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  1. SmallTown

    Vincennes Lincoln

    I have the same family situation and didn't think about it but you are right and I removed my comment but doesn't do any good since you quoted me on it 😉
  2. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    I don't think one person in that gym thought that would be the final outcome at the end of 3. Wagoner carried his team for most of the game, leading the Lions with energy, scoring and even some great flopping. The last missed free throw didn't lose this for the Lions, the poor coaching and turnovers doomed them. Loogootee had 2 turnovers through the first 3 quarters and then had 6 in the 4th quarter alone. The ironic thing is I thought free throws would hurt the Vikings but they were 9 of 11 and the Lions were only 3 of 10.
  3. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    I had heard that but wasn't sure on any details. I agree not the right thing to do especially to a senior, it's not like he plays 12 deep and needed that extra spot.
  4. SmallTown

    2A Sectional 47

    After winning 4 straight sectionals the Linton Miners have exited the state tournament on the first night two years in a row. SK is now the favorite but any of the other teams left can beat them so should be an exciting weekend of basketball at NK.
  5. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    I think Taps was right about the Shoals game, no convincing BR players that they would get beat. Shoals came out firing and were confident early. But give BR credit, they withstood the early run and upped the pressure in the second half. Tichenor had 10 first half points but was held scoreless in the second half. Gladish came out of his shooting slump which could be huge for the Vikings going forward. Tonight’s keys for the Vikings are have a good start which may keep Orleans from holding the ball and use the bigs (BR has huge size advantage). I think BR has gotten better since their first meeting early in the year and look for the Vikings to win this one. In the second game, the Patriots winning is possible especially if the Lions are already looking ahead to Saturday night. But I just don't see that happening, Lions win by double digits.
  6. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    First to give out a few congratulations to some teams/players in the sectional 63 field: - Jayden Wagoner scored his 1000th point over the weekend - WC picked up its first win of the season - BR guaranteed itself at least a share of the Blue Chip with a win over Rivet As for the draw, Loogootee by far got the best draw just for the fact that they have the easiest road to the championship game. Whoever comes out of the other side of the bracket may have the advantage with being the most tested and actually having played in a meaningful sectional game. It is interesting to look at a team’s chances to win a sectional based off of the draw. Take for example Shoals, if they are put in Loogootee’s spot then their chance of winning just increased tremendously because they only have to upset one team to win a sectional instead of 3 teams like they currently sit.
  7. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    1. Barr-Reeve 16-3: After the loss to PC, BR has won @ Loogootee, @ Jasper, @ South Knox & an OT loss @ Evansville Memorial. 3 of their last 4 games will be tough but should get them ready for the tournament. 2. Loogootee 8-10: Played BR close again but still got beat. This could go either way and give them more confidence knowing that the first game wasn't a fluke or hang their heads thinking they can't beat them. A bad loss to Mitchell the game after BR wasn't a good indication but they have some winnable games to end their season. 3. Orleans 9-11: Two losses in a row against good teams but beat Mitchell by 10 which beat the Lions by 12 @ Loogootee. They have a big game this weekend against Shoals. 4. Shoals 8-10: The Jug Rox followed a brutal 4 game stretch with 3 wins, one of which was to a good Springs Valley team. Things don't get any easier when they travel to Dubois tomorrow night followed by a game at Orleans this weekend. 5. Vincennes Rivet 7-10: After a 6 game losing streak things don't get any easier for the Patriots this week against South Know and Barr-Reeve. (On a positive note for Rivet, the girls picked up another Regional title this past weekend) 6. Washington Catholic 0-18: WC has 4 games remaining but only 1 winnable game this Saturday against Medora. I’m looking forward to the sectional draw this Sunday, should be more important than in recent years.
  8. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    I'll admit that I may be wrong on this one and I'm sure I've not seen near the number of Loogootee games that you guys have. But regardless I still don't see the coach not playing the two juniors most of the minutes.
  9. SmallTown

