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  1. Inflation--all I's got to say on that one (classic flick by the way). I'm sure there's an algorithm for your second question.
  2. My guess is that our good friends at the IHS double A could really care less what some people here think. Although the passion displayed is admirable, I don't see it coming to fruition...
  3. Oh well, at least we have that basketball thing...
  4. I'm sure we may much more teeth than our fellow Alabamians.
  5. I would welcome OU to the league. UT is a different animal as the were the catalyst for Colorado and Nebraska to bolt from the XII. I still contend UNC is Delany’s Holy Grail.
  6. If Illinois does it, it must be a resounding success.
  7. He’ll look awfully good in Old Gold & Black!
  8. Gipper

    CIC a look back

    Isn’t ’t Ole Miss in the SEC? 😎
  9. Gipper

    Purdue Basketball

    l don't know why Eifert was closest to the basket when Maryland was shooting FTs with 3 seconds to go. Why not Treveion?
  10. Gipper

    Tyler Trent

    He's the man.
  11. Gipper

    Tyler Trent

    Cancer *%#!?*s.