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  1. puff

    Linton at Ritter

    Pulling for the miners on this one as usual. I think they will pull out the W.
  2. Slow down speed racer. If you are writing about my posts reread them. You are making a connection between the two posts that is nonexistent. In my first post I clearly wrote that I was making assumptions as I haven't watched the game. With my assumptions I gave my opinion about missed calls on big plays. I still don't know what happened as no one has pointed out what the right tackle did on the 2 pt conversion. Even if there was a penalty and it was called who knows what would have happened on the next play. Southridge could have scored on the 2pt regardless of a penalty against them. In my next post I wrote about that definite missed call by the ref on that particular play, not the 2 pt play. I don't know that I've ever seen a 2 pt conversion run from the 20, but maybe the rules have changed and that's what teams have to do now. Not once have have I said woodland was hosed and should have won. For this game, on this day southridge won regardless of refs, fans or El Niño. Nothing can or will change that, not even the conjecture on this board.
  3. Unless the rules have changed that's a no brainer for a flag. I can't believe the ref missed this as he is standing right there in the middle of the picture.
  4. Haven't seen the play, I don't know what happened. I either assume the right tackle jumped early or was holding, so from there if the right tackle was holding it is a judgement call from the ref, could the defender that was held have affected the play? If not, why throw the flag as on most plays the ref could throw a flag for holding. It would be a sea of yellow out there that none could find their way out of. If the defender could have affected the play, flag should be thrown and a missed call, that *%#!?*s*? However, if it was an early jump by the tackle, that *%#!?*s* as well. *-I agree with you, there are plenty of missed calls in a game. Officials are human and humans are fallible. But, football really comes down to 5 or 6 plays of the game that ultimately decide the outcome. The 2 pt. conversion is most likely (again, I wasn't there, making an assumption) one of the plays that decided the game. If my assumptions are correct that is why the shade was being thrown and singled out by Irishman, as it should be. No game should be effected by refs, especially the state championship. Refs are meant to keep teams/players in-line and within the rules, not decide games. But it happens all the time and is unfortunate. I see nothing wrong with Irishman wanting to discuss the issue, nor do I see by him writing a question cause him to have a character flaw or to call him pathetic for that. I don't know, maybe the individual that wrote those things feels guilty and as a defense mechanism lashes out at people. But that is just conjecture, just as their comment was. Good day.
  5. Knuckle up Miners! Been awhile since we've been an underdog in sectionals. Use that as motivation and play your best game of the year.
  6. Thank the Lord God and all things holy! Dang Tut, you can't leave us hanging like that in the future. I have been staring at the wall wondering what you were getting at for the last 3 hours. Now its time to get some work done.
  7. But. But! But what Tut!!! You can't leaving us hanging in suspense like this. Now the rest of my day is ruined, absolutely ruined. I hate the thought of the unknown.
  8. I believe it was Lou Holtz that said "teams use trick plays when they don't think they can beat us straight up". Trick plays have a tendency to backfire in a very bad way. It goes to the high risk high reward thought process. Do you take a huge risk and sell out on one play potentially letting it decide the game for better or worse? Or do you stick to your game plan, the thing that has worked all year, trusting that our players are better than theirs and grind out that victory? I am always a fan of fundamental, straight up, lets see who plays better football, than the ladder, but that's just my opinion.
  9. Gotta disagree with your thoughts on moving cox to wingback. At wingback cox will get 10 touches a game, maybe 15, but more than likely not. At qb he will touch the ball every play. Putting the ball in your best players hands maximizes opportunities, and lightning has a much higher chance of striking, I.e. Breakaway runs.
  10. What's your source for cox being out. A little early in the week for absolutes like that. nevermind, should have scrolled down and read a little more, it doesn't sound like it's a sure thing either way. Would be great to have cox back a couple weeks before sectionals. Even being out 2-3 weeks can take a game or two to shake the cobwebs and get back up to 100% game speed.
  11. Slow down there speed racer. I was doing what I do on this board and posting something that makes me laugh, I do it often saying stupid stuff and it makes me chuckle. Sometimes in doing so I push it too far and this was one of those situations. I for one have been around the linton program for awhile, playing in the late 90's and spectating since. I have never found NK to be classless in all the years we've matched up. The games were more competitive when I played, but they were clean, fun, hard hitting and intense. 96 was a weird year in regards to score as we were thrown a beating by 30ish if memory serves me right, but overall we finished with a winning record 3 linton wins to 2 losses in the years I played. Other than 96 all games were decided by no more than 7 points. 3 of them were decided by 3 points or less, one of them going into overtime with us holding them on a 4th and 1 inch with a goal to go. There could have been sour grapes by both teams those years but there never was. Like I said fun, hard hitting and competitive, but above all and most importantly both teams had a lot of respect for each other, period. I said all the above as examples to add value and depth to my opinion that they were one of the more classy teams that we have played annually. Heads up north central I'm getting ready to throw some shade your way!!! The last 10-15 years linton has thrown some huge losses to NK's, but they've never backed down, unlike other teams that refuse to play us anymore, bunch of nancies. NK doesn't have the Hey let's take this team off our schedule because they are too good and we don't want to take a loss attitude. I'd like to think they strive to beat us every year, that it is a goal for them, instead of taking the scared puppy in the corner approach. For that I have not only continued to respect them, but respect them even more. They are a classy program, no doubt. Ps this post is extremely long because my wife said after I'm done With my post that I have to help clean. I'm hoping that I've taken enough time that her and the kids have finished. If they haven't finished I'm praying they've put a pretty good dent in it. I'm not overly optimistic though, my kids are terrible at cleaning. Wish me luck!
  12. I guess they have to take it out on someone for all the beatings we've thrown their way for the last, I don't know, forever. Taking the high road and sticking it to the fans, you stay classy NK. p.s. Please don't point out that I'm not keeping it classy with this post, I know I'm not. It isn't my intention to.
  13. Prayers to NK and to the family. If anyone finds out about a gofundme account shoot me an message please. This is really hitting hard. I don't know Brian or his family, but helping them through this trying time with such young children seems like the right thing to do.
  14. C'mon man! No I don't mean you. Listening to you while watching the game is as close to as good as being at the game as you can get.