doesn't mean that it is ignored. By definition, lateral is not forward. SO what I am implying is that parallel(lateral) should be considered backwards also.
  8. punttheball

    Lateral or Pass protocol.

    Does Lateral mean backwards? I thought lateral would be anything but forward. Your "Parrallelish" to the LOS would be a lateral.
  9. I see this as an Eastbrook dominated game. I do not think Lapel will be able to hang. 49-0 Eastbrook.
  10. Two in a row now they get beat by a Lapel team that they absolutely dominate in the regular season. 2017 was a 53-20 win in the regular season and 2018 was 52-7. Then a loss in the sectional finals each year.
  11. punttheball

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Dude, good question. I really do not feel the Colts are as bad as Chris Ballard painted the picture. They are a couple impact players away. If TY did not have the NO. 1 receiver role, he would be a better player as No. 2. They need a good secondary dime cover man. Farley is awful. I get the rebuild thing, but the Colts have lost at least two games they had a shot at winning. A few extra weapons and who knows what their record could have been. Are the Bears in the situation that they are in without pulling off a deal to get Mack? I feel the rebuild could have moved a little faster with a free agent or two....Maybe picking up josh gordon. I guess we will be drafting No. 1 or two this year.
  12. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Did the Defoe kid play against Tipton? Is the the Campbell kid ok? Heard it was a scary moment.
  13. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Good points! I was making more of a point for WL and Western to be able to have a more battle tested team going on in sectional play.
  14. punttheball

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Just a few general observations of the conference from what I have seen. I think the game with Western and Tipton will be very close. I would give just a slight edge to Western because of their size a physicality. I think they match up well to give JDR some fits in the run game. I also feel that they will be able to control the line of scrimmage on offense. That being said...if Tipton can force Western into passing situations, the advantage flips to Tipton. Like I said, very close. TL is on the rise. They are playing better each week. NW is doing all they can. Hats off to Coach R and what he is getting done there. LCC and HH are wildcards. Seen them both look bad and both look good. They both scare me. RC looks solid. BC is years away. WL needs a new conference. There is some really good football played in the Hoosier Conference, but they are out there beating good teams by 40 to 60 points. I know alot of people already have them in the state championship game, but they have a really solid sectional. I'm not sure the Hoosier is preparing them. I also am not sure what the smaller schools get out of a 40-60 point beat down. I feel somewhat the same about Western. Not for the same reasons. I think they matchup well with most of the schools, but not sure what that is doing to prepare them for 4a competion later. Just a few comments. The conference is a good conference. Cass will go into sectional play battle tested. Just hoping we have something left by then. In a pretty rough stretch with Western, WL, and HH back to back to back. Cass and RC's Sectional has three undefeated teams and Eastbrook with one loss to a good 4a team.
  15. punttheball

    2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Week 3 was a disappointment. I thought the defense did ok. They had spots of really good play. I feel like they are probably getting the most out of what they have from a talent standpoint. Offensively...I feel we fell short. Luck was terrible. He had time to throw the ball. He had to move in the pocket some, but name a QB that doesn't. He missed on bad throws to Ebron twice in the end zone. He missed Chester Rogers in the end zone(could have been caught...tough one). The last two play calls of the potential go ahead drive were rough. It is 3rd and three with all three timeouts if needed. Playaction fade to TY. Then we run playaction under center on 4th down. If you did not run it on 3rd down, no defense believes you are going to run it on 4th. The play was doomed. No one reacted to run which screws the play design. All that said...the Colts competed. I thought we had poor redzone play and the 18 play drive by Philly got extended by some questionable calls..