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  1. Art VanDelay

    4A Postseason

    Sectional 17 - Favorite - Lowell, Sleeper - Hammond Morton (Lowell has a great D but not much offense, won't go as far as last year without the Juice) 18 - Mishawaka, New Prairie (New Prairie could pull it off but Mishawaka has won every tight game they've been in except Marist, maybe they lose one?). 19 - Northwood, Winner of Angola/Culver (This sectional is seems to be good every year, maybe the winner is too beat up to compete in the Regional?) 20- Dwenger, Wayne (Wayne lost first game of the year to Dwenger and since has been on a tear except for a hiccup with Homestead, maybe they take Dwenger in the rematch?) 21- Pendleton Heights , Marion/Missinewa (Another strong sectional with 6 winning records, Marion being undefeated and having a strong defense hasn't played anyone with a winning record other than Mt Vernon, so the winner of the opening round game with Pendleton Heights should be the favorite over everyone else). 22 - Mooresville, Mt Vernon (Mooresville should be the favorite no doubt, but the Mt Vernon win against PH would make me think that Kirschner might be getting his team to gel at the right time). 23 - EC, Silver Creek (EC should again not be challenged in this sectional, Siver Creeks defense is not near as good as last year so I don't see EC having much trouble until the Regional round). 24 - Evan. Central, Boonville (If Central can beat Reitz does Boonville or Northview have anything for the bears? I doubt it but Central can implode easy so don't count out Reitz). North Regional games Lowell vs Mishawaka (I think Mishawaka will prevail agains the State runners up from last year) Northwood vs Dwenger (I think Dwenger (or Wayne) will take down Northwood, but it's hard to judge the Fort Wayne schools bc they play no one else in the regular season?) South Regional Winners - Pendleton Heights vs Mooresville (This might be a shoot out, but I'm giving the advantage to Mooresville, they have been the more consistent team). EC vs Evan Central - EC took it too Central last year when nobody expected it, especially Central. I see the same thing this year, but it will be a much closer game. EC's defense is not as dominant as last year but their offense is clicking on all cylinders). Semi-States - Mishawaka/Dwenger - Wow, I'd go with Dwenger just because of their past success. Mishawaka has had a great year but they have been narrowly beating teams, but this time they lose by a close margin). EC/Mooresville - Again, could go either way but I'm going to go with the defending champions EC until someone beats them. Their run game is just too strong. Final EC/Dwenger - a Rematch of the 2015 final. That game was a 7-3 game with about 9 minutes left until a bad call at the goal line gave Dwenger 14-3 lead, and then EC's passing game was exposed and it got out of hand quickly. This year EC is ready and has a much better passing game than people give them credit. It will be higher scoring championship game for EC than last years final (14-7) but I think EC takes down Dwenger 28-24. I know this is just one example of how this could turn out. I know about 16 schools (a few of them I didn't even list) could be the State Champions depending on how the ball bounces, but that is the great thing about this time of year! Many schools have dreams of ending up at Lucas Oil playing for the Championship! Good Luck to all the schools and it's going to be great watching this unfold...
  2. Art VanDelay

    Sectional 24

    Whoever wins this Sectional, will they be able to get past East Central or will EC win the Regional for the 4th straight year? On the brighter side for Sectional 24, "if" EC wins the Regional again this year they will have to bump up to 5A for the next 2 years so that will be a welcome relief for all the teams in Sectional 24 (for at least 2 years).
  3. Art VanDelay

    Sectional 19 Thoughts?

    This sectional had similar records last year and from what I remember the sectional semi-finals and championship games were all decided by a TD or less, and then Angola either laid an egg in the Regional or was Dwenger just that much better? I believe the score was 34-0? From the box score Dwenger had a huge 3rd Quarter and Angola never got into the endzone. Did this sectional beat each other up so bad that Dwenger just had to show up or was Dwenger a much better team last year? What are your predections this year, who is going to win 19 and how will they perform vs the champ from sectional 20?
  4. What would BNL rather win, the Conference or the Sectional? It would be hard to beat CE twice in 3 weeks, but maybe New Albany knocks off CE in the Sectional for BNL? Either way I'm rooting for BNL to pull the upset this week!!!
  5. Art VanDelay

