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  1. Young Tiger

    NLC 2017

    Not trying to stir the pot. Just trying to figure out how a school in the top 30 of the state in regards to enrollment and a program which has 2 middle school football programs which seem to win quite a few ball games. Not sure what their youth leagues bring in terms of talent or enrollment. Yet when they get the opportunity to play under the lights on Friday nights, they seem to falter. Middle of the NLC at best. Would this be acceptable for any other 6A teams in the state? Just for the fun of it name the last player from Warsaw to play at a division 1 football school which was not a kicker?
  2. Young Tiger

    NLC 2017

    Lets take a look at NLC coaching records prior to the start of this year, these numbers date back to 2008 to Present John Barron- Plymouth 71-28 %71.72 Craig Koehler- Concord 14-7 %66.67 *2 years as head coach* Nate Andrews- Northwood 64-42 %60.38 *Dates back to previous school* Mike Eshbach- Wawasee 46-49 %48.42 *Dates back to previous school* Phil Jensen- Warsaw 45-49 %47.87 Scott Shaw- Elkhart Memorial 13-18 *2 years at Memorial* Kyle Park- Goshen 13-18 %41.94 *3 years at Goshen* Northridge Coach- 3-8 last year Sectional Record by School Overall No Date Range Northwood- 72-16 *3 Sectional Titles since 2008* Plymouth - 43-27 *1 Sectional Title since 2008* Concord- 39-26 *3 Sectional Titles since 2008* Goshen- 30-37 Elkhart Memorial- 18-31 Wawasee- 17-30 Northridge- 16-31 Warsaw- 12-32 I realize most people will say Warsaw plays a tougher sectional schedule, I don't disagree with that. My point is this at any other school in 6A if the coach is not performing in either Conf or Sectional, how many years before they are ousted? How many other 6A programs have 2 youth leagues (was 3), where they can develop their younger players? How much involvement does the other coaches of a 6A school have in their youth teams? Plymouth deserves their new field turf (Money well spent) when your putting up the numbers they have. Good Luck to all the area teams this year!