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  1. My 2 years in Tell City were awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I wasn’t the best coach and would never say I was. I did what I thought was right and what needed done to try and turn things around (some people aren’t going to agree with it, but that’s anywhere you coach). I would of loved to have stayed and been there for the future, but family/ life decisions sometimes take priority over high school football. The coaches, players and community deserve to see success. They have been through some tough times in the last 20 some years. The support in the town is great and the administration was invested in trying to change things. The coaching staff and the additions Coach Webb has made are taking things to the next level and the kids have stepped up big time in the first two weeks. The culture is changing and I hope they keep up the success
  2. Coach Webb has done a great job with Tell City so far this year and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The staff he has now is top notch and the players believe in them. Hoping he doesn’t have to deal with any teachers/parents trying to undermine him during the season like in years past. That can hurt a team
  3. What about the offenses that still haven't evolved with the times? Heritage Hills, Forest Park and Tell City still use a fullback on almost every offensive set. Forest Park and Heritage Hills had to nominate fullbacks for running back position
  4. We have teaching openings at the elementary school. These are listed on the corporation website. http://www.tellcity.k12.in.us/Content2/60 The openings are listed as elementary teacher and also one in special education. We are looking to add a junior high coach that is someone in the building if they are hired. (Paid position) If you have any questions you can reach out to me by email at Aaron.clements@tellcity.k12.in.us
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