    Sectional 24

    I don't know who in the IHSAA makes up the sectionals but they ought to be fired! I understand sometimes they are forced to make hard decisions and put teams in sectionals that may travel a great distance but how does Northview and Owen Valley end up with the Evansville's schools in Sectional 24??? How does Edgewood end up in sectional 23 with all the SE Indiana teams??? The closest school to Edgewood in their sectional is an hour and a half away from them and 5 of the 7 they can play in sectional 23 is at least 2 hours or more away, but Owen Valley is 15 minutes away and they are in sectional 24 (and Northview is less than an hour away). Mooresville is only 45 minutes away and they are in Sectional 22? I get that is doesn't always work geographically for the IHSAA, but some of their decisions on how they split the sectionals a couple years ago does not make sense! Especially if your Edgewood!
  6. Yes, Lysander I am an EIAC guy too but we didn't play against each other because I'm a West-Sider (Cincy) transplant in SE Indiana. I too married an EIAC girl and we are close in age. My kids went to EC though but I live in Lawrenceburgs school district but I follow EC closely and as you can tell I get a bit defensive when I hear that EC was lucky to win the 4A state championship last year. Yes, I think Chatard was the better team that night but that is not to say the EC couldn't play with them on any other night. The QB breaking his hand early in the season definitely changed EC's offense last year. My excuse or explanation of the game is legit. I'm sure the coaches went into that game knowing the QB couldn't really throw the ball like he should so when you play a good team like Chatard and they can stack the box with 10 guys I'm surprised EC scored at all. That is the one game that EC got beat. The Harrison game was a fluke, and only losing to LaSalle from Cincy 13-0 was surprising since that was the first game our QB was out, and our offense was non-existent that game. But with that said all 3 losses last year can be tied back to the QB breaking his hand, but Chatard was the one real "L" 4A watered down??? I think you see water down as less parochial schools? No Cathedral (yes their enrollment says 4A but will they ever be 4A again?), No Roncalli (up due to the success factor), they both have won 4A numerous times, too many for me to count. Dwenger, the only remaining parochial school (traditional power) that has not been moved up, but if they win State, guess what? they will be moving up to 5A. You see a lack of parochial schools as a watered down Class. Was 4A watered down when Roncalli won the Championship in 2016? What has changed in a year or two? I doubt we ever see Cathedral, New Pal in 4A again. Columbus East (yes a traditional 4A power) has moved up because of enrollment (even though the success factor would have put them up to 5A last time). I don't see them coming down again. So you'll really have a field day if Dwenger wins State and if EC wins the Regional, both will have to move up to 5A, while Roncalli comes back down to 4A to win back to back State Championships in 19 and 20, but you'll say they were a dominant team that deserved to be State Champions instead of calling their championships "watered down"...
  7. You know I'm goint to dispute this too. How can you say this? Why because Memorial crushed Danville the team that crushed Chatard (and we know you love Chatard)? That's your logic on everything. Well if that is the case then EC would have crushed Memorial because Memorial got crushed by Central and Central got crushed by EC. Right? Who knows how good Memorial was last year but to say they were the best team in 3A AND 4A is stupid. Could Memorial beat some of the top teams in 4A last year, I'm sure they could, but I'm sure the top teams in 4A could beat Memorial. 3A and 4A are the meat of the schools in Indiana and are probably the 2 classes where you could throw the top 8 of each class into a 16 team tournament and all games would be close competitive games. To say Memorial was the best team in both classes by a wide margin is an insult to all the 4A schools and just is wrong!
  8. Again, get your facts right. Columbus East is up at 5A to stay due to enrollment numbers. Cathedral hasn't been 4A since 2012 (when there were just 5 classes), and does anyone ever think Cathedral will be 4A again in this 6 class system? No. Yes Roncalli was up but only because the beat EC on the last second FG in the Semi-State in 2016 (whoever won that game in 2016 was moving up). Yes New Pal is up but with Ralph as their coach they may never be down in 4A again. I don't think East Central, Evansville Central, Reitz, Dwenger, Lowell, New Prairie, etc was out of 4A last year?
  9. Lysander it is obvious that you love some Chatard but saying that they mauled EC last year is not accurate. It was a tight game, 14 - 14 at the half and 21-14 at the end of the 3rd Quarter. I don't know about you but some might call that a close game. Did you know that EC's star QB broke his thumb early in the season last year and that was his 2nd game back without a cast? Do you know that EC probably didn't want to push their QB into a lot of passing downs vs a very good Chatard team where if he took a hit on that thumb again that it could cost them a chance at the State Championship? I'm not sure of the his final stats but he threw the ball less than 10 times that game, and the coaches probably knew he wasn't going to throw the ball alot so they would not jeopardize their QB's health and instead save him for the playoff run. So going on the road to play a Chatard team knowing you're going to run the ball 95% of the time and only be down 21-14 at the end of the 3rd quarter is what some would call a close game? Yes Chatard scored 10 more points in the 4th quarter to make the final score 31-14, but again I would not say EC got mauled.
  10. Art VanDelay

