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  1. Fairfield02

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 10

    Did my answers for week 10 record??? I might have accidentally did it twice, but the forms should be identical.
  2. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My picks minus the Fairfield game: Central Noble 28 Garrett 21....CN has good size up front this year. Eastside 7 Angola 49......Hornets keep on keeping on. Lakeland 21 Bluffton 0........cheering for the NECC. TPC 14 Fremont 15........ in 2OT West Noble 42 Fremont 0..........enjoy the cold weather.
  3. Fairfield02

    NLC - 2018

    I also think it's fair to say the NECC is having an up year again (even though Fairfield isn't), and the NLC is having more of a down year across the board. 15 years ago, an NECC team would have never beat an NLC team. In the past two years however, Fairfield beat Goshen (The Falcons only win that year), Lakeland beat Wawasee, West Noble beat Wawasee two years in a row, Angola beat Wawasee, and Northwood and also won Sectional 19 which additionally included Plymouth and Northridge. I actually think that Angola, West Noble, Churubusco, and Central Noble would be in the middle to top of the NLC this year if they played in that conference. It is a weird time for Norther Indiana Football right now...my gut tells me that in about 5 to 10 years, things will be back to normal. About 10 to 12 years ago, when Fairfield had some very talented athletes, the NECC was down and our schedule did not prepare us for tournament play. So we beefed it up, and now we need to find athletes who are willing to play again. Fairfield could have a decent team this year if all of the Seniors would have decided to come out and play...they are loaded with talent. So, I hope in about 5 years for us, things will be drastically different as well.
  4. Fairfield02

    NLC - 2018

    America's biggest problem is the fact that we are too easily "offended". Political correctness, from participation trophies to gender neutrality, is all based on people feeling discriminated against because something in their life isn't doesn't feel fair. I wonder how soon the NCAA will stop labeling their men's and women's sports. We are spiraling quickly out of control. So...even though it's not a "thing" anymore....let it be a thing in your heart.
  5. Fairfield02

    NLC - 2018

    This is exactly how I feel about the NECC. (Fairfield's conference). Don't get me wrong...I am way more into it when Fairfield is doing well, and this may very well go down as our worst season in history....you know...when you have one senior and 7 jrs...anyway...even though we are down, I still love getting on here and chatting about football. I had to go to page for to find our (The NECC's) thread which hadn't been commented on in only 4 days.
  6. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    Well, it's week 9 for the NECC (NECC must mean, No-one Ever Cares to Comment). I had to go to page four to find this thread. I do appreciate the two or three of you that say things every week, but seriously....I am not sure our conference will ever matter in football if people don't start caring more about it. I love football, I love Fairfield...and even though we are basically starting a JV team against everyone this year (only one senior and about 5 juniors start...rest are sophy's and frosh), I still care. I would assume that some of the "up" teams would be making more noise...but whatever. here are this week's games. What are your thoughts and comments? Central Noble at Garrett Eastside at Angola Fairfield at Churubusco Lakeland at Bluffton Trader's Point Christian at Fremont West Noble at Prairie Heights
  7. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My picks minus the FF game: Angola 42 Garrett 0 (Unfortunately for Angola, the NECC schedule is not really preparing them for the post season). Churubusco 35 West Noble 21 This one will be close for a while, but Busco pulls away in the second half. Eastside 14 Central Noble 20 Close game with CN wearing down the Blazers. PH 28 Fremont 13.........PH gets win number two this year! They have not had multiple wins in a season since 2013.
  8. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    This week's games. What are your thoughts and predictions? Angola at Garrett Churubusco at West Noble Eastside at Central Noble Lakeland at Fairfield Prairie Heights at Fremont
  9. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My picks minus the FF game: Angola 42 PH 0....Angola is obviously the favorite in this match up. Central Noble 7 Churubusco 28....I actually don't think this one is going to be close. Busco HANDLED Lakeland, and CN had to go to overtime to beat them. I shouldn't go game to game, but I am for this one. Fremont 0 Eastside 35.....It sounds like Fremont needs to improve. West Noble 28 Lakeland 7....WN is having a nice year. Again, i am not sure these will be that close. I might be wrong though.
  10. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    Can you believe it is week 7 already? Here are this week's NECC games. What are your thoughts and predictions?\ Angola at Prairie Heights Central Noble at Churubusco Fremont at Eastside Garrett at Fairfield West Noble at Lakeland
  11. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My picks minus the FF game: Churubusco 63 Fremont 0 Garrett 7 West Noble 21 Central Noble 13 Lakeland 14 Eastside 28 Prairie Heights 14
  12. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    What are your thoughts and predictions about the games this week? Here they are: Churubusco at Fremont Fairfield at Angola Garrett at West Noble Lakeland at Central Noble Prairie Heights at Eastside
  13. Fairfield02

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 6

    Those were some tough games to pick.
  14. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My picks minus the FF game: Angola 35 Lakeland 14: The Lakers hang with Angola for a quarter, but then the Hornets take it away. Eastside 28 Garrett 7: The Railroaders are down and out this year. Fremont 6 Central Noble 56: Not even close. PH 0 Churubusco 35: PH is improved this year, but no where close to Busco.
  15. Fairfield02

    NECC 2018

    My Picks minus the FF game, which isn't happening anyway: Central Noble 21 PH 7.....PH is better this year. Busco 42 Eastside 0.........sorry Blazers Fremont 6 Pittsford 7.........I don't know Lakeland 27 Garrett 14.....Railroaders are a little derailed this year. West Noble 7 Angola 35....closer than last year.