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  1. Everything gets tossed up in the air & falls in different places after every 2-year cycle. They will never create anything bigger than an 8-team sectional due to fairness & only 3 weeks to complete sectional play.
  2. Never been to a game there but Lutheran is my polling place on election day. Maybe they can start charging the state of Indiana higher rent on election days in order to buy some more bleachers! Might go to the game...might stay home & watch the variety of games offered on ihsaatv. Where do they allow fans with tailgate chairs to sit? Visitors' side on the track between the bench & goallines? Or only endzones?
  3. Praying for Valpo to beat Carmel just because everybody has already put Carmel in the championship game.
  4. I thought Avon would handle CG but the CG defense dominated. In 3 tourney games, they have allowed just 6 points-- blanked #5 Col.North & #7 Avon while allowing 1TD to Franklin Central (short field after bad punt snap, perfect deep pass for TD). So maybe CG can pull off the upset with that stifling D & their ball control run game.
  5. #1 MIC #2 HCC #3 Mid-State (very strong year for this conference) Then I would rank the DAC tied for 4th with North Central (bottom third is very poor). Conference Indiana & Hoosier Hills pulling up the rear.
  6. THANK YOU for the helpful directions. I'll be there to root for the Wolves-- LaPorte County pride! How big is Kelso Stadium, specifically the visitor's side? Do you know when the gates open? Should be a big crowd with the move to Saturday afternoon. Very cool that they named the stadium after a beloved character from That 70s Show.
  7. Wow. I can't believe some of those quotes from MC Coach Mason, especially when he says NP Coach Ralph isn't playing other kids in order to give Spegal more TD's. New Pal definitely has some prime bulletin board material from the MC coach & players. There's no doubt that the heyday of DAC football passed a few decades ago & central Indiana has the best competition by far. New Pal had some impressive early victories destroying 5A state runner-up Kokomo 77-0 & whipping 6A CG 31-9. Plus, they beat a very talented Zionsville team in the sectional opener to avenge last year's tourney loss. However, their conference schedule doesn't challenge them-- all are 4A schools except for 5A Greenfield-Central who went 0-10. Conversely, MC faces 6A foes every week in the DAC except for 5A county-rival LaPorte. In week 2 when New Pal beat CG, MC went toe-to-toe with Illinois 8A power Homewood-Flossmoor & lost on a 4th down play in OT. Last year, H-F whipped MC 63-21. My Dad is a retired coach who watches DAC games every week & he thinks MC is a much better team than last year's squad. City is big & physical & has speed in all the right places. I am hoping that they will dominate up-front with their size & not allow big plays to New Pal's high-scoring offense.
  8. I looked up the Football Enrollments & Classifications (E&C) for 2017 & 2018. At that time, the IHSAA placed 32 in 6A, 37 in 5A & 64 each in 4A-1A (325 in total). Since then, there were some school consolidations & programs that shut down causing the actual tournament fields to shrink in 3A, 2A & 1A. 2017 6A - 32 5A - 37 4A - 64 3A - 63 2A - 63 1A - 62 = 321 2018 6A - 32 5A - 37 4A - 64 3A - 62 2A - 63 1A - 61 = 319 Unless some new programs have started up & will join the IHSAA tournament field, 5A may shrink back to 32 when the next Football E&C is released.
  9. With Columbus East, Cathedral & Roncalli all moving out of 5A, do you think some southern 4A schools will petition to move up to 5A?
  10. I live in Indy but will be there to support my LaPorte County brethren next week when New Pal hosts City.
  11. I shouldn't have mentioned the words Promotion & Relegation...but if the IHSAA had called it "being promoted" to a higher class, maybe people would view it more positively. Never mind, it's similar to politics-- nobody will change their opinion (myself included).
  12. If you don't like the Promotion-Relegation system with the Success Factor, I bet you would really HATE something like the Illinois multiplier for non-boundaried schools who have a certain amount of success. You need a doctorate of mathematics to figure it out. https://www.ihsa.org/Schools/EnrollmentsClassifications/MultiplierWaivers.aspx Although it looks like typical Illinois public schools (with boundaries/no recruiting) would avoid the multiplier no matter how much success they have.
  13. I seriously doubt that the IHSAA will shorten the period from 2 years. Best example would be Cathedral-- 4A champs in 2011, 2012, 2013 then 5A champs in 2014, 2015. Those 2014 & 2015 were good enough to win those 5A titles in dominant fashion. So it was better to get them up into a higher class more quickly. Speaking for myself as a fan & supporter of HS athletics, I don't want the same programs to win state titles over & over. 5 in a row for Cathedral was more than enough. Honestly, I always root against all of those powerhouse programs with 7+ state titles. (Of course, that makes me a hypocrite by rooting for LaPorte baseball...but it's been a while since the Slicers won it all.)
  14. So what is a better solution? In general, I wouldn't categorize a program that has gone deep in the tournament in back-to-back years including a state title as "vulnerable". Sure, that program may have lost some great talent to graduation but their championship success encourages younger kids in the community to play that sport. Personally, I don't have a better solution. Illinois has an enrollment multiplier for p/p schools but public schools obviously can dominate certain sports as well. Maybe the period should be longer (3 or 4 years) but that may just lead dominant programs to destroy everyone in the area for 3-4 years instead of 2 years. The main purpose of the system is to attempt to provide even competition for all.
  15. The IHSAA rule addresses it well. If the program has moved up due to the Success Factor, they cannot move down more than 1 class no matter what, regardless of enrollment changes. By addressing it in the rule, it removes the temptation to somehow fudge enrollment numbers a bit if the school if at the bottom of the class & wanted to double-dip with a 2-class drop (1 due to lack of points + 1 due to enrollment drop) like you described. It's not like Andrean couldn't compete at 3A-- they dominated other 3A teams but ran into a golden generation at West Lafayette. So they will drop down to 2A, win another big trophy or two & then jump right back to 3A. Andrean never lacks for talent or trophies. Whether they were in 3A or 4A at the time, they have had the best baseball team in the state several times recently.