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  1. I'm as much of a old school, wing-t football fan as there is. But RPO's are a pain in the butt to defend and with the rules being as they are, why not take advantage of simple football? Especially at the high school level where simple is generally better and space is tough to defend. Also, RPO's aren't a totally new concept, even Bud Wright utilizes an RPO concept out of a wing-t set. So it isn't all bad.
  2. Coach Veatch

    The "Hey Look At Me" Athlete

    Absolutely. But in 15 years I can maybe count on 2 or 3 fingers the times I have seen that in a live high school game. I won't speak to the NFL, that's an entertainment product all its own.
  3. Coach Veatch

    The "Hey Look At Me" Athlete

    I agree. I would say there is a difference between being excited and jumping up and celebrating after a play, and taunting. Excitement should be encouraged. I do think different generations view things differently. What looks like plain excitement to me looks like taunting to my grandfather. And what looks like a dirty, excessive hit to me looks like the "glory days" to my grandpa. It's just different.
  4. Coach Veatch

    The "Hey Look At Me" Athlete

    This kid is waving off an incomplete pass. Is this the "thuggery" in which you speak that is a problem? Looks more like a kid that just made a big time football play and is amped to me. Sure there are kids that take it too far and that act like jerks. But this whole thread makes it sound like it's a epidemic. It's certainly not a problem I see on Friday nights very often. As Muda would say, "This is a game played by children." Sometimes a 16 year old is gonna act like a 16 year old. Let the kids play.
  5. Coach Veatch

    Kickoff rule

    Does high school or college have the NFL rule where a kickoff counts as OB if a player steps out of bounds, reaches back in bounds and touches the kicked ball? I'm going to assume no, but I thought I'd ask.
  6. He is quite the character. Better bring a case of beer for that chapter. Yuengling will do the job.
  7. Coach Veatch

    First downs moving the chains

    The 40 second clock is wonderful. I hope it doesn't go away. Provides a nice flow to the game without feeling like it's too fast.
  8. What is this "zone" word you speak of? Asking for a friend....
  9. While there certainly are coaches that run what they run and nothing else....Perhaps it's the opposite. Maybe the lack of big bodies playing football has lead to the increase of spread style offenses. I know most coaches will and should tweak what they run to fit the personnel they have.
  10. If anything is to blame for kids quitting the sport it's the demonization of the sport by the media, and the subsequent fear of parents not wanting their kids to get injured. There are plenty of Wing-T, Full House, and Single Wing teams with big linemen running around. We see rosters every week of kids anywhere from 240lbs to 315lbs. However I am open to hearing your argument if you have any data besides citing overall numbers being down.
  11. Coach Veatch

    What is a "Dude?"

    Dude (Noun) A man; a guy (often as a form of address) Curmudgeon (Noun) The dudes that STILL complain about "Bro Coaches" even though it's just a term to describe young coaches they don't like. DT has my favorite discussion topics...don't change
  12. Coach Veatch

    Mouthpiece Rule Change?

    I heard that rumor, but a lot of our kids wear them and I haven't heard a word from one official. I can't find any national rule....can anyone find any other kind of rule regarding mouthpieces? https://www.nfhs.org/media/1017981/nfhs_football_jersey_rule_2017.pdf
  13. About 10-11 years ago our school actually dropped soccer to add football. That doesn't happen a lot but no one around here is complaining. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Coach Veatch

    Instead of banning kickoffs....

    I guess the only way to remedy that would be that the rules would be like a punt. The ball would just be downed instead of recovered. The only question that leaves is what would be done with the onside kick...?
  15. http://footballscoop.com/news/instead-banning-kickoffs-veteran-nfl-special-teams-coach-offers-interesting-alternative/ I'm not sure if this link has been posted here or not, and if it has please delete it. I think it's a interesting alternative and a way to make our game safer without removing a critical phase. Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Trolls?