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  1. JasperWildcats87

    SW Indiana football 2018

    This will be Jasper's biggest Senior Class in a while. There are a lot of three year starters this year. It will be Jasper's largest offensive line in quite a while and 4 three-year starters among that offensive line.
  2. JasperWildcats87

    Not Pictured the film

    thank you for sharing!
  3. JasperWildcats87

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    I figured with their superpowers, they could all three run the ball at the same time.
  4. JasperWildcats87

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    My God, will they all carry the ball at the same time? Central had a great offensive line they were running behind. They wont have it that good at Princeton. If they can do it on their own, maybe they ought the start the Evans School. It doesnt sound like they dont need an offensive line.
  5. JasperWildcats87

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    I was b I was being sarcastic since "no one in the conference has that kind of speed"! I guess we shouldn't show up! lol.
  6. JasperWildcats87

    Evans Brothers Leave Central

    Jasper is slow. Hardiman ran all over them last year! tic
  7. How about a helmet to helmet hit resulting in disqualification from the next game. It might keep a certain team from Southern Indiana in check although without their coach and certain athletes maybe the program will get cleaned up.
  8. JasperWildcats87

    Vincennes / Jasper

    I hope Kotter comes back soon and as strong as can be. Great kid!
  9. JasperWildcats87

    Central vs East Central

    Not sure I have ever seen any Princeton fans on here.
  10. JasperWildcats87

    Central at Jasper

    You can't go wrong with Macs or the Headquarters! We are opting out of tailgating tonight and going to the Headquarters.
  11. JasperWildcats87

    Big 8 - Week 8

    Looks about right. I think Jasper, Vincennes and Boonville name the score this week.
  12. JasperWildcats87

    Jasper (3-1) at Vincennes (3-1)

    Congrats to the Alices on a hard fought victory. Toole and Kotter are special players.
  13. JasperWildcats87

    Jasper (3-1) at Vincennes (3-1)

    If Jasper made that video, Coach Ahrens would have it shut down immediately. Classy coach. I am also wondering what Classless thing Jasper has done? Sit on the opposing sides bleachers? Key cars in parking lot. Or maybe the ass kicking you got in Indianapolis? Lets let the kids decide this one. I have heard in the southridge and Heritage Hills games where Jasper didn't have a chance. Hoping to repeat those two weeks.
  14. JasperWildcats87

    Jasper 2-1 at Heritage Hills 3-0

    Jasper also has their best overall speed in a while. It should make for another great game.
  15. JasperWildcats87

    Jasper 2-1 at Heritage Hills 3-0

    I wouldn't have any idea on a prediction on this one. How is the team speed for Heritage Hills?