    EIAC Week #7

    If GHS lost to FC at home there is no way they can have a fighting chance at BHS. Congrats to the Bulldogs on winning the Junior Varsity(3A) Conference Championship in 2018. SD will bounce back from the beating they took last week and take a tight one at FC but it will only be tight because of the home-cooking that the FC officiating crew will put on the Knights. The SD boosters better bring those fire extinguishers to put out Coach Ballards temper after his first 3 TD's get called back for holding and/or for excessive ketchup stains on his white pullover. Sorry Stink but I'm going to be rooting for Rushville to pull off the upset! It would make Rushville's(Footlooses's) year to beat the tigers this year and Kevin Bacon and the boys need a good reason to clean that feedmill up for the dance this weekend. As for EC and connersville, I'm pretty sure EC could send their freshman or 8th grade crew to bring home the win. The only good thing is it will be running clock in the 2nd half so EC will be able to get on the road sooner so they might have a chance to get the team to the Cottage to get some Jo-Jo's before the FC/SD inbreds eat up all the fried food in the town. Another game to pad the stats for EC.
  11. Art VanDelay

    EIAC Week #6

    Stink and Z, I called it! Close game for the first half and EC wears them down in the 2nd. I was 1 TD off in my prediction of 35-15. The only prediction that was way off was the weatherman. I could have gone to the game instead of listening to it on radio, and I could have joined the SD's finest in the VIP section "Tight-A$$ Hill" and watched from the best endzone view in the State. From the radio it sounded like EC was getting homered on a few calls but overall it sounded like they shot themselves in the foot more often than not. Stink, I also called your boys getting beat by BHS, but it sounded like they gave them quite a game. FC beating GHS was the shocker of the night for me? How did this happen? Must have been at FC where I bet GHS is saying the same thing about getting homered! Anyone have any info on that game? I bet GHS had twice the penalties of FC and I bet they all were drive-killing penalties.
  12. Art VanDelay

    EIAC Week #6

    Am I the only one that thinks the EC vs SD will be a game? If the weathermen are right, It's going to be a sloppy mess up on High-Rand-er Hill! IF SD can get some early momentum look for the first half to be tight. EC will definitely wear them down but I think SD will hang with them in the first half if the field is a mess. EC 35 SD 15 BHS vs LHS? if the Bulldogs are healthy after the beat down they took last week, I see the dawgs getting back on the winning track this weekend. BHS's QB, WR and MLB too good for LHS. GHS vs FCHS? Greensburg by 30! Hopefully FC's new coach can get the program back. Sad to see FC struggle this year. CHS vs JC? I don't see CHS winning a game this year. RHS vs Lapel? Rushville is quietly having a nice season for Rushville's standards! I hope they can keep on winning and finish with a winning record. It will definitely be a moral victory for the Footloose town!
  13. Art VanDelay

    The next reclassification

    The only teams in 4A that can move up because of the success factor is East Central, if they win their Regional this year. Lowell, if they win Semi-State this year, and Greenwood & Fort Wayne Dwenger if either wins the State Championship.
  14. If you don't move so well up and down bleachers and you let the younger parents clear out of the stands first you would have seen a great show after the game at the burg last year! Tempers were flying when the EC students stormed the field! I don't know what those kids said to some of STC's friends but 2 of them were checking to see if each other's mouthwash was still working. It looked like 2 over the hill WWE wrestlers getting ready to go at it, until mean gene came and broke them up! Next years game can't live up that moment!!!
  15. My old fellow linemen did improve over the year but they were NOT the best part of this team! Not by a long shot. Were you at the State Championship game? The RB was held in check the whole game. Take away Maxwell's big run down to the 8 yard line and his stat line would be subpar! The passing game saved EC in the Championship! The defense bent but didnt break when it mattered most! Best part of this team would be the Linebackers, 4 Seniors I believe! Yes, and if JR (thanks STC) would have punted the dang ball in the 4th quarter it would have only given up 14 points. If you recall back to that game, by the 4th quarter the QB had apparently broken his thumb and we had to do nothing but run the ball. Your OL coudn't push their way out of a wet paperbag hence the stupid JR call of a fake punt which didn't fake anyone out! Yes, because of the their passing game came through in huge moments! I know EC is a run first team but they won that game with their passing game in clutch situations. Go back and watch the game! Really? Even I know from the stands who was running the defense! There may have been a DC listed in the program but JR ran that defense. Yes they did and if you guys could have tackled in the secondary it might have stayed 14-3! Again, that was when our OL didn't make the trip down to the burg, not one of Behlmers finer moments! I think our QB's soul may have been implanted around midfield early in the 1st half, thank god he got up after that! Our defense kept us in the game that whole night until the smell of Seagrams got to our D and eventually they got tired! Again, the passing game saved us that night, and I heard from one of 7979's sources that EC was going to run the ball with 6 minutes left until the QB audibled to those pass plays! Good thing our QB is smarter than all the coaches, but again I'll have to check with one 7979's sources to make sure that is right!