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  1. We believe that this move is going to be a good thing for PC football as well. We knew for a couple years out that the numbers for the 2019 season would be small as there were two classes back to back that never had a lot of numbers and resulted in 1 Jr. High team when they were in Jr. High. PC Football numbers should start to return to normal in the 2020 season as we expect 35-45 players in grades 9-12 for the upcoming season. Our youth program is strong and in 2019 we fielded two junior high teams, two 5/6th grade teams, two 3rd/4th grade teams, and had 70+ students participate in our k-2 flag football program.
  2. Adding the remaining four teams could make for an interesting PAC. The PAC could still have a Big School division and Small School division Big School 1. Booneville 2. Washington 3. Princeton 4. Gibson S 5. HH 6. Mount Vernon Small School 1. Pike Central 2. Southridge 3. Forest Park 4. North Posey 5. South Spencer 6. Tell City Each school could play 5 regular division games. Week 9 could be a Cross over game between teams that place the same in their respective divisions.(The 1 seed from the Big School division would play the 1 seed in the small school division and so on) That leaves teams with 3 out of conference dates to schedule up or schedule down based on what each team needs.
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