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  1. Standings Through Week 9: oldcoach: 70 Rambacker, Pirate Pride:69 Coach Wayneboy 69, Salemumpres:67 Coach Hess, npatman:65 WWFan:64 Cole Brewer:61 dubber:57 JQWL:51 Week 10 Match ups: Perry Central at Eastern Pekin MItchell at Clarksville Paoli at Crawford County West Washington at Springs Valley Silver Creek at Scottsburg North Harrison at Lawrenceburg Corydon at Brownstown Charlestown at Salem
  2. Just received new information. Renigging my switched pick and going with Salem to win big. Sorry for the confusion but since I'm the one that tracks points it wont matter.
  3. Standings Through Week 8: oldlcoach, Rambacker, Pirate Pride-61 Coach Wayneboy 69-59 Salemumpres, Coach Hess, WWFan, npatman-58 dubber-57 Cole Brewer-52 JWQL-42 Week 9 Matchups: Clarksville at North Harrison Eastern Pekin at Charlestown Salem at West Washington Scottsburg at Brownstown Silver Creek at Corydon Indianapolis Washington at Paoli Jasonville Community at Crawford County North Daviess at Springs Valley Perry Central at Mitchell
  4. Anyone hear what came of Pekin's meeting the other day?
  5. Standings Through Week 7: oldlcoach, Rambacker, Coach Wayneboy 69, Pirate Pride-53 SalemUmpres, Coach Hess-51 WWFan, npatman-50 dubber-49 Cole Brewer39-45 JQWL-42 Week 8 Matchups Brownstown at Silver Creek Charlestown at Salem Corydon at Clarksville Eastern Pekin at Scottsburg North Harrison at Crawford County Mitchell at Paoli Rock Creek at West Washington Springs Valley at Perry Central
  6. Standings through Week 6: old coach-46 Rambacker 64-46 CoachWayneboy69-45 Salemumpres-45 PiratePride-44 Coach Hess-44 WWFan-44 npatman-43 Sparks-43 dubber-42 Cole Brewer-39 JQWL-34 Week 7 Matchups: Clarksville at Brownstown Corydon at Charlestown North Harrison at Silver Creek Salem at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Mount Vernon Crawford County at Paoli Perry Central at West Washington Providence at Mitchell Springs Valley at Tecumseh
  7. I've said on here before I wish they'd combine the two conferences and make 2 divisions. Have Week 9 be a playoff type week. #1 from 1 division plays #1 from the other. It would help with scheduling a ton and it would minimize travel. Talk Tell City into joining so Perry would have someone close and it would be 8 and 8.
  8. From what I know, they unofficially have asked the PLAC. If schools in the PLAC unofficially say they are not interested, it won't go any further. If the schools in the PLAC were good with it, they would formerly apply for membership. I was told WW and Mitchell were not fans of them joining the PLAC. Don't know for sure if that is fact, just what I was told.
  9. Standings After Week 5: OL DL Coach-37 Coach Wayneboy 69-36 Rambacker64-36 PiratePride-35 Coach Hess-35 WWFan-35 Salemumpres-35 dubber-34 npatman-34 Sparks13-34 Cole Brewer=30 JQWL-26 Week 6 Match Ups Mitchell at Madison North Decatur at Paoli Springs Valley at Crawford County Tecumseh at West Washington Perry Central at Eastern Greene Charlestown at Scottsburg Eastern Pekin at North Harrison Salem at Corydon Seymour at Brownstown Silver Creek at Clarksville
  10. I really never noticed that. I've been doing it wrong for years. It may continue for years unfortunately.
  11. Standing through Week 4 old coach-30 Coach Wayne boy 69-30 Rambacker 64-29 PiratePride-29 Coach Hess-28 dubber-28 npatman-28 WWFan-28 Sparks13-27 Salemumpres-27 Cole Brewer-24 JQWL-21 ePiratePride-5 Week 5 Matchups: Brownstown at North Harrison Charlestown at Providence Clarksville at Salem Corydon at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Silver Creek Crawford Co. at Mitchell Paoli at West Washington Tecumseh at Perry Central Tell City at Springs Valley
  12. We had a few more than 7 or 8 on the sideline. Probably 9 or 10.
  13. Not like a lot of high schools have benefited from casinos. I really thought enrollment would increase 10 years ago but it didn't really. Probably slightly less than it was 10 years ago. The school does get some money from the casino but they sit on it pretty tight. The students get free passes to athletic events and that money comes from casino funds. They built a band room within the past 10 years. That's the only addition I can think of that has been made since the casino. They are planning on adding on to the back of the gym to address some compliance issues. The band probably has to approve that first though.
  14. JQWL

    Wood Memorial

    What is Lighthouse East? Are they a mixture of kids from other schools, or is it school affiliated?