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  1. Pioneer FB page. The '82 record caught my eye, since that was probably the best team Pioneer had until '97, even though that 82-83 team was very limited at QB...……….😁
  2. Those records aren't right, Andy.........
  3. SL816

    HNAC Week 4

    Agreed. Gregorich is a very good player, probably made better by Kiser's presence, but he won't be going to ND next year as a LB..... Saying that Pioneer will miss any player more than Jack is absurd........but it's up for debate.
  4. SL816

    AP Poll Week 3

    That was my thought………..or an MC grad.
  5. I got my money's worth working Coach Durham's sideline Friday night. Was good meeting Coach D for the first time. Love the GID!
  6. Congrats Jack Kiser...……... http://thebutkusaward.com/watchlist/view.aspx?t=h
  7. Obviously you're not taking this seriously, otherwise you guys would have dropped North White instead of Cass...…………. I hear Jack is reconsidering now that he has found out the competition in the HNAC isn't at FBS levels.
  8. Always enjoyed doing games at KV, knowing that Doug would be there to take care of us. Class act.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bylaw 3-9.4 being used as a "scapegoat" to save the embarrassment of a team forfeiting a game this deep in the tournament? I would think that Bylaw 3-9.4 would pertain to students ineligible due to transfer violations, academics, etc....... Mac Ayers was not an ineligible player. He became an ineligible pitcher after he threw his 120th pitch, for the day. The penalty for breaking that rule is forfeiture of the game. Does the rule state "only in the regular season"? I've got no dog in the fight and nothing against Scecina. Just seems the rules are being manipulated.
  10. Thanks for clarifying the rules. I still think too much of the onus is put on the player, who probably isn't aware that he/she is doing anything wrong. Personally, I think it should be a forfeit.
  11. Why the player and not the coach? Is that specified in the rule? I could understand not letting him pitch, but to take away a semi-state game from the student/athlete seems harsh.
  12. Never saw Zachary play. Did have an LCC game with Danny Anthrop. DA just seemed to run past everyone. Jack seems to run over guys then out run the ones left standing. From a size standpoint, I go back to who I originally compared him to...........Tranquill was listed at 6'2" 200lbs on a recruiting site his senior year at Carroll. That's the position I could see Jack playing. Obviously, competition will be the big question. I believe JK has been playing on a national level for years. My guess is the HS season is a cakewalk compared to what he has faced in the offseason. I'm just happy to see a kid playing 1A ball is getting this much attention. Just goes to show that if you have the talent, they will find you.
  13. Charlie can speak to this better than I, but I believe he was #1 in his class recently. I don't think academics will be an issue with Jack.
  14. Congrats to Mr Kiser! As a Pioneer grad and ND fan, I'd love to see him become the next Drue Tranquill. Putting that aside, I just want to see him pick a place that gives him the best chance to succeed.
  15. My understanding is that there are programs out there content with the pastures they play on...............
  16. SL816


    Coach, I think they've gone back and forth on this. At one time coaches were only allowed to rate crews they had seen. I believe we're back to open voting. I definitely think that coaches should only be voting for crews they've seen. Why not rate them the week after you see them? And make it mandatory that the coaches rate all of the crews they see. I know our crew has made it a point to get out of our area to see more teams. There's nothing more frustrating than driving an hour and half, one way, work a game, be told you did a great job, and not receive a vote from that game.
  17. SL816


    No, they did not. I was surprised, I know they have in the past. If they're not even being taken into consideration then why are they doing it? I appreciate the feedback, but in the end, I like seeing an evaluator, because I know it's an opportunity to help our rating.
  18. SL816


    "Not calling the game correctly." I don't want to evaluate coaches. I'm sure they have many people evaluating them already. I simply want to know who is evaluating me and what criteria they used. The argument will be that if the coaches names are associated with their vote, it will be held against them in a future game. Any crew that would do that has no business advancing anyway. Instead they can give us a 1 and we have no way of knowing how we can improve on that score. The comment above was associated with the one "1" rating we received. "Not calling the game correctly"..............In what way? I assume there were 2 teams playing in this game. If we didn't call the game correctly, why didn't we get two "1" ratings? I assume that if coaches are evaluating on a 1-5 scale, they have the same criteria to do so. We received 43 coaches votes. We received no 2's and a few 3's. I just want to know what that one coach saw that gave him such a different opinion of us then everyone else. Our crew ranking was in the 30's. We've done multiple Sectional Finals and are desperately seeking our first Regional. We were evaluated 4 times by state evaluators and received nothing worse than a 4.5 from them. The nice thing about those is, the person evaluating you actually tells you what they saw and things to work on. Evaluations should be used to improve officiating.
  19. As far as I know, it all comes out of the same pot. So, it would cut into the schools share. To me, playing at various school sites would be the way to go. Going down the center of the state, to minimize travel......Penn, Plymouth, Logansport, Indy area, Bloomington, etc.......... Great atmosphere last night at Logansport with Pioneer and Monroe Central.
  20. SL816

    Saturday Playoff Games

    I'm guessing the opponent had a lot to do with the home attendance. No offense to Laville, but the previous outcome, plus the cold, probably kept people away. That will change this Friday.
  21. SL816

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Bob, I was going to respond, in another thread, how appropriate it might be if you had this game, for your grand finale. I'm sure the people of Royal Center would throw you a nice going away party.
  22. SL816

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Now I wish I was going to RC on Friday..........
  23. SL816

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Saw this posted on FB: Information has been received that RTCtv4 will be providing a live webcast of the Sectional Championship game this Friday! So out-of-towners plan your evening online!
  24. From the father of a Valpo player, the incident has nothing to do with anything on the field. Involved an injured player that did not go to school that Friday and was told he could not attend the game, but did anyway. Mods, please delete if this violates any rules. Not trying to spread rumors, but clarify situation.
  25. No doubt poor communication between crew members can look bad, but the important thing is to get it right. I keep hearing about a shortage of officials, but my experience is that there are plenty of officials on Friday nights.....😁