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  1. Understand that internally you will be telling your players what they need to hear. As far as a public interview why would you say anything remotely disrespectful???
  2. Vincennes Lincoln coach Levi Salters on facing #1 Gibson Southern Friday in sectional semifinals "We don't have to do anything spectacular. Just need to play our game"
  3. Not sure how to take comment about basketball?????
  4. sunshine

    PAC 2017

    GS PAC conference Football Champs 3 of last 4 seasons. With a shot at PAC this season. I would guess this dismisses the talk of GS football success being just a once in a generation type success.
  5. sunshine

    PAC 2017

    Is SR only PAC team with a shot at stopping a GS 3-peat ???
  6. Own it -- Your claiming best players in Conference -- Go ahead and say it, quite beating around the bush -- You think HH has the best players in PAC RIGHT?????
  7. If the TOP 3 awards from the PAC go to HH players -- as HH poster claims -- Then HH has to be huge favorite against any other PAC team. Add to that HH has already won this season on GS home field. I Believe HH poster is claiming to be favorite this coming Friday and rightfully so. Looks to be a long uphill battle for the Titans against the best players and tradition in the PAC.
  8. Heritage Hills is the clear favorite. They are the PAC Champs with a win on Titans field and they expect to dominate PAC awards and we all know about the Heritage Hills tradition of winning football. Hope GS can play well enough to at least make it interesting for all the fans. Will HH fans storm onto the GS field this Friday night like they did after beating GS in regular season conference game??? Hard for me to believe this qoute from HH fan -- seriously all good if HH loses?? No problems its all good and win or lose its been a great ride going from 2-8 to at the very minimum 10-2 if we lose Friday.
  9. sunshine

    Sectional 32

    SECTIONAL 32 SECT RANK STATE RANK TEAM OVERALL RATING SCHEDULE STRENGTH RANK ELO CHESS RATING RANK PREDICTOR RATING RANK 1 23 Heritage Hills 80.93 61.74 79 82.80 23 77.78 33 2 30 Gibson Southern 79.26 48.69 169 75.39 43 77.92 31 3 52 Vincennes Lincoln 74.33 50.90 151 90.39 7 67.69 75 4 102 Mount Vernon (Posey) 62.51 55.83 117 59.83 113 62.65 97 5 107 Evansville Memorial 61.84 68.48 39 66.18 86 59.58 113 6 175 Princeton 48.86 43.19 225 42.20 201 51.71 149 7 239 Evansville Bosse 34.09 60.65 87 33.39 239 35.31 235 8 267 Pike Central 30.37 51.60 145 22.86 282 34.64 239
  10. sunshine

    Gibson Southern @ Princeton

    I understand the past is important, however some teams want to always point to thier past to proclaim themselves as a dominant program. I do understand 24 Conference, 11 Sectional, 8 regional, 2 semi state and 1 state championship -- in the PAST this has been impressive. However the very near past has included in 2012 a 5-5 record with a 2013 record of 2-8. My only point is regardless of the past, here in the present one team in the PAC is dominate. I do not see how that is disputed.
  11. sunshine

    PAC Conference 2014

    Will the Titans reload? If so, how do they get over the semi-state hump?
  12. sunshine

    JV and Freshman scores.

    I Believe the Gibson Southern JV record is currently 6-1 -- I see posted South Spencer JV is 5-2 -- Anyone have the rest of the current PAC JV records
  13. sunshine

    JV and Freshman scores.

    Hard to believe a unbeaten Heritage Hills JV team expected to be beaten by Gibson Southern JV -- which did have several freshmen playing -- Did not read like they expect to get beat by Southridge JV
  14. sunshine

    PAC predictions

    Not sure I follow your assessment in this case of 4 yards a carry is pretty good -- it produced 0 points and 5 punts -- as reported it mostly came from late in the game, whole 4th qrt, when GS had JV mixed with at times 5 freshmen on the field
  15. sunshine

    PAC predictions

    Not sure I agree FP ran all over Gibson thru the game -- Team Stats in Princeton newspaper had FP with 43 rushing attempts for 169 yrds.