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  1. What about trade tape protocol. I don't know why some coaches employ the tactic where they have two filmers on the box. One a competent filmer with a HD camera using a tripod and the other a freshman with a handheld piece of junk, then send the latter as the trade film. I understand why endzone film is not traded. 


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  2. 19 hours ago, WWFan said:

    Post on forum says anderson prep cancelled rest of season. Indy Shortridge is week 8 opponent. Maybe WW can get them now?

    Invitation extended and accepted. Contract isn't signed yet, but there is a verbal agreement to play at WW. We sweetened the pot by offering to feed the whole team and coaches from the grill before they return home. 

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  3. Really proud of how our kids have handled adversity. Losing our two top players Week 1 for the season (Caleb Murphy & Bobby Stevens), playing without a couple of other leaders in different games and losing for the season a big man (Michael Leach) early in the game against Valley. To come into our toughest test and make some mistakes early that put us behind and fight back to score after getting the ball with only 57 seconds left in the first half and then start the second half with a score and then a stop was a great testament to our players. 

    The only thing I can complain about is the damn heat. Come on fall. We have two many two way warriors to keep battling these temps. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, fbfan said:

    I have been to a couple of games this year and from what I have seen WW has all the talent in the world but with signs of discipline issues from some of the top players and injuries to arguably their two best players the team will not reach their full potential.

    Are we all being punked by fake accounts since the reopening of the digest...

    My bullsh!t meter tells me something isn't right with a couple of these posters on the thread lately. 

    As a typically ignored little 1A program in the cornfield, I have to say I am flattered by the attention and effort. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, btownqbcoach said:

    This is true. Where was the WW Seymour JV game at? 

    Also... Seymour is 5 times your size or more, so it's nice to get to even play teams like that. We've played Floyd, NA, and BNL in recent years in FR... great experience. 

    Played at WW. It was a hard hitting fun game to get to play. Our kids battled. We had 19 on the sideline and they had 33. It was 20-8 with 14 seconds remaining in the game. Our kids played hard and showed some real potential for the future. 

    To me JV is like my golf game, only remember the good shots so I come back to play again. We had some really nice moments against a school much larger than us that has had some recent success. Win-Win from a loss.


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  6. 7 minutes ago, WWFan said:

    WW JV lost to Seymour 28-8. Our JV is kind of hard to ever get a sense of because we play alot of main young kids on Varsity (McPheeters for example). I will say our Jr high doesnt look good (I'm no coach I just see scores) but development and how they mesh with grades around them are more important as far as our future goes.

    It is very rare for us to have a single grade that can carry its own team. We may have 18 playing, but to have the right combo of skills and line and a quarterback is rare. We are only pulling from grades with 55-70 kids in them, half of which are boys. When we are able to get 1/3 to 1/2 of all boys in each grade to play that is success regardless of W-L. If 3A schools did that they would have 90 kids and every team would have a C team. 

    At a young age, we start to consider how grades will mesh together (even attending youth league games and practices to get our eyes of kids). This can be hard on fans and parents because they start to have concerns about W-L in Jr High and JV, but we know what we are building for...the future.  

    When you have 2 consecutive grades that most or all of the pieces we are lucky. Typically we need sophomore through junior to get our pieces right. This is a rare year where our senior and juniors can fill nearly all the holes, but you have some standouts like freshmen McPheeters that need the level of competition immediately to prepare for the future. He would make a difference in our JV games for sure, but a 1A school more than others needs to constantly be planning for the current year, the next year and years down the road. 

    Long story short, don't worry about the Jr High and JV records they are not indicative of our potential future success. 

    Our current seniors had just above average success in Jr High and little in JV. Our current juniors (most complete grade level) lost a game or two each year in Jr. High and didn't have much time to play JV, but the ones that did had very mediocre success. Now as a varsity team they are having success. Last year 9-3, this year hopefully better. 

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  7. WW did not attempt to run up the score. I am sure that their staff can vouch for that. We utilized the mercy rule as intended and subbed generously in the second the half. Young players carried the ball behind a mixed line (1st year varsity players that needed more reps and JV players capable of blocking without endangering those in the backfield). The 4th quarter was entirely young players. It was respectful throughout to assume otherwise is offensive. This thread has always been very respectful with contributions from fans and coaches. I hope it stays that way or I will not be visiting the site any longer. 

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  8. 23 hours ago, PLAC FAN said:

    And another thing:


    Perry is gonna be good this year.  I think they have the best player in the conference in their QB, and a ton of experience coming back.


