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  1. AP Polls often look silly. Franklin Central entered the 6A poll mid-season after a 48-0 loss dropped them to 1-4. Lol. I only pay attention to the Coaches Poll.
  2. slice60

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    Thanks for all of the good answers. Good to know they were in proper positions. Somehow, I never paid attention to where that 5th ref went on PAT kicks.
  3. slice60

    2 Kickoff questions

    Kick #1 was a ground-ball squib that took a wild hop. Don't know for sure but my guess is fair catch signal came after the ball hit the ground. Or maybe the Head Ref thought he saw a signal that the others did not. Either way, the crew chose to re-kick from the same spot-- which was not mentioned by you. As I figured, the crew chose a "do-over" which neither Coach agreed with. Kick #3 - I didn't know that encroachment by the kickoff team was a dead-ball foul in high school. Ref in the middle of the middle used his 2 flags twice. First time was offsetting Unsportsmanlike Conducts. Second time was a Personal Foul away from the ball when HSE stuffed a 4th down run. Not sure why he threw 2 flags for 1 defensive penalty. But it also extended a drive which ended with FC's go-ahead TD. Thanks for the insights!
  4. slice60

    Ref formation for PAT kick

    Another question from the FC-HSE game. What is the proper formation for the crew to line up for a PAT kick? On FC's final PAT, the holder fumbled the snap, picked it up & ran left. He was tackled around the goal line near the left pylon. However, there was no ref in that area & the Head Ref chasing behind the play took his best guess & ruled it No Good. Head Ref was behind the kicker, 2 refs under the goalposts, 1 ref on the LOS by the right pylon...I guess the 5th guy was lined up in the middle by the LB's. Shouldn't he be on the left side on the LOS?
  5. slice60

    Kickoff Question

    Deleted -- posted in wrong place.
  6. slice60

    2 Kickoff questions

    Witnessed 4 straight kickoffs in the Franklin Central-Hamilton SE game. Not fun. HSE had returned one for a TD earlier so FC was determined not to kick deep again. Kick #1 - Squib toward HSE player near 25 who had signaled fair catch immediately when the ball headed his way. After 2 low bounces, it took a high hop. He caught it & started running. Head Ref blew play dead & threw a flag. They all got together & decided to re-kick due to inadvertent whistle. My guess is that the Head Ref didn't see the bounces & thought he caught it on the fly. My question is: If the ball bounces, does that wipe out the fair catch signal meaning that the HSE player should have been allowed to return the kick with no flag? Kick #2 - FC kickoff went out of bounds. HSE chose to accept the 5-yard penalty & force FC to re-kick from the 35. Kick #3 - Apparently, an FC player crossed the 35 before the ball was kicked. Side judge threw flag & blew the play dead. 5-yard penalty enforced. My question is: Why was the play blown dead? I thought that the play would continue & then the receiving team could choose to accept the 5-yard penalty added on to the return or force another re-kick. Kick #4 - Successful squib kick & return. "Bronks Cheer" from the crowd. In general, this crew had a rough night with a number of screw-ups. I knew they weren't top-notch early on when HSE missed a 32-yard FG. Instead of placing the ball at the 20, they gave the ball to FC at the 15, which was the previous line of scrimmage. I won't go into the crazy details but I believe that the HSE coaching staff received 3 Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties in the final minute after throwing a game-clinching interception. At least 2 members of thecrew carried 2 yellow flags & they seemed to enjoy tossing them emphatically.
  7. In a different thread, I voiced my opinion that 0-9 teams should be included in the tournament as there is no reason to remove them from the state-wide tournament. On the other hand, if a program cannot field a team & forfeits at any point during the regular season, then the season should end at that moment. Plus, the school must apply to the IHSAA if they want to play football in future years.
  8. slice60

    Seeded sectionals

    0-9 teams have won sectional games before. If you can field a team, you deserve to be included in the state-wide tournament.
  9. slice60

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 6

    Valparaiso Michigan City LaPorte Portage Hammond High North Judson Whiting Lowell Hobart Andrean SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Griffith EXTRA SPECIAL SECRET GAME (You can either abstain from this pick or wager ONE point, the catch is if you lose the game a point will be taken AWAY from this week's tally.) Rensselaer Central
  10. slice60

    Region Pick'em (BIG 10) Week 5

    Valparaiso LaPorte Michigan City Crown Point Munster Lowell Boone Grove South Central Hammond Clark Griffith SPECIAL BONUS GAME (Worth 2 points) Andrean
  11. slice60

    Region Pick Them (BIG 10) Week 3

    Portage Merrillville Valpo MC Lowell Gavit SBW Rensselaer NP ECC Culver Academy
  12. slice60

    New Turf In 2018

    Cool drone photo from 8/24/18 home opener vs Roncalli. Flashes pulled off the 14-7 upset in front of a huge crowd.
  13. Coach Gandolph suspended himself from the Semistate game & watched from the bleachers. Good move on his part. Another good column here. http://www.newsandtribune.com/indiana/sports/area-coaches-weigh-in-on-pitch-count-controversy/article_7ebdb3e9-acc7-5fc2-a67c-122824362101.html
  14. Thank you for posting that article, Crusaderfan. Just like providing affordable healthcare for all Americans, who would have ever imagined that a Pitch Count Rule could be so complicated? While I understand that the coaches association may want to police themselves, the IHSAA would open themselves up for even more controversy if they don't a) amend the Pitch Count Rule to differentiate the penalty for a regular season violation & the penalty for a tournament violation and b) proper in-game oversight/enforcement in tournament play. Obviously, the IHSAA enforces the rules as they see fit. In this case, they need to do a better job of writing the rules in the first place.