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  1. ShooterFlatch

    Sectional 63

    Ouch. Tough way to end a season.
  2. ShooterFlatch

    Sectional 63

    Just saw the score. How did it happen?
  3. I have a business meeting in North Central Indiana that day. My supplier said he'd take me to dinner anywhere I wanted to go. I told him he could buy me some popcorn at Lafayette Jeff and I'd buy him a ticket to see Indiana basketball. He's a college/pro basketball follower, but he's a lifelong Connecticut resident, so I doubt he's ever seen anything like this.
  4. This shot ended up in my twitter feed a couple of times last night. This forced double overtime, where Greenwood prevailed. https://twitter.com/CoreyElliot/status/962154805702615040 Good design, and great execution.
  5. ShooterFlatch

    Combining South Gibson Basketball Teams

    I can see both sides of this argument, but one thing I'll throw into the scheduling side of the debate: A common complaint I hear from 7th/8th grade coaches form both boys and girls is that there frequently aren't enough days between games to actually improve on things that get exposed during games. Throw in some flu bugs, snow days, an other scheduling obstacles and suddenly you can have a 1.5 week span with 4 games and 1-2 practices. Sometimes you need the game to show what needs work to get the kids' attention, but you need practice time to actually get better. Not really taking a side in the thread discussion, just warning that more games does not always equal a better schedule.
  6. ShooterFlatch

    Sectional 63

    I haven't seen much from the Southwest this year, but from the write-up it sounds like one of those sectionals where the draw will be important. BR may be favored in any game they play, but slip up if they have to beat three contenders back-to-back. Thanks for the post.
  7. ShooterFlatch

    New Albany 70 Bloomington South 58

    Thanks for the detailed and insightful write-up. I has only seen the final score and Romeo's point total prior to reading this.
  8. ShooterFlatch

    Good Games in SW Indiana on Jan 12th?

    Thanks for the reply. I saw Loogootee at Barr-Reeve a few years back, and have seen a girl's game at Loogootee. So I've seen the rivalry and the gym, just not together. CC at Orleans looks interesting as well. Thanks for chiming in. The Southridge gym has been on my list for a while, and that looked like a good date.
  9. A designated twitter hashtag is probably sufficient, and would eliminate much of the fear of personal info. Maybe #SWIBBScore ? I would guess they could be pulled pretty close to real time with some searching as is, particularly for boys' games.
  10. Hello Everyone. My brother and I (and maybe a third) will be travelling to Southwest Indiana again this year to hopefully see some good basketball, cool gyms, and good Indiana basketball atmosphere. It looks like we'll be there on Friday, January 12th, and Saturday the 13th. I've penciled in Jasper @ Southridge for 1/13/18, but I could be talked out of that. I would eliminate games at Barr-Reeve, Loogootee, Springs Valley, BNL, or Washington simply because we've been in those gyms before. Any good matchups, rivalries, players, or sites that any of you could recommend?
  11. ShooterFlatch

    Romeo cuts list to 7

    I think the lack of an early announcement means that he's looking hard at IU. Kansas is a known commodity, and how much will we really learn about Vandy this year anyway? The question is what is Romeo looking for, and what will he see. Can dysfunction yield to enough structure by January? Does he want the pressure of being a savior for a program if IU struggles? There are a lot of variables, and hopefully everything I hear about him having a good head on his shoulders is true and he comes up with a decision with no regrets.
  12. it might create too much damage to the regular season to be worth whatever gains may be foreseen. Small schools would lose their regular season shot at the big boys, who need to ensure they don't take a "bad loss" in December if they want to qualify. Teams that start 4-8 would lose most of their interest in finishing the season. For every big game you create for teams on the bubble, you devalue probably a dozen others.
  13. ShooterFlatch

    Frankton/Lapel Comm Schools

    Is this school system growing and absorbing some of the Anderson system's population decline? It's been a few decades since I lived in Madison county, so I'm not up on the schools like I used to be. Best of luck Saturday morning.
  14. ShooterFlatch

    regional scores

    I don't have the exact numbers, but from watching I'll bet his offensive efficiency was pretty solid through three quarters. He put up a lot of shots in the last 3-4 minutes when he didn't have the luxury of being patient. I'd estimate his first ~35 points came on ~22 shots. But yes, he needed some help.
  15. In my opinion and only from a fan's standpoint, class basketball has greatly improved the sectionals. Most of them have 2-3 teams that have a legitimate chance to win, and another 1-2 that think they can if they get a good draw and a few bounces. However, I think class basketball has diminished the remainder of the tournament for fans who don't have a connection to a team still playing. In the single-class days, you'd latch on to an underdog story of a semi-local team trying to beat the big boys. Based on the attendance of the games I've seen the last 3-4 years, the excitement is alive and well. However, I remember going to Anderson regionals and Hinkle semi-states in the 90s and you'd see colors of 20 different schools in the crowd. Now it's decidedly the 4 participants. The question that will ultimately determine the legacy of class basketball is "Was it bigger event for a small school to go to state today, or the evening game of regionals in the old system." If you are over 45, you probably answer the later. If you are under 30, you probably answer the former. (At 37, I waffle back and forth )