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  1. I remember seeing his injury against Ohio State in the bowl game. Just so random and unnecessary. Great to see him back on top of his game. I really wish The SAC played a 7 game conference schedule. Folks in Northwest and North Central Indiana would welcome the opportunity to see top level SAC teams come to town. Some excellent Indianapolis matchups as well. A SAC-HCC week two event would be outstanding : Homestead - Avon Snider - Brownsburg Carroll - Fishers Dwenger - Westfield Luers - Zionsville
  2. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Not that he cares, but I think the OSU faithfull will hold this against the Bosa family for a long time. He was projected to return after 6 to 8 weeks, in time for the stretch run and the playoffs. Given the poor performance of their defense, he is sorely needed. The fact that he has not been attending class is another poor reflection on Meyer.
  3. Where would Pike be today if O'Shea had taken the Pike job over the North Central position 3 years ago?
  4. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    I watched the live stream of the CG-WC game and he didn't look anywhere near that tall. They have him listed at 6-4 on MaxPreps. Here is some video.
  5. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    Got a feeling that Mr Harbaugh is closing in on Brutus Buckeye and might be in position to take back control of this epic rivalry. Bell is not your new style prototypical WR. He is a bit short. I think he would be challenged to compete against the stable of guys OSU typically has over the past few years. Pancol of Pendleton Heights is typical of the current prototype. Haskins is currently projected as a first round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins. Might be difficult for him to bypass that opportunity.
  6. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Bosa did not move the needle in terms of revenue for OSU. They sell out every game regardless. He will miss regular season games against Michigan, Mich St, the BT championship game and possibly the post season playoffs. I would think his teammates might not be too happy with hi decision.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/star-defensive-end-nick-bosa-intends-to-withdraw-from-ohio-state-focus-on-nfl-draft/ Bosa withdrawing from school to heal and prep for NFL draft. Trend continus of high profile players bailing out on their teams. Should scholarship funds be revoked and OSU demand payback for prior financial commitment to Bosa? How do schools protect themselves from this in the future?
  8. You all are quite insulated and provincial up there. Wouldn't hurt to get a little statewide exposure every now and then
  9. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    Agree. Many here are evaluating IU's game performance and recruiting results based on the prior low standards and expectations. I thought the bar had been raised and expectations taken to a higher level. Lots of excuses being made on behalf of the IU program.
  10. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    7 out of 17 IU recruits are from Florida None from IMG. Would like to see Allen work closer with Kevin Wright to steer some IMG talent towards Bloomington
  11. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    I was reading about the Kentucky program and they are saying that more recruiting emphasis on Ohio has been the key to their turnaround. KY is also producing more instate talent. Allen is focusing on Florida and the southeast. He feels that the 2 and 3 star athletes that get passed over by SEC and ACC schools are better than the kids he can get out of the midwest. That is the same strategy Greg Schiano used when he arrived at Rutgers.
  12. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    It's really very simple, isn't it. IU has tried everything over the years. New coaches. New schemes. New uniforms. Upgraded facilities. Revised starting times. Family events. etc, etc. Same old bottom of the Big Ten recruiting, and same old results. Do you think Allen has that special "it" factor to convince the better athletes to eschew offers from the regional powers and come to Bloomington?
  13. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    There is only one way for IU to improve its positioning in the Big Ten. It must recruit at a higher level. Allen cannot game plan, scheme, or practice his way to better results. He cannot cajole, fist bump, chest bump or high five his way to the top of the BT East Division. He simply needs better players. Allen was not hired based on what he has done in the past, as his resume is alarmingly slim relative to other D1 head coaches. He was hired for his infectious enthusiasm and the potential impact it would have on recruits. His ultimate challenge is right there in front of him. There are 5 to 7 undeclared 4 star recruits playing high school football right now in Indiana. How many can Allen get?
  14. I don't disagree with your point. Fact is, Smith did not get a lot of media coverage outside of Fort Wayne. Another reason why the SAC should consider ditching the full round robin conference schedule and add one or two weeks of out of league competition. It would be good for the rest of the state to see the best talent in The SAC on occasion.
  15. That was more regional, not statewide. The peak for football related recruiting scrutiny came in the mid 2000s era. JB Paxson - Center Grove Darren Evans - Warren Central Jeremy Finch - Warren Central James Aldridge - Merrillville