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  1. Does anyone think the NLC would take Elkhart and Penn?
  2. I bet if you look into this you will find some other programs that are not wanting to share athletes. I could be wrong, but I bet I am not. You know don't play football you will get hurt for fill in the blank.
  3. Maybe the real issue is the number of other sports that are offered in the fall. That would be club sports included you can only spread your self so thin when your enrollment is so low. Along with that what is the focus of the Athletic Department? Is it to promote three sports athletes or are they ok with students focusing on one or two sports?
  4. I hope that isn't true how many sports do they have in the fall for boys. Why the drop of didn't they have 30 plus kids two years ago?
  5. I think lifting during any sport is fine, especially if you don't have a class in school. I'm saying that I'm fine if the baseball coach or track coach or whatever coach holding a lifting time for the athletes during their, or other seasons. I don't see it being as hypocritical at all because I'm not saying that during baseball, the football coach is having his football kids practice football instead, I'm saying the football coach is having the football kids lift during baseball because maybe the baseball coach isn't having them lift, AND at the same time, he's encouraging them to have a good baseball season. You don't need to get the ball or equipment out. AND it's the kid's decision to lift. It also looks like the IHSAA has the same thinking that I do and that is that lifting is OK any time. I guess my main issues is: I tell kids to be multi-sports athletes and when I say that I don't mean multiple sports at the same time. I try to do what is best for OUR student-athletes.
  6. I am fine with the coach that has morning or evening weights. My reason is getting stronger and becoming a better mover helps for all sports. It also does not start to shift that player's mind to the next season. Or it should not I would hope that the student is lifting to become a better athlete.
  7. Whatever happened to going down to the park and playing a pickup game? The adults are usually the ones that mess everything up for the kids. Let the kids be kids if you are a good coach you should be able to be organized and able to teach your players everything they need to know during your season practice time. Too many good kids are getting burned out by the time they get to their Senior year. I am only talking making kids show up for your extra work out not asking them if they want to significantly different.
  8. Ok is everyone on here going their info from the indy star article? Because When my AD showed me the rule change the thing he pointed out where limited contact periods after each sport ended and the ability to meet only two times and week for two hours each. The way everyone is talking makes the new rule sound very different when how I was told.
  9. Downtowncl86

    Has Hell froze over?

    Sad day.
  10. Downtowncl86

    17-18 Region 2 All-Stars

    Triton number one formation was two wideout, a slot, and a Tight end to help block.
  11. Downtowncl86

    keeping track of stats

    Thanks coach!
  12. Downtowncl86


    We are now done with 70% of the regular season. When do the new form for this season come out to nominate a player to the colts academic all-state?
  13. I am looking for a little help. What programs can I use to keep track of career stats. I already use hudl to tag in-game stats but I would really like to able to keep track of career and team stats. any help or suggestions would be great thanks.
  14. Downtowncl86

    HNAC Week 4

    You all are crazy.Please tell me how Triton can go from being a cellar dweller to one of the top teams in the conference. I don't see any proof yet they have been lucky up to this point. It sounds like too many people are drinking the Triton kool aid.
  15. Downtowncl86

    HNAC Week 1

    How do you know that you still aren't there? Just Asking for a friend?