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  1. The Dragon

    HNAC Week 1

    Culver vs NJ- Culver by 10+. Judson not disciplined. Triton vs SC- South Central 24-10. Triton defensive weakness will be shown. Laville vs CMA- Cma 35-3. CMA willbe too much for a lot of teams especially 1a Laville. Knox vs Winamac- Knox 13-7. Low scoring game. DP is the difference. Pionerr vs LC- Pioneer 50+ LC 0. Pioneer defense will be hard to get yards on this year better yet getting scored on. West Central vs Caston- Caston 7-0
  2. How is Triton looking this summer?
  3. 1. Pioneer- Panthers too much for HNAC opponents 2. Laville- Should beat everyone else in the conference with solid defensive play 3. Knox- Patrick is a stud but will need a little more to make a tourney run 4. Triton- Very talented Junior class coming back. Defense will need to be better to win Sec 41 5. Culver- Lose a ton on the line with Mcbee and Anderson but should be okay in the skill positions. Give them a year to reload 6. Winnamac- Another year with the new offense for these guys, could be solid but not enough to be top tier of the conference 7. Judson- Should be very good in the skill position. But could have said the same last year. Gonna have to get it together to win some games this year 8. Caston- Played with heart last year, just not enough depth. Hopefully have a few more kids come out this year!