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  1. DrivenT has been contracted from my GID!
  2. What do you not have a problem with?
  3. I don't care what Wicca is. No one else does either. I haven't been in a church in years do my priest/pastor/minister doesn't care either. I don't have to be an avid church goer to be to do what is best for kids. No one else does either. The jobs of teachers is actually to be an influence on children. That's what they are paid to do. This year before a game, my kids wanted to pray. So they did. I didn't care if they wanted to or not. Next year if they want to, I'll let them still. If they don't want to, we wont. I'll stand right there with them either way. I only hope that you are not around any children you can influence. The world has enough *Deleted*s that over react to everything.
  4. I think if you have captive students a lot of people would have an issue. Muda, please do not capture the children of Cannelton (both of them) and force wiccan prayers on them, whatever that is.
  5. If a teacher, coach, administrator were forcing their religious beliefs on children, yes I would have an issue with it. That's not what's happening here. Hopefully this starts you on a new topic.
  6. I couldn't tell you the ages of all those in congress but I doubt they are children. I'm not sure age is a determining factor for infringing on one's rights though. Aren't you bored of this topic already? I feel like I've moved on.
  7. I probably won't. I don't have issue with the the law as it currently is. The stupidity is in the inconsistency. Like I mentioned before, Congress begins everyday with a prayer and we attack coaches and teachers for praying with kids.
  8. This is both interesting and stupid at the same time.
  9. So what about student groups at said government buildings like FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Is it ok for government representatives to pray with these students at FCA meetings?
  10. At what point does said government representative stop representing the government during his day? For instance, this government representative is involved in his youth group at church with students from the same school. Is that ok?
  11. I wouldn't mind if they did a salat after the game. I wouldn't mind if they prayed after the game. I wouldn't mind if they just went to the locker room and ate cheetos after the game either as long as they share.
  12. During the athletic event like we are stopping the game for this salat or after the game like when the prayer in question took place?
  13. Thank you I'll be here all year and probably the next 20!
  14. If Muda started believe and the negativity, constant questioning, constant arguing all went away, what would he be? He would be CONTRACTED! DrivenT will love it!