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  1. And you as well. Good luck this week.
  2. Are we so sensitive here that we cannot be open to outside opinion-input-criticism? Have I really hijacked your precious Dragon Thread? I can't stand the thought of possibly hurting your delicate feelings any further, or even consider that you might be insulted or offended by my outsiders comments. I will stay out from here on in. Carry on.
  3. Stay classy San Diego. Winning 60-6 every week and letting your starting tailback rush for 70 TDs doesn't sound too classy to me. Maybe the classy thing to do for NP is to step out of that HHC playpen and join a conference where the Ralph beast can meet a decent challenge every now and then. From everything weve been told about the NP area, its only going to get bigger and badder. Time to move on up.
  4. I dont think thats a given
  5. He is obviously a helluva player. But these kind of numbers speak as much about the opposition as they do the player himself.
  6. Thats just shocking, sorry to say.
  7. Spegal's numbers speak to the absolute putrid condition of many of the programs in central Indiana Frankly, I look at these numbers and I just have to laugh. They look like peewee or flag football numbers. And I love Mason's shot across the bow directly at Ralph.. It is exactly who he is. Mason has a lot of Russ Radtke in his coaching style, approach and demeanor. Just a little more polished. But not too much 😉 There is no doubt the DAC is not what it used to be. However, Valpo and MC are old school DAC programs, as is Laporte, with old school DAC like coaches, and they have all gotten results. Maybe Valpo and MC success will push the schools on the west side of the conference to get serious, find some serious, experienced coaching, and get back in the game. Despite its flaws, the DAC is still a better conference than the Hoosier Hills and the North Central. I would put it on par with Conference Indiana.
  8. Brohm addresses LV opening https://247sports.com/Article/Purdue-Jeff-Brohm-comments-on-Louisville-coaching-vacancy-124630866/
  9. DrivenT

    2018 Boilermakers

    No I like the work he has done in WL But these recruits have committed as much or more to Brohm as they have the university. Lets face it, WL is basically a cow pasture. Lots of better potential destinations out there to choose from.
  10. DrivenT

    2018 Boilermakers

    I think you would see a huge amount of Purdue recruiting decommits if Brohm leaves for LV.
  11. Please elaborate on this. Based on your prior posting history, im genuinely interested in your insight and comments This can't be possible. Are you suggesting that Howe families physically moved from Indy to Marion to follow this coach to the Marion football program?
  12. DrivenT

    2018 Boilermakers

    They most definitely want him. Louisville's search is basically Brohm, then everyone else. There is a national perception that there is a hard ceiling on the Purdue program, while that ceiling might not exist at a place like Louisville. All things equal, LV is probably a more attractive destination than West Lafayette to today's athlete. The ACC has become much more winnable given the reversal in fortunes of Miami and FSU. Dabo will likely leave for Alabama when Saban retires. Louisville could easily again be an ACC powerhouse with a few good recruiting classes and a star QB like Jackson. Id be very concerned if I were a Boiler fan. Unfortunately, I'm an IU alum and have Mr Ben Davis running my program LOL
  13. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    Apparently we are exporting to much of our food production to other countries. Trump tariffs may however change that .
  14. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    The book is already out on Brohm. He is seen as a turnaround specialist who can operate at the highest levels of either college football or the NFL. The losses will have no impact on his future prospects. Allen is still viewed as an unproven commodity and will remain so until he puts up a few signature wins.