    Barr-Reeve 56 Loogootee 49 3 OT

    To touch on a few of the above comments. I disagree that the team doesn't want to get ONeil the ball in the post, I think it is more of what Taps said in that it is difficult to make a post entry pass and they just aren't very good at it. Is he an Addison Wagler, no but not very many are. He is a very good post player especially for a 1A team and is only going to get better. Although Brycen didn't play very well against Loogootee he has gotten better every game and knows his role. Hughes has tried somewhat to develop his bench and each of the 3 seniors has been given an opportunity but in my opinion haven't taken advantage of it. Part of me also thinks he is working towards next year because he has all 5 starters and the 6th man coming back. So yes they should make it through sectional but it isn't a sure thing like it was a few years ago but that was just an exceptional team (obviously with back to back state appearances). The draw will be very important in this years sectional, if BR has to play both Orleans and Loogootee it is more likely there will be an upset. A few other notes, Bauer played very well and seemed to carry the Lions. He is already developing into a good varsity player and he's just a freshman. Gladish did an excellent job on Wagoner, pretty much making him a non-factor especially in the first half where he was held scoreless. And finally, Isaac Wagler had a great game and a lot of rebounds.
  10. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    From the sound of it this game could have went either way. I agree I like the addition of Orleans to the sectional, the number of competitive games in the last few years has been down and this should help. As far as the junior guards, that probably is not going to happen with who they are. Dearwester is too good of a shooter not to see playing time but I think he tends to dribble too much. In my opinion still a better option than Pendley. The coach’s kid has gotten better but he should with this being his third year of varsity action when in reality this should be his first year of varsity and at a limited role. I do agree the Harder kid should see more minutes than him.
  11. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    1. Barr-Reeve: BR lost for just the second time and now has two tough road games this week at Jasper and at Loogootee. Surely they won't lose 3 in a row, that hasn't happened since the 03-04 season (history note: that's the team that lost the consecutive winning season streak). 2. Loogootee: The Lions host Orleans and BR and should see where they stand in the sectional field. Dearwester was out with an injury last game but Loogootee had other guys step up in the Rivet game in Harder and Pendley. 3. Orleans: The Bulldogs are coming off a 20 point win against ND and look to move up the rankings with a game at Loogootee. 4. Vinceness Rivet: The Patriots played Loogootee close and were leading at halftime. They play Wood Memorial this week which will probably mean their 4th loss in a row. 5. Shoals: The Jug Rox followed up their disappointing loss to the Vikings with a 27 point loss to South Knox at home. Things don't get any easier when they host Paoli which is probably better than both SK and BR. I'm beginning to think they are satisfied with just beating Loogootee during the season. 6. Washington Catholic: Don't look for WC to move from the bottom spot, they play at Wood tonight. After looking at their remaining schedule, they will be lucky to win 1 game this season.
  12. SmallTown

    Sectional 63

    We are at about mid-season and here is my early sectional 63 preview (also thought this may generate some ongoing discussion on this board). 1. Barr-Reeve 12-1 3-0 vs sectional opponents At this point BR is the favorite with having beaten all of the best challengers for this sectional. If BR shares the ball like they did against Linton and Shoals then they will be hard to beat. Ainscough is the x-factor for me, if he shoots well and scores that frees things up for Gladish and Oneil and keeps the defense honest. 2. Loogootee 5-8 0-2 vs sectional opponents The Lions played BR close on a neutral court and have the best chance of upsetting the Vikings during sectional (@Loogootee). Wagoner has been putting the team on his back but will need help from the other guards to beat BR. After seeing the Dearwester kid last year I thought he'd be having a better year than what he is currently having. 3. Orleans 5-8 0-1 vs sectional opponents Orleans is the newcomer to this sectional. I put the Bulldogs at this spot because of their coach, Tom Bradley, and how they played BR. They slowed it down against the Vikings and only lost by 3 at BR. They will get a chance to move up a spot next week when they play the Lions at Loogootee. 4. Shoals 5-8 2-1 vs sectional opponents The Jug Rox would have been higher on my list until the BR game, being down by 20 on your home floor at half time doesn't cut it. I know they beat Loogootee but I don't think they could beat them for a second time in the same year (but would love to see this match up in sectional). The Tichenor kid is a nice player (too bad the Bauer kid didn't stay to play beside him). 5. Vincennes Rivet 7-5 1-0 vs sectional opponents Rivet's record is better than most teams above but they have played a very weak schedule and all their wins are against bad teams. They have the Lions coming to town this weekend and will have a better idea where they stand. 6. Washington Catholic 0-10 0-2 vs sectional opponents It will be an early exit for the Cardinals from sectional no matter who they play. With the low student numbers and bad sports teams that won't attract any kids it is hard for me to see WC staying open much longer.
  13. SmallTown

    Barr-Reeve 29 Dubois 26

    That is the second time this year a team has tried to slow it down against BR and it almost worked but BR was able to find a way to win both. These type of games are good for them and definitely will help come tournament time because I'm sure this will be the same approach from other teams. I hope for the best for the Ainscough kid but seems like anymore knee injuries are usually more than just a sprain.
  14. SmallTown

    Loogootee at Washington

    Loogootee has played some good teams too. The only team that they should have beaten that they didn't was Brown County but we'll just blame that on being the first game of the year. If this was at Loogootee I would pick the Lions but you are right they haven't played well on the road so I'm letting home court be the deciding factor and going with the Hatchets.
  15. SmallTown

    Top 5 Coaches in Southern Indiana

    My post was never meant to say Hart isn't a good coach, I was just providing numbers to back up the coaches on Taps list versus others lists. I personally think Hart is a good coach and has made Linton into a very good basketball program the last several years even while being at a football first school. With that said, not sure on the thought process of removing good stretches. So if that is the case then you have to remove every coaches best 5-7 year period which would probably put everyone still in the same order. If you remove Hart's best 5 year stretch his win percentage is now only .535.