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  1. AustinHendershot12

    Blue and White Tigers

    Maybe so, but Danville’s D could be best he’s seen. After limiting Chatard to just 7 points and little over 200 yards of total offense, pretty sure they’ll adjust to whatever Memorial throws at them.
  2. AustinHendershot12

    Blue and White Tigers

    Having watched Danville play TW twice this year and watching the Chatard game, they are clicking on all cylinders and completely dominated Chatard. I’ve only seen Memorials game today against Lawrenceburg. Danville’s defense is stout and the offense has tons of playmakers. This should be a fantastic game, Memorials passing attack may give Danville fits because of so many options, but Danville’s secondary is very opportunistic and Stevens is a ballhawk. I’m not sure if Danville will have seen a receiving core like Memorials but they are opportunistic, they may bend but never break. Danville’s front line is very good with great technique and may be able to tee off on Lindauer. I’m going to go with Danville because they are so balanced on both sides of the ball. After watching them smash Chatard I think they could win next week anywhere from 10-17 points.
  3. AustinHendershot12

    Regional scores

    Thank you
  4. AustinHendershot12

    Regional scores

    Is that final?
  5. AustinHendershot12

    Regional scores

    West Lafayette-Brebeuf score??
  6. AustinHendershot12

    Regional scores

    Score of WEBO-Scecina?? Is that final?
  7. AustinHendershot12

    Bishop Chatard at Danville

    Agreed it was very fun to watch. It was like watching TW take down Brebeuf and Guerin Catholic in ‘15 in back to back wins. Complete domination on both sides of the ball. They are a fun team to watch and it starts at the top with Coach Woods.
  8. AustinHendershot12

    Bishop Chatard at Danville

    After watching this game through and there’s still 2 minutes to go: Coach Woods is a players coach and the kids feed off of him, love his enthusiasm on the sideline and getting the kids hyped. His aggressive play-calling especially the 4th and 15 fake field goal pass to the center was awesome. His aggressiveness and show no fear was apparent this whole game and the kids believed in themselves. Danville completely dominated the 2nd half and they have a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball, this run reminds me of the TW state champion team from 2015. Defense is stout and may bend but never breaks. Offense is spread out with playmakers and running game gets going when need to be. Can’t believe Chatard only mustered up 7 points. And to think TW had Danville on the ropes a couple weeks ago. Danville is rolling right now and to see them match up against West Lafayette is something to watch for. They are clicking on all cylinders and it’s been fun to follow. Coach Woods is a character but hard not to respect and recognize what he’s done to this program. Congrats to Danville on beating Chatard 2 years in a row and heading to 2nd consecutive semi-state.
  9. AustinHendershot12

    Bishop Chatard at Danville

    This game being streamed anywhere??
  10. AustinHendershot12

    Bishop Chatard at Danville

    I think Hiland will be the key to this game, if he plays well and can extend plays then I think the Warriors will win this one. Chatard is Chatard, Danville’s run D has been stout all year, just can’t give up any big plays over the top. I like Danville to win 21-20
  11. Forgot it’s an hour behind for that game haha. I’m sure it is, wish I made the trip to see this game. If GS advances would love to get to see them play in person
  12. AustinHendershot12

    Sectional Championship Scores

    Wow bit of shocker to me
  13. AustinHendershot12

    Sectional 30

    Would have to agree, Danville at home by a couple scores if not more. Too many weapons for Greencastle to cover and Danville’s defense is playing stout and forcing turnovers and capitalizing