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  1. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Anybody got the Andrean-Munster score?
  2. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Yes they do. I’m cracking open a Round Barn kolsch as we speak. Zombie Dust is quite good, but I prefer Gumball Head.
  3. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Time for my ice cold craft beer!
  4. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Defense wins championships.
  5. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Lowell & Highland are now in the 4th. Boone Grove now down 8 to Griffith
  6. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Scecina is up on Lutheran 50-7. If that doesn’t justify the sale of indulgences, I don’t know what will.
  7. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Maybe. Or worse yet injured. I understand your giant killer mentality, but there’s never a problem with feasting on cupcakes.
  8. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Maybe not. Lowell’s D is solid. Fred and Barney for the win.
  9. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    League play. I don’t think you’d fare all that well going up a NCC or Duneland school.
  10. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    West Lafayette is up 65-7 on Benton Central
  11. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    My original prognostication was Lowell 16-7.
  12. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    Lowell draws first blood on Highland (O negative), up 7-0 at recess Valpo destroying Hub City Merrillville up 3 scores (not safeties or field goals) on LaPorte
  13. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    No, I usually make stuff up for my own benefit...
  14. Gipper

    Week 6 Scores

    From the shadows of the steel mills: Valpo 14, Crown Point 0 Michigan City 21, Lake Central 3 Lowell and Highland are scoreless