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  1. Wagonmaster

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    i'm here long enough to say that i'm saddened by the talk of another sandwich in the hoosier conference thread.....
  2. You dug yourself into a hole now spread....... Lost to pioneer 20-7 huh? The waggle must be just as effective without the threat of a run #bestplayinfootball
  3. Wagonmaster

    Sectional Assignments

    Great post, small correction Wright graduated sunday.
  4. always good for the fun fact of the day, thanks nowlin.
  5. anyone else having trouble with the link?
  6. Wagonmaster

    Sectional Assignments

    RC back in good ol' sectional 25, Does this mean we see the rebirth of the 'Sectional25' Screen name coach nowlin?
  7. Wagonmaster

    Sectional Assignments

    the last i heard they are supposed to, not sure what time
  8. Wagonmaster

    The importance of football

    In my opinion the article should be title 'Why Sports Are Important'. The argument that football is somehow different in the way that it builds character than other sports is not helping to change the opinion of football's biggest detractors. Many of us have had special experiences playing this particular sport that have, in part, molded us in to the adults we have become. But the problem is, many of those who are the driving the 'anti-football movement' don't have those same intimate experiences with this particular game, which is why articles like this further alienate those people instead of educating them.
  9. Wagonmaster

    Turn the page ...

    Unfortunately i don't have the same vested basketball interest as i do during the football season, so most of my interest in the site would be to consume others information.
  10. Wagonmaster

    Turn the page ...

    I appreciate it, i only asked because compared to the football grid site the basketball site seems pretty quiet. I joined the basketball site a couple years ago but haven't spent near as much time there, even in the offseason the football GID seems to produce more content.
  11. Wagonmaster

    Turn the page ...

    Is that the premiere IHSAA hoops forum?
  12. Wagonmaster

    POSTseason Poll

    Thanks for the opinion sicEm, i was starting to feel a little singled out! Simple and to the point Jwilk, and i agree larger schools don't necessarily produce faster stronger athletees they just produce more of them.
  13. Wagonmaster

    POSTseason Poll

    Glad you could talk yourself through that. Valid points, again much of my "poll" was based on sagarin numbers. I'd love to see your version of the 1a-3a poll.