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  1. Fringe

    EIAC Week #5

    Did I upset thee No Fringe.Fringe..fringe...1.2..3...come on STC........
  2. Fringe

    EIAC Week #5

    Really not sure why Ville and Ville were voted into the EIAC.but they are here.So I do care about this game. The two hardests schools to coach. No major highway through or even close, local economy gone to hell. Best selling products in the areas like this? DRUGS Even John Cougar would not agree to his own song nowadays.
  3. Fringe

    EIAC Week #5

    Under Coach Hep it was every 4 yrs the Bville would win. Can coach Ulery make it every 3 yrs. NO!!!!!!!!
  4. Sorry to say Lady's and Gentlemen... The PIT is way...Way over RATED. Have been there twice and still do not see what all the hype is all about.
  5. Fringe

    EIAC Week #3

    Watch out CLOWN, Here comes the LEGION of BOOM
  6. Fringe

    EIAC Week 2.

    Look for yourself go to SD Hudl and Seymour Hudl
  7. Can I ask how you are baseing your results......
  8. Fringe

    < OR >

    Delta to Shelby 1h 30min Delta to NewPal 1h 14min Yorktown to Shelby 1h 49min Yorktown to NewPal 1h 44min On a Friday night that is still a long trip yes. But for JV and Freshmen Games during the week is tooooo far. I see your point.
  9. Will Beech Grove ever take the next step in trying to improve on getting deeper in the playoffs by leaving the Crossroads conference? One would have to ask
  10. 2015 I watched Castle play New Pal. Looking at the Size of the Castle palyers as they came on to the Field, my thought was I should have gone to a different game this one is over already. It was and at half time I went over to see Chatard and Gibson Southern. New Pal scored 55 on the much much bigger Castle team. Size had no bearing on this game... but the weather DID