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  1. basketballjones

    Linton-Stockton @ North Daviess

    Agree with both Globemstr3 and TS32 on this one. The WIC would be an improvement for all sports at Linton, including football (and I also agree that per the newspaper article, they won't be joining due to the concerns their AD expressed). As for the talk I've seen about the Miner fans having disappeared on this board; I dunno that I blame it on the record they have. It probably has more to do with the fact that they got over the hump. The broke the curse. They won the blue ring. If they were 4-1, the traffic on this board would be lower than it was a couple years ago. Don't get me wrong, the fact that they scheduled a few good programs instead of Wood Memorial and Springs Valley has humbled a few of them, and I also think that is good, but every program is going to have a few of those guys.
  2. Why disagree with that statement? It isn't an opinion, it is a fact. They wouldn't HAVE to dump all 3 of those schools. They might be forced to dump 1, but not all 3. Besides, there is absolutely no reason anyone with a concern for SOS would want to keep more than 1 of Eastern, N Knox, N Daviess and Providence. As someone mentioned, in most years you are going to pick up another easy win or two vs WIC opponents. And you are right, it would make the job of the AD (and head coach) significantly easier as they won't be trying to find new competition each year. There are 6 teams in each WIC division, so wouldn't that just eat up 6 weeks (5 vs divisional opponents, then 1 in their WIC playoff)? Plus, you already have Sullivan on your annual schedule and would be one of those 5 spots. Good question. I don't know how that would work. Linton use to have dual membership in the 90's (maybe Shakamak and/or Dugger did too??) but the other conference dissolved.
  3. I didn't know the WIC was looking to add; is someone dropping out (maybe I missed that somewhere in this thread)? Didn't Linton turn down a WIC invite 5 or 6 years ago? Passing up the WIC invite would be a mistake for Linton's boys / girls basketball, baseball / softball and volleyball programs. I don't see it having a significant impact on the SOS of the football schedule to the point everyone is making it. Would it lessen it some? In some years yes, in some years no. Northview has been really good lately and both North / South Put are solid programs. Nobody said you have to dump Ritter, Southridge and Monrovia. Keep one or two of those teams and dump Providence and one of N Knox, N Daviess or Eastern. Hell, Ritter is 0-2 this year, Monrovia was below .500 last year. Point being, I don't think it is that big of a deal for football to stay or go. And it gives Linton's kids a chance to earn all-conference honors and play for a conference title. All in all, consider it is a wash for football, but a big opportunity for the other sports so why wouldn't they do it? EDIT: I don't know how the "other" sports would fare like tennis, XC, track and golf. It seems like almost all those sports still have a "greene county" tournament of some sort where they could still play the locals.
  4. basketballjones

    Vincennes Lincoln

    Well, I can name 5. Edit... I've been told there were more, but I only know of 5.
  5. basketballjones

    Any news out of Linton?

    I don't claim to know a lot about this sport, but I do agree. They were young last year so they will be considerably faster and stronger. 2 concerns: - Won't be easy to replace Cox. He was severely underrated last year; a super tough kid. If Dyer is given the keys, he has a lot of potential but I wouldn't call it an upgrade. At least not early in the year. - Defense. Teams ran away from Jerrells all season last year. And when they did, Howard was usually there to blow thru a block and get to the ball. Both kids gone to graduation but maybe they make up for it by being improved in other areas.
  6. basketballjones

    Romeo cuts list to 7

    Chill out on the "uninterested" and "overhyped" comments. Romeo wanted to announce it in front of his fans... he is an 18 year old kid and that would be fun. The smile on his face as he made the announcement tells you everything you need to know. Hell, Romeo prolly agrees the production was overhyped and I would be willing to bet he would have been just fine getting up and reading his short script. The overhyped didn't come from Romeo; you think he planned for cheerleaders, adults giving 20 minute statements, etc?!?! The hype came from social media and crazed IU fans who were secretly hoping Romeo would pull a Jimmy Chitwood with a reference to Coach Knight coming back or else I'm going to Vandy.
  7. basketballjones

    2A Sectional 47

    I don't think Linton would have to play poorly to lose to SK; after Tuesday it would be Linton's sectional to lose but do not discredit SK too much. SK is 14-9 but it wasn't a 14-9 team that won at Vincennes Lincoln nor who beat 1A ranked Wood Memorial last night, at Wood, by 20. SK is capable and they are becoming accustomed to March more so than your average program. They brought similar teams (15-8, 16-7) into March the past 2 years and beat Barr Reeve each year, who was ranked in the top 3 of 2A both years. Their coach is young, but he has sat opposite of Joey enough years that he is learning to compete in the slugfests that are March. HS basketball has so much parity; it was just last year that only 2 of the top 10 ranked teams in 2A even made it to the regional round and a Sagarin team in the mid 30's went to the state championship game. I don't know of any other sport, other than NCAA opening weekend, where so much parity exists. SK will give Linton a game. Now... if only there was enough parity so that the Lakers could compete with the Cardinals.
  8. basketballjones

