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  1. MD92


    Won't get any better with the current EVSC AD.
  2. I know Dunham is a really good player, but how do you make first team all-conference after only playing in 4 games?
  3. MD92

    PAC All Conference

    Question, how did Jayce Harter get named Offensive Captain but wasn't on the all-conference offense?
  4. Jaylon Smith was also the #1 LB in the country as a high school senior. Freak athlete. Saturday was the first time I've seen Kizer play. He's very good and would likely be successful no matter what class he played in, but he's not Jaylon Smith good.
  5. I'll take the over, especially if things don't go well early in the game.
  6. Thing is, Reitz has already beat them this year and Dunham missed part of that game. I think if Reitz jumps up early or if Central struggles a bit early, it will get in their heads that maybe they can't beat Reitz. I don't use the MD game as a barometer of how good or bad the Reitz defense is. That was a rivalry game and you know it will likely be a close game every year. Reitz jumped out early against MD 21-0, but MD fought back, recovered a couple of onside kicks and got some momentum to make a game out of it.
  7. No way will Central be up 3-4 scores at the half. this will be a close game either way, but hoping the Panthers take it like they did the first match up.
  8. One of the worst officiated games I've seen. Just a few examples: 1. MD punts, ref throws a flag against central for unnecessary roughness and blows his whistle DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAY. They discuss and give MD the 15 yds and rekick. 2. MD kicks off, central player touches the ball and it rolls out of bounds maybe 10 yds after it is touched. Initially the official throws a flag on MD. Again, discussion ensues. they pick up the flag and then give Central the ball at the spot where the ball was touched, not where it went out of bounds. 3. MD driving. Rheinlander takes a hand off and gets hit around the goal line. Fumbles the ball into the endzone were MD recovers. Initially called a TD for MD. Owen goes nuts. Refs discuss and reverse the call. MD keeps the ball but has to settle for a FG.
  9. Under a qualification system, Mater Dei would likely be left out this year even though they are the #1 ranked team in 2A by sagarin. Their 2 losses are to an undefeated Lutheran North team from St. Louis and to a highly ranked 3A Memorial team. They still have games with Central and Reitz, 2 top 4A teams. If they should lose both of them then finish 5-4 and would likely be out of the playoffs. In 1990, MD went 0-8 in the regular season and then advanced to semi-state, losing to eventual state champ Scecina. I think all in is the way to go. If you have a qualifying system you take away the incentive to schedule tough opponents. Cathedral has a losing record I believe. Anybody think they aren't one of the top 5A teams this year?
  10. My son played soccer from K-2nd grade. He decided he wanted to try football as a 3rd grader. Didn't like it at all and went back to soccer 4th-6th grade. He decided to give football another shot this year as a 7th grader and is having a good time with it. Main reason he went back to soccer was coaching. His coach in the 3rd grade would spend the first 30-45 minutes of practice lining the boys up 5-10 yards from each other and just have them slam into each other. Never showed proper tackling technique, etc. Also didn't help that he was 70 lbs and was playing OT trying to block some 125 lb kids and getting yelled at when he didn't block them.