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  1. Contraction is like Double Secret Probation. Its only for a very select few. Pike has too many resources to qualify. 😉
  2. Interesting sidebar in the West Lafayette at Calumet Class 3A Sectional tilt Friday night at Calumet. 5 Star recruit George Karlaftis of WL, a surefire future NFL defensive lineman, meets up with 350 lb Calumet running back Josh Johnson. Who wins this epic one on one matchup?
  3. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    The dinosaur is coming around 😀
  4. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Its amongst the players dude
  5. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Jones is now projected in round 1. Good decision to stay in college.
  6. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    None of those were projected as high draft picks last year.
  7. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    It's the "Bro Culture" way.
  8. Valparaiso, Merrillville and Portage from the Duneland had won back to back to back Class 3A State Titles from 1975 to 1977. The Region was on top of the Indiana High School Football World. The Hobart dynasty was just getting started. The Brickies went 9-1 in 1978 and felt they were next in line to make it 4 straight for the Duneland. Our Highland team and Hammond High both went 10-0 in '78, knocking Hobart out of a post season playoff berth. I don't think Hobart ever forgot it. They are now 17-0 all time against Highland.
  9. I remember seeing his injury against Ohio State in the bowl game. Just so random and unnecessary. Great to see him back on top of his game. I really wish The SAC played a 7 game conference schedule. Folks in Northwest and North Central Indiana would welcome the opportunity to see top level SAC teams come to town. Some excellent Indianapolis matchups as well. A SAC-HCC week two event would be outstanding : Homestead - Avon Snider - Brownsburg Carroll - Fishers Dwenger - Westfield Luers - Zionsville
  10. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Not that he cares, but I think the OSU faithfull will hold this against the Bosa family for a long time. He was projected to return after 6 to 8 weeks, in time for the stretch run and the playoffs. Given the poor performance of their defense, he is sorely needed. The fact that he has not been attending class is another poor reflection on Meyer.
  11. Where would Pike be today if O'Shea had taken the Pike job over the North Central position 3 years ago?
  12. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    I watched the live stream of the CG-WC game and he didn't look anywhere near that tall. They have him listed at 6-4 on MaxPreps. Here is some video.
  13. DrivenT

    2018 Hoosiers

    Got a feeling that Mr Harbaugh is closing in on Brutus Buckeye and might be in position to take back control of this epic rivalry. Bell is not your new style prototypical WR. He is a bit short. I think he would be challenged to compete against the stable of guys OSU typically has over the past few years. Pancol of Pendleton Heights is typical of the current prototype. Haskins is currently projected as a first round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins. Might be difficult for him to bypass that opportunity.
  14. DrivenT

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    Bosa did not move the needle in terms of revenue for OSU. They sell out every game regardless. He will miss regular season games against Michigan, Mich St, the BT championship game and possibly the post season playoffs. I would think his teammates might not be too happy with hi decision.