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  1. RiverRat99


    Gimme Ole Miss 48-21. The Indians defense will be tested with an athletic QB and good receivers. The Offense shouldn't have issues scoring. Blackford 28-27 on a failed 2 point conversion. Eastbrook 48-7 Shenandoah gets basketball season for the Bengal Tigers started.
  2. RiverRat99

    4A schools remaining

    4A postseason thread is this year's discussion.
  3. RiverRat99


    Would love to see 3 Champs! Blackford has tough road through Brebeuf. Mississinewa will have a tough task defending a really good QB and a team that has faced stiff conference competition in Yorktown. Plus Marion! Eastbrook is a lock IMO.
  4. RiverRat99

    4A Postseason

    Mississinewa 35, Western 9 without Gridiron Primetime 25 Heisman Skeens, most of the game. Solid win!
  5. RiverRat99


    Mississinewa 42-28. If the Indians eliminate the turnovers, they win by a few TDs. Western can impose their strength in the running game, but the Indians offensive weapons will be too much to contain for 4 quarters. Blackford 45-0. The Bruins take out some agression after having to face 2 tough teams the last 2 weeks. Eastbrook 48-14. Oak Hill gets basketball season started after this one. Eastbrook fine tunes for a deep run. Shenandoah 48-8. MG surprised a few teams, but doah ends their season. Alex 42-14. Tigers air it out and advance. Lapel 42-7. Lapel wins this rivalry match.
  6. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Blackford was impressive. The cold wet night was in their favor. They played sound, caused turnovers, and had a great stop in the red zone. Indians are CIC Champs!
  7. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Good luck to all! Go Indians!
  8. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    That's pretty much what they run now. They mix it up with a few passes.
  9. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Yeah, I think Ole Miss is a more diverse team than Eastbrook. Blackford will have to defend Ole Miss' RPO, which they didn't have to do against EB.
  10. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    They'll win by at least 24. Bruin defense is tough, but Ole Miss has speed to beat them multiple ways.
  11. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Very low probability that Blackford can win their sectional. Brebeuf or Guerin Catholic will be too much to complete with. Eastbrook is every bit of 3 TDs better than the Zebras.
  12. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Would LOVE to see Marion at Mississinewa for Sectional championship! Both teams have a tough path. Western is very tough though with a stud at RB/Wildcat QB. Pendleton Heights is a senior heavy team with a future Duke receiver. Eastbrook has a win heavy Sectional, but I feel they are the favorites. Will have a tough regional matchup if they make it Blackford can make it to the sectional championship against Brebeuf / GC winner. Alex wins 1 game The rest are early exits.
  13. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 9

    Oak Hill: 35-28... OH gets a win to end the regular season on a positive note only to see a quick dismissal in the post-season. Mississinewa: 42-7... For the last 3 quarters(minus a few seconds to start the 2nd), the game last week was Eb 7- Blackford 0. Blackford seems to be pretty disciplined. They have the ability to control the clock by churning out 1st downs. Solid running backs that can break away if they get a seam. I am excited to see how they fair defensively against the Indian attack. If they can keep the game in front of them, they have a puncher's chance to keep it close. That being said, I think the Indians have too much firepower for the Bruins to contain them on O and sp teams. Which will result in an outright CIC Championship for Ole Miss! A competitive game will give Blackford momentum into the tourney (I can see them in Sectional championship against Brebeuf) and beyond. Eastbrook:77-0... Nothing more than a tune up before post-season. Rest em early. Fresh legs a deep playoff run. MG: (coinflip) 16-14... Game of the week! Gimme the Argylls to avenge a beat down in playoffs last year.
  14. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 8

    Last week at halftime... New Pal 74 Shelbyville 0.
  15. RiverRat99

    CIC Week 8

    Interesting matchup between sectional 35 foe Eastern vs Sheridan. Get to see if Eastern has the team that can compete against Eastbrook.