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  1. Was watching the score stream for this one. Seems like whatever game plan GS had worked pretty well for a half. It’s just so hard to fathom what the EM offense is capable of until you see it in person.
  2. No disrespect to GS. But I think the computer predictions will be close to the actual outcome. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they fare better than VL, but I’d be straight up lying if I said this one will be close.
  3. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    Well I thought I could just wish the opponent good luck moving forward and close the book on a game that had little to no actual football to discuss. But after reading all the butthurt posts about the ejection and posts showing a total lack of respect to VL, I guess there is more that needs to be said. Regardless of whether the disqualification was warranted, what does it matter if you’re Memorial? It had an absolute zero impact on the outcome of the game, and will have little to none next week. Even if the defense is hindered in the slightest from his absence, that offense cannot be stopped. Lindauer and his receivers are in total sync with one another and he can throw dimes all night. That is so difficult to defend at the high school level even for the best defensive backfields. To me, that is what places that team on another level above the rest. I mean there were several instances (early before the game was out of hand) where Lincoln looked to defend a play very well and Lindauer would just go to his second or third read in the blink of an eye and burn us. Or he would just go with the first read anyway and put the ball where only his guy could catch it. And the receivers are very good at getting yards after the catch. So what I guess I don’t understand is why some feel the need to pile on a team/program that you just beat 52-6. I guess I’m of the old fashioned belief that you show a little grace in victory and defeat, but especially victory. All I’m gonna say to that is enjoy this rare group of football players you have. Because when you come back down to earth with the rest of us in 32, there will still be a target on your back. And the VL, GS, HH programs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And for the record, our kids haven’t conducted themselves on the field like that all season long. So I’m not about to believe that Lincoln players were initiating any of the activity, especially with what I saw from EM players.
  4. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    For what exactly?
  5. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    Good luck to Memorial the rest of the way. And may God have mercy on any team in their path. VL will regroup and be back next season with a bright future. Lots to learn from a defeat like this.
  6. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    3 of the 5 road games I attended this season all had good crowds I thought. I expect another one tomorrow! Its been some time since I last visited Enlow. Where’s a good place to park if the main lot is full?
  7. SEAL_63

    Sectional 24

    Guess I didn’t realize the game was in Brazil. I’ve played there on two separate occasions and watched a few others. Heed my warning Central fans. This is not an easy place to go win a football game.
  8. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    Best time of the year on the GID I’ve gotta say. Really enjoying this. Lots of passion. We’re all grown men here so speak your mind! It really is kind of mind blowing how much this sectional has changed just in the last decade. It was just 2011 when a 4 win EM beat a 3 win VL in the title game!! Of course that was just before the emergence of GS. Competition breeds competition.
  9. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    I admire the confidence and respect the opinion. It speaks to the team Memorial has. The defense definitely has me more worried as good as Lindauer and Co. are. But if the Alices can score some points we might have a contest. The VL run defense has been suspect at times this year but our secondary is pretty tough.
  10. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Whoa...lots to process here. I haven’t been on in a couple days. First to get it out of the way, Reitz couldn’t dominate any of the remaining teams in 32. You’re not fooling anyone. The last time Reitz ever even saw VL was a scrimmage over a decade ago. Not even remotely the same Lincoln program. Second, I understand the logic that because of the Boonville/Bosse game it gives more reason to pile on the Big 8 (not that you all needed any more reason). The only problem with that is Boonville hasn’t stopped anyone all season when facing a half way decent opponent. Yes, they are the Big 8 champs, and yes they deserve that title. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that they caught VL and Jasper at a good time early in the season. VL had all kinds of youth in both lines and Jasper was fresh off of some major injuries. Both teams have adjusted and improved drastically. With that said, Boonville has a very potent offense that can catch any team off guard. I’m not taking anything away from them. They are the champs fair and square. But I am going to pick Jasper in the rematch on Friday. And finally, VL/Memorial. All I’m going to say is that I believe in our guys and that they will put their best foot forward on Friday night with all the odds against them. The only ones who have to believe are the guys in the locker room and I have zero doubt that Levi Salters will have this team ready to lay it all on the line. Play with a chip on your shoulder and make this Memorial squad prove how good they really are.
  11. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    52-10...I would hope that Lincoln competes better than what Sagarin predicts. I fully understand what our guys are up against and that it became a little harder without the services of Corrona, but this bunch can still play. No disrespect meant to Memorial. They are the creme de la creme, the cats meow, the best there is in 2018. But our kids will be prepared.
  12. SEAL_63

    Sectional 24

    Noticed that Shaw was still in a shoulder sling on WTHI last night. Guess he’ll be back for the Central game?
  13. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    If I had to guess, the VL/GS game was probably the tipping point that led the VCSC to resurface Inman Field and lay Bermuda grass. So far so good. It held up great tonight. Hatchet Hollow, on the other hand, looked rough just a couple weeks ago. Wow. Undoubtedly the best the defense VL will see all season.
  14. SEAL_63

    Sectional 32

    Looks like the first round played out as expected. Average margin of victory for the favored team was 45.75 pts. Hope all teams came out unscathed. No additional injuries for VL.
  15. SEAL_63

    Big 8 Week 9

    Same to you my friend. 😁