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  1. wabashalwaysfights

    Sectional 47

    1998: Rockville loses to Seeger 22-0 and beats FC 26-19 in the regular season, beats Seeger 40-0 and loses to FC 16-7in the playoffs. 1999: Attica beats Seeger 35-0 in the regular season, loses to them 7-6 in the playoffs. 2003: FC beats RP 21-6 in the regular season, loses to them 20-0 in the playoffs. 2013: NV beats Attica 52-16 in the regular season, loses to them 13-7 in the playoffs 2017: TR beats Rockville 35-14 in the regular season, loses to them 38-8 in the playoffs. These are just off the top of my head, so I'm sure I'm missing some, and yes, each instance some will point to an injury, player returning from injury, or some other circumstance that led to the role reversal, but the fact remains that upsets do happen. The majority of the time they don't, but to say that you don't see why anyone would think these games will go differently is to blatantly ignore history in these situations.
  2. wabashalwaysfights

    WRC 2017

    In this scenario I think you'd see a North/South split with a week 9 conference title game a lá the HHC. South: RP SV NCP NP Southmont North: FC NV Covington Attica Seeger I think this is unlikely for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I doubt Southmont would want out of the Sagamore. Keep in mind that even though they are the smallest school in that conference, those traditional rivals Cville and Northmont aren't going anywhere and it wasn't that long ago that they won back to back conference titles. Could the conference have been down in those years? Sure, but I don't know that the Mounties want to turn the clock back to the late 70s/early 80s just yet. Not saying it wouldn't be cool, just not likely. SPV's suggestion on SV rejoining in anticipation of all this is probably, though maybe a bit boring, most likely.
  3. wabashalwaysfights

    WRC 2017

    I would certainly think so. I'm pretty sure Seeger was the biggest 1A, 5-10 students may be more than enough to do it. The more intriguing question is what does the IHSAA do if the consolidation happens AFTER the new sectionals come out AND they (Turkey/Rockville) have the numbers to be in 2A?
  4. wabashalwaysfights

    WRC 2017

    Central Catholic? I seriously doubt that they would go South, so it would be more like how many hens get thrown at the rooster...
  5. wabashalwaysfights

    2017 Playoffs

    Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. There, I said it. It actually feels kind of good...
  6. wabashalwaysfights

    A Guaranteed Stumper

    I was wondering about this too; I'd there any documented case of this happening or a brainchild of bobref?
  7. wabashalwaysfights

    A Guaranteed Stumper

    Wow... Just... Wow...
  8. wabashalwaysfights

    A Guaranteed Stumper

    I'll take a stab... After thinking about the entire scenario for a while, I wonder this; do the first two scenarios, possibly even all three, even matter given the amount of time left? Isn't the likely hood that time runs out and the game is over regardless? Clock starts on the snap, snap to kick is likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood of .5 seconds, the ball is likely in the air for close to that amount of time before being blocked, then you have the time it takes to recover/roll out of the end zone, 2 seconds easily runs off I would think. The other thing I would go crazy over if I am on Team K1's staff is this; a defender cannot use anyone else as leverage to block a kick. In the scenario above, it sounds like the individual blocking the kick does this and thus should be a penalty and a re-kick. This is my official answers, below I will take my stab assuming that there is still time on the clock and the defender either does not use leverage or this is not a penalty. Scenario #1: Team K1 has the ball facing 4th and goal, I would say that the ball is still placed at the 4 because I am assuming that Team K1 cannot advance a blocked kick. Scenario #2: No clue honestly. My best guess is that Team R1 has the ball 1st and 10 at the 1, but that is pure guess work. Scenario #3: Team K1 is awarded two points for a safety. This is based on this situation being treated as a punt which is touched by the receiving team beyond the line of scrimmage, thus making it a live ball. If this is the case, then that would mean that in Scenario #1 Team K would still retain the ball, but it would be placed at the 1 and would be 1st and goal because it would be as if Team R1 "muffed" a punt and it was recovered by Team K1.
  9. wabashalwaysfights

    Swiping at snap

    So theoretically this can go on for infinitum (forever, I think I just made up a new word there)?
  10. wabashalwaysfights

    Swiping at snap

    Link to video below; what do our resident officials think of this? Could something like this happen in the state of Indiana (I believe this happened last week in Nevada). Sorry the video is so long, but if you have the time, its an interesting watch and listen. http://livestream.com/accounts/85948/ArtesiaBulldogTV/videos/140418259 Below is a good verbal run down of the situation: http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2016/10/30/13470380/video-high-school-football-artesia-goddard-surreal-17-minute-ending
  11. wabashalwaysfights

    60 yard FG to win HS Game

    That had another 5 yards if he needed it.
  12. wabashalwaysfights

    Wabash River Conference week 2

    Attica is hosting CP.
  13. wabashalwaysfights

    2015 Indianapolis Colts

    The only thing that would redeem this is if they plan on trading one of these guys away as a part of some package to get someone more experience on the OL or defense. Otherwise, this is pointless... I am fully prepared for yet another season of watching Luck run around like a chicken with his head cut off, our defense getting it shoved down their throats, winning 10 games and then getting throttled by the Patriots at some point in the playoffs. In a way, the consistency is starting to become a comfort to me, at least I'm not getting my hopes up... I'm only half kidding at this point. Now, if Grigson drafts anything but defenders and offensive linemen the rest of this draft, then I am 100% serious.
  14. wabashalwaysfights

    1A Sectional Predictions

    What happened that NV, Covington, and Fountain Central ended up north? Seeger and Attica have gone north in the last 15 years a couple of times, and I can even remember FC going once (maybe) in that same timeframe, but never to I remember Covington or most certainly NV going north?