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  1. franktonite4life


    Interesting to see Frankton schedule a game at 4A Southport on a Saturday at noon this year............ I like it, it'll be a competitive game.
  2. franktonite4life


    Frankton should be really good again this year with the star duo of Key and Detling returning for their final season, as well as several other lettermen from last season's CIC champs. Detling should dominate down low again and Key has a small chance at becoming Frankton's all-time leading scorer. The player to watch IMO is Ayden Brobston, the coach's son who stands at 6' 6". He could create havoc along side Detling in the paint. No transfers that I'm aware of. OH is the team to beat since they got the blue rings right? Since football season went down hill fast for the Eagles, I'm anxious for basketball to begin!
  3. franktonite4life

    CIC Regional

    Eastbrook will win and I don't think it'll be that close: 40-20 Strange to say, but Shenandoah vs. Eastbrook would've been a better game
  4. franktonite4life

    What happens to Shenandoah?

    There needs to be an abundance of credit given to the coaches at Lapel. Shenandoah was by far the better team last year and this year! I believe the Lapel staff knew Shenandoah was the only team that could beat them in the sectional playoffs and chose not to show very much (if anything) in both of the regular season losses. They made some great decisions too by overloading the box and eliminating the Raiders rushing attack in the first half and daring them to throw the football. Also, I believe this was the first game that Lapel featured the QB as their primary rushing attack, something that caught the Raiders off guard. All of this being said, Eastbrook will win by 3 TDs Friday night. Eastbrook at Shenandoah would've been a better regional championship game.
  5. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel wins 42-41 in OT Eastbrook at Lapel next week
  6. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel 35 Shenandoah 27 Shenandoah let Lapel score so they could get the ball back, 2:23 to go
  7. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel 28 Shenandoah 27 4th quarter
  8. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel 28 Shenandoah 21 start of 4th
  9. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    28-14 Lapel ahead of Shenandoah, 2 minutes left in 3rd
  10. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel up on Shenandoah 21-14 in the middle of the 3rd
  11. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    14-14 at half Lapel @ Shenandoah
  12. franktonite4life

    Sectional Final Scores

    Lapel 7 Shenandoah 6 start of 2nd quarter
  13. franktonite4life

    CIC Sectional Finals

    Mississinewa Jesuit Eastbrook It'd be so cool to see 3 CIC sectional champions!!!!
  14. franktonite4life


    I didn't see a "very good" in my initial post in regards to Northfield, but, yes, a 5-5 Northfield squad who just lost by 11 to arguably the 2nd best 1A team in the state Adams Central. I'd call them "good". It'll all be determined on Friday night and I'll probably be eating crow when the Panthers win by 75, but I just don't see it that way right now.
  15. franktonite4life

    CIC Sectional Week 2

    Mississinewa Blackford Eastbrook Shenandoah Marion Cass Lapel