    It seems like folks are high on West wash, and that week 7 could be a slobber knocker......maybe a repeat in sectionals.


    Just never sure about west wash......they won a couple of sectionals against down opponents over the years, but Perry looks to have the edge on them in 2019.


    Now, I’ll brace for impact, ha!

    It is no surprise to anyone at WW that Perry is going to be good. They are a great program and you are correct about the PC QB, he is a difference maker. 

    I am excited about tonight for our program. Preseason speculation is speculation. How we play and perform will show what kind of team we have. Same for all teams. I expect nothing but a grind in our conference and our sectional, PC being one of the reasons. I am also intrigued by what I heard about Mitchell's scrimmage and how they bullied BNL. CC numbers sound good. Paoli brings a new coach, maybe a new offense? SV looked like they had some good size and athleticism on the scrimmage film. 

    I just wish the MSC would break up a bit so we could schedule a consistent Week 8 game. 

  9. 16 minutes ago, Lions 55 said:

    I didn’t realize there were multiple options for the scrimmage.  Can someone explain each option?  Salem/Madison have done the same thing since the scrimmage’s were started.  Thanks.

    http://www.ihsaa.org/dnn/Sports/Boys/Football/tabid/68/Default.aspx Click on Scrimmage Rules

    I believe you can petition to have a jamboree, but not sure if the same things apply per number of plays per team. I assume the time limit and max number of plays is the same. 


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  10. Excited to compete against another school, but with the offseason being set up the way it is I believe the scrimmage set up needs a change. 


    I would be a proponent of having a mandated off week for all IHSAA Football teams (last 1/3 of season or all schools bye week is the same week) and start Week 1 of season in place of the scrimmage. Maybe schools would see that as an opportunity for scheduling their Fall Breaks. 



    Give the opportunity to schedule a 10th game and they can choose to schedule it in place of the scrimmage. 

  11. +1

    The Hanover Camp is a great camp. They are very hospitable, the campus is great, housing and food good, and the competition opportunity is great. The Hanover staff are wonderful with the kids, they are eager to share ideas and answer questions, and they don't have an ego. They make the camp about the teams and campers not about their practice plan or Hanover. 

    All around great time. Enjoyed the schools we had the opportunity to compete against and we improved over the 3 days. Thank you Hanover staff and Coach Theo. 


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  12. On 6/21/2019 at 4:08 AM, pc2799 said:

    Don’t be sleeping on Perry Central this coming year. They have a couple of major 3 sport very athletic juniors who are gonna make some big noise. They have also moved down to 1A in WW sectional so all this WW talk might be for not. It’s not gonna be as easy as you think it’s gonna be. 

    No one from WW would ever sleep on PC. We know what kind of program they have. I actually think the entire PLAC is going to be better competition this year. Should be fun. All of this prognostication is just a way to pass the time for fans. Players and coaches know what it takes to win and they take nothing for granted. 

  13. 11 hours ago, Zonefball said:

    Seems like it just takes the right HC, and stability like you said. Look at Indy privates. A strong HC that can convince NA, Jeff, Charlestown, SC 3rd stringers to win 1A titles could do some damage. Time will tell tho. 

    This is insulting. To make a statement that 3rd stringers from those average 3A-6A programs could get together and win a 1A title is ludicrous (Those teams are not Carmel, Warren, Ben Davis or Cathedral). As a coach that played at New Albany, then Franklin with multiple Indy Metro players, coached for 20 years I find this statement offensive.

    I can objectively judge talent and set my school pride aside. WW is a good 1A program. A collection of 3rd stringers from those teams would get their collective a$$e$ handed to them by our football team. END OF STORY. 

    1A has extremely talented players on them and many of them have talent deep into their roster. WW has a history of competing with and defeating schools of a much larger size. We compete with them at camps and scrimmages to improve our competition. We have always belonged on that field with them and our players met the challenge. We consistently beat teams in the MSC, before the conference grew so large in football we played the King (Brownstown) better then most of the members of the MSC.

    WW's current roster has multiple players that would take starting positions away from players on the teams you mentioned above if they were playing there.  

    I am always very neutral, but this hit a nerve and I could not bite my tongue. 

    I will give benefit of the doubt and not judge the poster by the post. 

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  14. WW's Caleb Murphy received and committed to an offer from Indiana University. 

    Proud does not describe the feelings of the coaching staff.


    Caleb is very deserving. His competition will come into question as our team's does, on this thread and in other parts of the state. Caleb dominates our competition and has shown his ability against top talent at various camps and competitions. 

    Caleb will be a program guy that does what is necessary to improve his team.







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