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  1. Just found out this morning that our first round game was switched due to a conflict with another crew. We now get to see the same home team we had this past Friday. Not a huge deal. Understand how tough it can be to deal with all the possible conflicts.
  2. SL816

    HNAC Week 9

    Sounds like "Purdue student Kiser" has Supreme Court Justice written all over him...………..😎
  3. SL816

    2018 Fighting Irish

    Great start and 2nd half against VT. Is it 2012 all over again? Or is it 1988....1993? Still not sure if this is a really good (top 4) team. I definitely have a better feeling about the D overall and specifically the defensive backfield. Book missed some wide open receivers, but I don't find myself saying "what the h--- is he doing" half the time. Dexter Williams has the ability to be one of the best backs in the country. Miles Boykin is a monster. Don't know if it's being programmed for disappointment by the Irish, but I'm not that optimistic about an unbeaten ND going to LA and beating a 3 or 4 loss SC. Of course, they have to get there first. 🤞
  4. SL816

    Targeting Ejection Penalty

    No offense, but 2 things I try not to respond to regarding judgement calls...……..verbal descriptions and still photos. I would imagine most officials feel that way. I know you say the receiver was fighting for yards, but was his progressed stopped? Was there possibly a whistle you didn't hear? The video would definitely help. And I honestly mean that in a training way. I personally have never ejected a player for targeting, nor has anyone on our crew.
  5. SL816

    6-0 Pioneer at 5-1 Knox

    Congrats on the wins when Pioneer first started their football program. We used to take some beatings. 17 - 10 Pioneer since '94 But the most important is 2 (soon to be 3) - 0
  6. SL816

    HNAC Week 7

    Well, I've gotten my dose of HNAC this morning...……...I can go shower now. 😎
  7. As Bob said, the pay is less for tournament games, but is offset by the mileage pay. Since I block the school where we live, and my daughter attends, I typically get paid more. The money doesn't matter to me though. I continue doing this with the hope of one day making it to LOS on Thanksgiving weekend. I understand that some crews are frustrated with the system and have chosen not to apply. I don't agree with the current system either. Schools need to vote for the crews that work their games and those votes need to be transparent. We have stopped taking games from schools that don't give us a vote. If we take the time to drive an hour and a half to do the game, take the time to give us a vote. If you keep calling us, you must think we do a good job. If you're going to give us a 1 or 2, or even a 3, we deserve to know why. I understand that ultimately it's the kids that are affected by this, but if the IHSAA is there for the kids, they'll fix the problem.
  8. SL816

    40 Second Clock

    Definitely hope it is here to stay in Indiana. While our crew had gotten a good rhythm with the 25 second clock, I love how the game flows much better with the 40. Haven't heard one complaint from coaches either.
  9. Pioneer FB page. The '82 record caught my eye, since that was probably the best team Pioneer had until '97, even though that 82-83 team was very limited at QB...……….😁
  10. Those records aren't right, Andy.........
  11. SL816

    HNAC Week 4

    Agreed. Gregorich is a very good player, probably made better by Kiser's presence, but he won't be going to ND next year as a LB..... Saying that Pioneer will miss any player more than Jack is absurd........but it's up for debate.
  12. SL816

    AP Poll Week 3

    That was my thought………..or an MC grad.
  13. I got my money's worth working Coach Durham's sideline Friday night. Was good meeting Coach D for the first time. Love the GID!
  14. Congrats Jack Kiser...……... http://thebutkusaward.com/watchlist/view.aspx?t=h
  15. Obviously you're not taking this seriously, otherwise you guys would have dropped North White instead of Cass...…………. I hear Jack is reconsidering now that he has found out the competition in the HNAC isn't at FBS levels.