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  1. Pantherpride67

    CIC Sectional Week

    Maaaaaan now you had to name drop when I was gonna let it go. Now I've got provide some clarification. I'm gonna guess you don't follow CIC football threads but if you did you would know that @XStar downvotes the majority of pro-Eastbrook posts because of a grudge. I was simply providing insight to Rensselaer's tactics during lastnight's game. I was in no way shape or form trying to attack Rensselaer's program, hell how can I? They were top 10 all year. It was a very well played game, we knew from the beginning that their defense was stout. At the end of the day I just got back to this forum and I'd hate to make enemies so early on but at the same time I won't sit back and take it either.
  2. Pantherpride67

    CIC Sectional Week

    I'm sure it does, keep hating I guess.
  3. Pantherpride67

    Sectional 35

    Maaaaaaaaaan I can't get enough! This is funny to me...downvotes my start flowing just to stir the pot 😂
  4. Pantherpride67

    Sectional 35

    Do down votes have a negative impact on ones account? I haven't been on this forum in 10+ years so I'm trying to get reintegrated.
  5. Pantherpride67

    Sectional 35

    @pantherpride man every post you make gets downvoted 😂😂 what gives?
  6. Pantherpride67

    CIC Week 9

    Just out of curiosity, WHY? From my understanding Eastbrook is one of the most respected programs in the county, AND in 2A football. Are your feels hurt? Please do share why you have no respect?
  7. Pantherpride67

    CIC WEEK 8

    Guuuuuuuys I know I'm new here so nobody will get this sarcasm HOWEVER, can't we all just get along? 😂😂 I kid I kid, I love drama just as much as everyone else let's turn it up. We're at about a 4 I would like to see us at a 12.
  8. Pantherpride67

    CIC WEEK 7

    Gott agree with midway monster here. There comes a point in time where you just have to eat the season, this is probably that point. Madison Grant is a young team and if they can manage to get more kids out next year then they may see progress. Coming onto a football forum and throwing stones probably isn't the best thing to do when such a young team is looking everywhere for any type of inspiration.
  9. Pantherpride67

    GridIron Digest Poll Week 6

    Tank you tank you
  10. Pantherpride67

    GridIron Digest Poll Week 6

    "worth wild"? I'm confused, pleas elaborate more about the wildness that would be worth our #1 rank.