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  1. Ram meat is probably better than the ram's p!$$ i used to drink when training for the beer olympics team. That stuff was awful!
  2. By the way, we also have a solid Mexican place on the north side of town and a pizza buffet that has seafood on Fridays as well at the Brick Oven. Just tossing some more choices your way.
  3. Correct me if i'm wrong, but Jeffersonville and New Albany only have stands on one side of the field. What makes you think they would be a logical choice to host a neutral playoff game? Same here, Floyd and NA both have seats on one side.
  4. The OT no longer serves anything. They are unfortunately out of business.
  5. Not sure on the video, but you can go on WBDC website and listen live.
  6. Yes, i think all teams are taking it one game at a time. Paoli is all we are worried about right now. I hope both regional winners come out healthy so each team can be at its best. I think that is a huge part of our journey to state last year was our overall injury free season.
  7. Dont put alot of stock into our losses. We played the majority of the season down 3-4 starters, some 2 way players, including our all state RB/DB. We are now at full strength and are a completely different team than we were 4-6 weeks ago. But as you said, throw it all out the window. Both teams are 3-0 in the "real season".
  8. I think it was Bob Lovell last season that said "No 2A team in the state can hang with Scecina"
  9. Lets see here....first ever post, and you failed miserably!
  10. I'll take the Raiders with the home field advantage. SR 38 - Paoli 21. The win will send the Raiders back to 3A due to the success factor. Southridge recently spent 2 years in 3A due to enrollment numbers losing in the sectional championship both years to Brownstown Central.
  11. SR2017

    Ranking the Sectionals

    That is almost any good team in the state. You are part of a conference and have to play who you have to play. Do you think Southridge gains anything beating Pike Central 70-7 every year? No, but we must play them anyway. I don't believe you need to schedule 9 knock down drag out games each season. More injuries and less rest time for the starters. Warren Central beat Pike and Lawrence Central by a combined 106-7 but you don't see Warren complaining about having to play them do you?
  12. Snider lost in Regional last year. Would they move up by making it so semi state or must they go to state to get bumped?
  13. GAMEDAY!!!!! Come on 7:30! LETS GO RAIDERS!
  14. Excellent write up!
  15. Providence beat who? I don't believe Providence has beat MD.......