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  1. I am sorry to hear he is moving on. From the outside looking in, he a a nice program going . They played Lowell tough in their games this year. They beat Lowell last year. His kids played hard and clean. Where is he headed?
  2. Many people who normally attended now watch the “stream” or on cable. Many prep football fans I know did just that.
  3. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Yes they did. I think Lowell was very happy playing power football against Dwenger. Unfortunately, that isn’t this team. Thought they called a great first half, the second half, not so much. All of that said, those turnovers can’t happen if you want to win.
  4. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Couldn’t disagree with you Boiler. That encroachment on the field goal was a back breaker. Have to give it to EC, they came up big on D when they needed to.
  5. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Turnovers kill. Congrats to East Central. Good clean game , that I thought was well officiated. Hope to see you again next year.
  6. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    We have landed at the Slippery Noodle, seems like a nice place. Safe travels to all.
  7. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Seems like Renn also won a State Wrestling title. There was a lineman on that 76 team that went on to play college ball (Middle Tennessee?) by the name of Paul Sharkey.
  8. I don’t think the reason the success factor is in place is any secret. Do I think it has been good for high school football is another question entirely. The answer to me is a qualified yes. I don’t think it is a perfect choice, but I have not seen a better alternative. Do I think it has been effective? Again, a qualified yes. Will it go back to business as usual when teams return to their original class? In some cases the answer for now is no. Is the object of this rule to prevent PP schools from advancing in the state tournament? No, I think the object is to make it more difficult for them to advance EVERY year or most years.
  9. It think it absolutely targets successful programs. What other type of program could it target?
  10. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Alright, you cracked me up with that one.
  11. RDP fan

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Almost seems a shame to play the game after that analysis.
  12. I was once told with a straight face, “We just have better coaching”. If everyone uses the same success factor, why do you think it targets private schools?