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  1. Blue River Valley High School will again be hosting the Lady Viking Shootout this summer on Wednesday, June 28th and Thursday, June 29th. This will be the 5th year of our shootout and we look forward to hosting one of the best small school shootouts in the state yet again. We do our absolute best to tailor the schedule to each team's needs and to ensure that everyone's experience at our shootout is a positive one. I have attached the flier for the shootout. 2017 Blue River Valley Lady Viking Shootout
  2. LetsGoPeay

    Youth & Freshman scores/records.

    Blue River Valley has a pretty good 7th grader.
  3. LetsGoPeay

    Greene County Invitational

    I honestly wonder if WRV will exist in 10 years, much less have a quality basketball program.
  4. LetsGoPeay

    Greene County Invitational

    WRV. How the mighty have fallen. WRV How the might have fallen.