    Barr-Reeve 56 Loogootee 49 3 OT

    Essentially what I'm reading is that Barr-Reeve should get through the sectional without too much trouble? This thread portrays a different tone, but I'm reading a disinterested, out-hustled, out-worked and outplayed Barr-Reeve team won this matchup. It is hard to think BR would lose those inter-battles again, thereby making a postseason rematch less thrilling. Obviously anything can happen in March, and I'd be the first to walk through the door expecting another barn-burner. But it sounds like BR has more room for improvement in a rematch than what the Lions would. Agreed?
  9. basketballjones

    Linton at Barr Reeve

    Wow. It is called parity; lots of it in southern Indiana basketball. For a Miner fan you don't support your boys too much. Every year I watch the WVC... last year I sat back and watched Joey's team win 3 straight games at the WVC that they were predicted, by Harrell, to lose. They beat Cloverdale, Northview and THS. And starting with their sectional title victory over 2A #2 Sullivan in 2013, something like 10 of their next 12 postseason wins were "upsets" per Harrells predictions. Clay City's boys won a handful of postseason games they were expected to lose over the past 5 years, and Shakamak won a couple last year; Bloomfield did it regularly about 15 years ago... but honestly I've not seen anyone outplay their talent the way Linton has since 2012. I'm have no idea where you are getting "lose again in a clutch game." Hart has built a great program over there that rivals all 2A's in the state since '12.
  10. basketballjones

    SWIAC 2017-2018

    Guessing his tenure as hoops coach never found its way to his resume. Good luck to him! Their current coach told me he stepped in to fill a void that nobody else would. All the while admittedly knowing he wasn't a basketball coach. I never thought he received enough recognition for that. (You could argue that not fielding a team might have been better, but I wouldn't agree. Not fair to their kids nor the teams on their schedule).
  11. basketballjones

    Linton at Barr Reeve

    Correct. I remember a Linton kid burying a corner three to make it a 4 point game about midway through the final quarter. The last few minutes Linton had to speed it up to try and close the gap, which played right into Bowman's hands and they stretched it out in the final minute. Also, Taps did you hack Harrell to create poster board material? His site is now saying Linton by 20. John must be growing and smoking something good! That number can't be right.
  12. basketballjones

    Linton at Barr Reeve

    Hard for anyone to walk into Montgomery and walk out with a double digit win. Last team to get a win by more than 10 in Montgomery was Orleans on December 1, 2007 (thank you, Harrell). I'm not saying the SWIAC team can't go get the W, but there is only one 6'8" beefy kid on the floor and only one super athletic guard with a smooth stroke, and both play for BR. From what I've seen, Linton has an athlete to match him, and other kids who are better pure shooters than him... but not in a combo pkg.
  13. basketballjones

    SWIAC 2017-2018

    No worries, it is real easy to start another thread ;) From what I've heard, all area schools looked good in their scrimmages. Shakamak beat Loogootee in 2 quarters, the Linton twitter account said they played well and I was told WRV also played well (vs. WC, so take it with a grain of salt). Did Eastern scrimmage even though their fb team has another game to play? I also heard Bloomfield played in a closed scrimmage, which is really odd. Are there many schools that do this?
  14. basketballjones

    SWIAC 2017-2018

    Shakamak has a very gutsy player in SR Gilbert and a proven shooter in SR Landry. As for the rest of the lineup it is anyone's guess... Bloomfield could be the team to beat if the 6'7" transfer is any count. They already have a skilled 6'7" kid in SR Combs, but from the sounds of it, they both like to roam the perimeter, which negates some of the size. I don't really see anyone in the WRV sectional competing with them. To be honest, that sectional is so down from where it use to be that it is embarrassing. Eastern has the biggest mismatch in the conference with SR Hamilton. Shakamak and Linton might have the only personnel in the conference to defend him in a man defense. Expect Hamilton to put up huge #s against everyone else. SR Helton would be another kid from Eastern I expect big things from. North Daviess lost arguably more to graduation than anyone else in the conference. Knepp is a SO who might be there best player this year, but it will be interesting to see if Dalrymple can have these guys competing by mid-January. They will rely on youth to score a lot of their points. They usually seem to gel just in time to give Eastern a good game the week before sectionals. I always look forward to that game. I don't know what to expect out of Linton this year. GCC alluded to this, but they graduated so much athleticism I would expect their style of play to drastically change. They return juniors Robbins on the inside and Slover at the point, both all conference guys. I also expect Fougerousse to have a big year as a SO.