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  1. Old Bruin

    CIC final regular season

    Oak Hill Blackford Easrbrook frankton Lapel Monroe Central
  2. Old Bruin

    CIC Week 8

    Mississnewa Blackford Oak Hill MADISON GRANT SHERIDAN
  3. Old Bruin

    CIC Week 7

    Eastbrook Blackford Mississnewa Madison Grant Marion
  4. Old Bruin

    CIC Week 6

    Alexandria Blackford Eastbrook Mississnewa Delta
  5. Old Bruin

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St.)

    Blackford Eastbrook Mississnewa Frankton Tipton
  6. Old Bruin

    CIC Week 4

    Alexandria Blackford Oak Hill Eastbrook Shenandoah
  7. Old Bruin

    CIC week 3

    Blackford Defense came up big in some key points of the game to stop potential scoring drives. Bruin passing game came to life to contribute to a couple of scores.
  8. Old Bruin

    CIC week 3

    Easstbrook Alexandria Mississnewa Blackford
  9. Old Bruin

    CIC Pick' Em Week 2

    Blackford will regroup and defeat So. Wells Eastbrook will beat Delta in a close one Ttipton will get the best of Elwood by a wide margin. Frankton will beat Laprl in a tight game. Eastern will beat Madison-Grant New Haven will beat Mississnewa Southwood will beat Oak Hill Alex will beat Wabash
  10. Old Bruin

    CIC Week One

    Alex over Wes Del Oak Hill over Eastern Lapel over Elwood Eastbrook over Norwell Old Miss over Penelton H. Tipton over MG Franton over Tri Central Blackford over Jay
  11. Old Bruin

    CIC 2018

    Blackford is not going anywhere!
  12. Old Bruin

    CIC Football

    Looks like it may happen that way. Good to see the Bruins getting some respect.
  13. I'm hoping the CIC folks have another good year of discussions and Weekly Picks ... Lots of fun and participation in both football and basketball. just getting practice started, but in 3 weeks we will be saying let the games begin.
  14. It's almost here .... What do you think?
  15. Old Bruin

    CIC weekly-ish thread

    I really enjoyed the conversation on here, but have been away due to a stroke I suffered 4 weeks ago today. I'm still pretty limited due to left side in attention and vision problems that make working my I Pad very difficult. I have not been able to attend any Bruin games since Jan. 16th. We have slid a lot, but you can't lose a player as talented as Luke Brown and maintained the level we played at early in the season. Bruins travel to Daleville tonight. I hope they can find some scoring punch and step up the perimeter defense. I have a lot of faith in the players and coaches that they will successfully adapt to recent challenges.