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  1. I have no issue with a "mercy rule" ... Michigan has had one for many years. Unless they've changed, it's a running game clock after 42-point difference is reached. Running clock situation ends once deficit is less than 42. Just a thought. Bill B
  2. BBeck

    NLC 2017

    Both Northridge and Concord staffs will be very well prepared for this one. A lot of grinding, tough, old-school football. Not only do Minutemen have good size (not huge) up front, but they are athletic... not big, slow-movers. It's a one-score game either way. Be surprised if either team gets blown out. Challenge is NR defense keeping Concord from long, churning drives. Just my thoughts... Bill B.
  3. Just so it's understood, the seeding dilemma in Indiana is not an IHSAA problem. It''s an IFCA hurdle. Once the collective heads in the IFCA can present a viable format and present it to state coaches and principals, then there may be football sectional seedings. I've had this conversation with heads of the IFCA a number of times over the years. Coaches have to come together to make it work. IHSAA will not force a seeding on football. Just a thought... Bill B.
  4. BBeck

    NLC 2017

    Still around, just a reader these days, though. Appreciate the kind words, too. Bill B.