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  1. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 9

    So after some more research (reading newspaper) Frankton lost at least 2 of their best players for the season a few weeks ago Litsey and Baker. When a small school team loses 2 quality 2 way players it kind of puts a damper on the season. I thought they had the potential to win a few more games this season, basketball season can't get here fast enough!!!!!! Good luck to all CIC teams in the post season, but especially to Eastbrook, Mississinewa, and Blackford. Those 3 have an actual chance to win a sectional championship for the CIC.
  2. franktonite4life

    CIC final regular season

    OH Mississinewa Eastbrook Frankton Lapel Shenandoah
  3. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 9

    I cannot pick against OH, all of their losses have been against good competition, I'd say they're the best 3-5 2A team in the state. OH wins 35-15 Ole Miss wins by more than Eastbrook did over the Bruins. Congratulations Blackford on turning things around the last couple of years. Indians 40-13 Panthers win 50-0.......................................................... Eastbrook of course It seems as though my Frankton Eagles have progressively gotten worse since their week 3 victory over Alex. Is this due to injuries or just not being very good? I'm hoping it's the injury issue but getting blanked by Blackford and OH are pointing towards the latter. Perhaps getting starters back will assist in beating MG, but it'll be nearly impossible to win at Lapel in the 1st round. FHS wins 20-18.
  4. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 8

    Ole Miss flexes 4A muscle again and wins big 56-20 Blackford keeps it close for 2 quarters but still loses 35-15 In OH's first home game since their first game of the season (they should have 6 home games in a row next season?) the Eagles have a shootout and Frankton wins 33-29. MG gets their 2nd "W" 28-12 over the Panthers. But Elwood still has a chance at getting an elusive win, if they draw MG again in the sectional.
  5. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 8

    Mississinewa Eastbrook Frankton MG Sheridan
  6. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 7

    Eastbrook Blackford Miss OH Marion
  7. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 6

    I agree with everyone else, except I'm taking Elwood over Alex because I'm crazy and Elwood is at home and I need the 2 points in the pick 'em challenge. The CIC expansion conversation really took off over the last 3 days! Marion and Lapel would be awesome additions, I had never thought of Marion as a candidate and I like it. I know it's the HS football thread, but WOW, DARIUS LEONARD! I see lots of #53 jerseys being sold this season.
  8. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 6

    Elwood (taking the bait....... 2 pts) Blackford Eastbrook Ole Miss Delta
  9. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Is it possible that Delphi is taking Eastern's place in the HHC and that Eastern is moving to CIC with Lapel? Just trying to read between the lines on some of these rumors and comments.
  10. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Annual CIC expansion discussion Lapel, as we've said before is a perfect fit geographically, size-wise, competitiveness, and they're currently an independent school. 10 total teams would be a great number, so who else do we add? Delphi is independent, 2A, and would add some good competition in most sports, but aside from OH the bus ride would be pretty long for everyone else in the conference (2+ hours from Lapel to Delphi) Anderson Preparatory Academy is independent, 1A, and would add some wins to the other 9 school's schedules, but not competitive enough to add anything to the conference yet, easy drive for CIC teams Monroe Central is in the Mid-Eastern Conference MEC (if you want to call 4 teams a conference), 1A, would fit in competitively, and is a 90 minute drive from Converse Shenandoah is also in the MEC, 2A, would make the CIC better, 90-ish minutes drive from Eastbrook and OH Wes-Del is also in the MEC, 1A, decent competition, sits right in the heart of CIC country on the map The CIC could almost absorb the entire MEC and make a 12 team super conference honestly, Eastern Hancock is just a 2+ hour drive from OH and Eastbrook Eastern is in the HHC, 2A, would play CIC teams pretty tough (beat MG and OH this year), and is at most an hour-ish drive from Eastbrook Jay County is in the ACAC, 4A, competitive, 90 minute bus ride from Converse Which of these teams are shopping to leave their conference? Is expansion good for CIC football? 5 team North/South divisions? All 9 regular season football games would be in-conference?
  11. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Lapel wants to be in the CIC so bad they scheduled a Saturday game too this weekend. : )
  12. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St.)

    Blackford Eastbrook Mississinewa Frankton Tipton (LCC has a great chance to win actually, but I despise all things LCC)
  13. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 5 (Ball St)

    Eating a little crow this week, not surprised by Bruins getting the win, but I am surprised by the final score and how dominating they were. Good work Coach Sehy. Congratulations MG! Not too many folks saw that coming last Friday. I wonder if the rain played a lot more into the softness of Alex and Frankton or if they simply aren't as talented as we thought? I agree with your picks for this weekend, not really any tough decisions for Saturday, unless Blackford plays their worst game of the year against Alex. Winners: Eastbrook, Mississinewa, Blackford, Frankton
  14. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 4

    NFW! Sagarin has final score prediction: MG 24-23 over Alex tonight. Bold pick...................
  15. franktonite4life

    CIC Week 4

    I wish I was a 33 gallon size trash bag salesman tonight at the games