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  1. Here's a few random takes on the issue. I'm not a football coach, so I have an unbiased point of view: 1. If a school corporation can afford it, without overlooking necessary academic funding issues, go for it. 2. I do not think, however, that money should be spent for a field turf for football (and various other activities) that should be used for the original purpose of schools - that of educating students. I have been a varsity coach and a varsity official in other sports, as well as a classroom teacher for 15 years. I have seen the good athletics can do. But, as I said, this should only be done if there is enough money and there are no greater needs. (If some "sugar daddy", likely at a private school, wants to get out the checkbook and pay for it then that's great.) 3. I am mostly against spending public money for them because the warranty is only for eight years, and at a cost of $1 million that's $125K a year. I don't know how much it costs to manually care for a field per year, but I'd be surprised if it's that much. Maybe it is. Anybody know? 4. I was at a girls' soccer sectional championship this year, at a school with field turf, and a horrendous rainstorm hit for over an hour. Had to be several inches of rain. When the rain stopped, they played. It was pretty amazing. No effect on the match at all. The field definitely saved the match. I hope your school has field turf, and if not I hope you can afford it soon. But if you don't have it or don't get it, you'll be just fine.
  2. https://twitter.com/coachschelsky/status/951613450211483648
  3. My bad. It’s not on the “head coaching openings” area if this site, and I didn’t see another job board.
  4. I think Turkey Run’s coach this year took it as a one-year deal. If so, Parke Heritage is open.
  5. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/sports/ct-ptb-football-valparaiso-dave-coyle-st-1026-20171025-story.html
  6. Jacob Meyer of Greencastle recorded two safeties in Friday's 21-13 win over Cloverdale. Anybody know if this is a record, or close to one, or where I could possibly find out? Thanks. (I have already emailed Jason Wille at the IHSAA and John Harrell.)
  7. I know the South team's punter has decided not to play, so a replacement will be needed there.
  8. jbb1962

    New Turf In 2017?

    Southmont http://www.journalreview.com/sports/article_80b9d142-263e-11e7-87d4-8fd0a9b534af.html
  9. I got an email forwarded from a principal and it does not say the date or location. The IFCA website also does not include this information. I would like to write a story about a guy at one of my schools and this would be nice to know.
  10. Here is the North. I am unsure why the IFCA doesn't post this (and all-region teams, etc.) to their website when they are released to coaches. Oh, well........ POS FIRST LAST HT WT SCHOOL QB Trey Bilinski 6'4 198 NorthWood QB Peter Morrison 5'10 165 Concordia C Connor Glon 6'1/4 230 Mishawaka Marian C Shiloh Mast 5'9 215 Mississinewa OL Steven Norlock 6'3 270 Hanover Central OL Dustin Brown 6'5 235 Monroe Central OL Grant Purlee 6'3 295 Homestead OL Caleb Newcomer 6'3 250 NorthWood OL Keegan Hurst 6'2 255 Penn OL Spencer Massey 6'2 275 Hobart OL Julius Gibbs 6'4 265 Lafayette Jeff OL Joe Rios 6'1 255 Valparaiso RB Aryuan Cain-Veasey 6' 215 Michigan City RB J'Lyn Charlton 6'3 196 Bishop Luers RB Money Woods 5'10 185 FW Snider WR Jesse Brown 6'1 185 Hamilton Heights WR Jameson Bisacky 6'4 215 Valparaiso WR Rummel Johnson 6'1 185 Goshen WR Dylan Hunley 6' 175 East Noble WR Matt Marley 5'11 190 West Lafayette K Sam Milazzo 5'10 155 Lafayette CC TE Scott Cooper 6'3 230 LaPorte TE Jakob Young 6'2 205 Culver Academies DB Stuart Glascow 6'3 210 Whiting DB Nahshon Prater 6'2 205 Muncie Central DB Keenan Orr 6'6 205 Clinton Central DB Ivan Upshaw 6'2 183 New Haven DB Peterson Kerlegrand 5'10 180 Concordia DB Kenny Kerrn 5'10 175 Jimtown OLB/SS Brian Campbell 5'9 165 Mishawaka OLB/SS Caleb Hankenson 6'1 205 Belmont OLB/SS Nash Wood 6'2 185 Churubusco OLB/SS Keith Nies 5'11 185 Pioneer ILB Garrett Sutton 6'1 220 Garrett ILB Don Schuch 6'1 215 Crown Point ILB Jonathan Thornburg 6'1 205 Winchester ILB Nick Ray 6'1 215 Hobart DL John Ragan 6'2 220 Eastbrook DL Brandon Schoeneman 6'2 290 Adams Central DL Frank Yanko 5'11 225 Bishop Dwenger DL Owen Perkins 6'2 300 Oak Hill DE Cade Bishop 6'1 205 Laf. Harrison DE Nate Boone 6'3 225 Penn DE Trent Dardeen 6'5 235 McCutcheon DE Josh Wilson 6'3 245 Washington P Alec Seberger 5'10 165 Grifith MGR Allison Reynolds Portage MGR Kaitlyn Hurd Warsaw MGR Aspen Hill Bishop Luers MGR Saidie Wickersham Carroll MGR Marissa Sullivan LaPorte
  11. I was afraid of that. Here is one of the rosters you can see.
  12. Rosters are posted where they can be read a few posts below.
  13. Turkey Run is also open. Obviously red flags abound with potential for consolidation with Rockville an annual concern. But, they're still in business for now. http://www.ncp.k12.in.us/District/Jobs/