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  1. LHSFan11

    Graber Post Classic Review

    Some things I took from the Graber Post: 1. FW Blackhawk is the biggest 1A team I have ever seen. They started a 6'6", 6'8", and a 6'9". Also they have a 6'11" player that will be eligible in January. After watching them this past weekend, I would say that they are my favorite to win the State. A team would have to shoot the lights out and hope for Blackhawk to get into foul trouble and have an off night for them to beat them. They should ou rebound every 1A team in the state, easily. Not to mention they have a very athletic skilled PG running the show. 2. Barr-Reeve is a young team that will have a very good next few years. Keegan O'Neill is a solid big for them. He played very well throughout the tournament, and looked much more athletic than last year. He is sort of soft at times, but I look for him to be more physical as he is only a Sophmore. Gabe Gladish is their biggest threat, he can shoot it from anywhere, he's very quick, and looks like he put on about 15 pounds of muscle this past off season. BR needs to get him more open looks though. He had to take a lot of tough shots against Loogootee and Blackhawk. 3. Loogootee is improving. After a rough start to the season, they looked like they have turned it up a bit. The game against Barr-Reeve was theirs for the taking, but came down to inexperience and mental mistakes. They missed quite a few free throws, rushed shots in the 4th Qtr, and gave up an offensive rebound that basically sealed the deal. With that being said, I would not count them out of winning the sectional by any means. They didn't play their best against BR, but they will host the Vikings in the next matchup, and in the sectional if they meet them. Against Brownstown Central, they looked much better. The 6'5" freshman Silus Bauer is looking like he is getting better as he gets more experience. Jayden Wagoner is their biggest threat, and did a good job taking advantage of smaller guards in the paint. He needs to have a little better shot selection, but overall he played very well in the tournament. The biggest thing for Loogootee right now is getting more experience, and they need better leadership from their older players. 4. North Daviess is a lot better than I expected them to be. They have a couple long athletic players that play very well around the basket. The Jasper transfer is helping then tremendously, although he was wheeled off the court in a wheelchair in their last game of the tournament. Hopefully for them he recovers quickly.
  2. LHSFan11

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    I would rank them: 1. Bryan Hughes (Barr-Reeve) 2. Gene Miller (Washington) 3. Dave Benter (Brownstown Central) 4. Kent Chezem (Loogootee) 5. Joey Hart (Linton) I couldn't decide whether to put Gene Miller before Bryan Hughes. But ultimately, Itd be tougher for me to bet against one of Hughes's teams.
  3. Thoughts on the Graber Post Classic performances?
  4. Very true. Spring did not play more than 12 minutes in the regional due to sickness. He was a huge part of Loogootee's success this year, and thats not just in the stat book. Sure am glad he ended up down here for the year.
  5. I am not sure how Loogootee possibly played a weak schedule? They play Wood, Barr-Reeve, Washington, Forest Park, North Daviess, and a few other good teams. How could they play a "Weak" schedule when they played 5 teams that were ranked at some point during the season???
  6. I'm with you on this Taps. The entire thing is pretty funny to look at. How does Lengacher get POTY? Tye Collins is a much shorter guard and averaged less than 1 point less that him and averaged more than 1 rebound more than him. He had a 30point 20 rebound game? Doesn't make the first team, but is first team small school all state?? And led his team to a sectional championship. Also, how are the two WM kids on the second team but, Jayden Wagoner and Griffin Soring both have higher averages are not? Politics. Parents must be the voters.
  7. Predictions for Loogootee vs North Daviess Friday night? I have it being a very close game. ND will use their home court advantage to the fullest. Loogootee is a tough defensive team and could cause problems for ND. Loogootee 62-55.
  8. Predictions for the North Daviess sectional this year?
  9. LHSFan11

    Loogootee @ Barr-Reeve

    Also, I believe the BR/Loogootee game could have went either way in the end. Some calls gave advantages. Spring had to go to the bench in the second quarter after he and Collins both pinned a shot against the backboard. Also BR was up one point and a loose ball occurred and a BR played dove on it and slid out of bounds. The refs called a foul on a player on the other end of the court. Not making an excise for why the lions lost, just making a point that given some different calls down the stretch there could have been a different outcome.
  10. LHSFan11

    Loogootee @ Barr-Reeve

    Actually, Griffin Spring has hit a ton of three pointers this year and is shooting over 45% behind the line. I believe he acted excited as a lot of players do in a big game. Loogootee played their hearts out. All of them acted excited. They were told all season how they were going to lose by 30+ against BR this season. I'm glad for our boys and the tide has turned. Go lions.
  11. LHSFan11

    Washington 56 Lions 40

    And that right there is a problem. The Loogootee team is not getting near enough support. There are a lot of people that attend the home games and the games close by, yes. But, they are using the game as a social event. JBA hasn't been this quiet in years. There is a lot of people there, but most are chit chatting and not even paying attention to the games. There might as well be no fans at the games. The boys need support. The crowd being loud and cheering them on can be a huge game changer. It gives players a boost. I remember when I played, people cheering, students yelling and good things happened. It feels like the Loogootee basketball tradition is dying. What ever happened to having a student section during regular season games? Why is it that fans only decide to be attentive at sectional games? I believe in our team. I know there are some people that believe in our team, but "some" is not enough. Giving up on them for losing or not playing well should never happen. That just makes kids feel like they are not good enough. We have a lot of talent on this team, and when we come together as a whole we are a very tough team. I believe in the Lions!!! Go Loogootee!
  12. LHSFan11

    Washington 56 Lions 40

    I agree. We will be losing our two best players/scorers/rebounders and Collins and Bell are our best defenders that are graduating. On top of that we will have zero size. Also, Spring can't be made into a post player in one year, that's all there is to it. We have zero post players. After the Bismark tournament though, we are looking pretty good. 2 upsetting losses but as a team they look much better. We will see after the ND game next week.
  13. LHSFan11

    Washington 56 Lions 40

    Very hard to have any post play without having a post player. The Lions do not have a single post player. The tallest player on the team, Spring is a Guard. Just because of his height doesn't mean he is a post player. I do agree that they need more inside scoring, but a post player is something they don't have.
  14. Loogootee travels to South Knox tonight. Loogootee is 5-1 this year and had a huge win last week over 2A Forest Park. Loogootee's Tye Collins is averaging 19ppg and 9rpg and Griffin Spring is averaging 15ppg and 5rpg. I think Loogootee should take this one. What do you guys think will be the outcome?
  15. LHSFan11

    Blue Chip Conference predictions

    The Loogootee vs WM game was a lot worse than what I expected. Loogootee had 4 guys coming off of the flu (Not using this as an excuse). Also, Loogootee just couldn't find a rythm all game long. They were ice cold all night, and WM was hitting everything in the second half. Also, the game was really slowed down by the officiating, a ton of fouls were called. Both teams have a great talent, I believe it would be a much closer game if they played later this season, or if they get to play eachother in the Loogootee Regional.