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  1. Surprising news in southern Indiana 1A. Reported that Rivet coach Tim Young has resigned. Media reports it was a forced resignation.
  2. BigCountry

    Loogootee vs North Daviess

    Lions 54-48.
  3. BigCountry

    Greene County Invitational

    The admin of WRV is very sneaky. You mention their exemplary track record - one of them was asked to leave two prior jobs due to lying on application about his credentials and inappropriate relationship with a student. Not what I would call high ethical standards. As you would say - that's a fact. If they are what you say they are, wonder why so much time is spent defending them. guess we all see what transpires with the future of the tourney. I'm sure it is a lot of work to put on and one would hope the competition will improve. My guess is it will continue on with about two good teams each year and the rest of the teams lagging behind.
  4. BigCountry

    Greene County Invitational

    Just because someone was "hired by an elected board" certainly doesn't make them credible. Agree - would hate to see this tradition end. But there are definitely other options for good competition out there. Some thought seeding the tourney would help - but it seems to just make the first few games boring given the difference in talent spread.
  5. BigCountry

    SWIAC 2016-2017

    "They have always put kids best interests first" - ha! that is your "opinon". Definitely NOT fact!! Now - enough of that and back to Real basketball. I'll take Linton over Eastern Friday night by 6. I just don't think Eastern can contain the athletic ability of Linton, even with it being a home game. CC gets the other W.