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  1. SR2017

    PAC Week 6

    Toss the coin. I'll go GS. NP in a 7 point game SR by however much they want SS by 2 TDs
  2. SR2017

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    Last year we were 3-1 at this point and beat all the same teams we beat this year and lost to jasper and won a state title so what are you getting at Tango?
  3. SR2017

    PAC Week 3

    It appears SS has fallen on hard times. I remember the days when SR vs SS was guaranteed to be a dog fight. Lots of good battles with them. Hope to see them bounce back. PAC football is just better when SS and NP are tough.
  4. SR2017

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Played without two would be starting DBs. And lost another in the first half. You cannot predict schank being out(gametime decision) and losing another! Take away the turnovers and this game get much much closer.
  5. SR2017

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Are you talking about the SR - Jasper game going a long way in determining the B8 champ? Sr is in the PAC, so really this game has no parameters in regards to the B8. I think you are posting in the wrong thread? Yes?? No ??? Maybe????
  6. SR vs Jasper would seem like a better candidate for game of the night in SW Indiana. County Rivalry, David vs Goliath, #1 team in 2A. just seems more fitting to me, but then again i may be biased??
  7. SR2017


    Southridge and Memorial. Two state champions and neither are on the schedule.....and Jasper gets back to back weeks!
  8. SR2017

    Jasper @ The Ridge

    Just curious what makes you say SR D is vulnerable to the pass? Kind of an odd statement after one game. Linton was 5-8 for 53 yards against SR. Jasper was 6-13 for 52 yards against Memorial.
  9. SR2017

    PAC Week 2

    SR OL will keep getting better and better. Couple of key components back from last season. Probably smaller overall, but will be just as effective once they have settled into their new spots. Montgomery can throw on the run. I was amazed on one throw last friday moving to his left and he adjusted his body and threw an absolute dart on the money with the defender right on his receiver. Defender never stood a chance. A couple of dropped balls should not have happened or he would have had 200+ yards in his first start. If you want to know how well he is on the run, you should check out his TD run against Providence in regional last season as a freshman. Friday should be a dandy of a game vs Jasper. Whoever wins the turnover battle will win the game.
  10. SR2017

    PAC Week 2

    PC 34 - FP 20 GS 56 - SS 7 Jasper 24 - SR 28 MV 21 - NP 34 PC - 14 - Tec 24 TC 0 - HH 42
  11. SR2017

    Linton @ Southrdige

    First game on our new side with the new bleachers. Just a little weird sitting on the opposite side since football started at raider field. Great crowd for Linton that made the trip. Saw aome fans enjoying the Gaslight before too. Hope all had a safe ride home. Now to the game, the Raiders came out ready. Montgomery had a few shaky throws in his fiest start, but he threw some darts on the money too. We had some drops that didnt help his case. Tucker Schank took off feom where he left off last season. The new faces in the lineup played well. We arent as big as last season, but we can move the ball. Linton is a quality program and a classy program too. Best of luck with rest of the season, unless we meet in sectional ;) Glad we came out healthy and look forward to next weeks battle with Jasper.
  12. Donation sent as well. Loved this site for years, figure its time to pay my dues.
  13. SR2017

    Linton @ Southrdige

    Good point, wasn't thinking about the Pioneer fan base reading it. Anywho, is it Friday yet? I'm hoping the rain clears out Friday evening for about 2 hours at least! Kids can play on the turf, but i'd just prefer to not be soaking wet watching the game.
  14. SR2017

    Linton @ Southrdige

    Really, i get a down vote for giving Linton some credit saying i believe they could have been the 1A state champs again had the IHSAA not bumped them? Some people are either misunderstanding or just dont know how to read into a post!
  15. SR2017

    Linton @ Southrdige

    Who knows, had Linton not been a success factor bump, it may be 1A champ vs 2A champ this Friday!