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  1. Bold prediction then hey, my friend, why not predict who you think will come close to their level of play? FC. NV? Linton, who?
  2. Your probably right, LCC had a lot of underclassmen last year obviously they will be better this year. I think NV and FC would provide them with good competition, 6 5 of the 8 teams from the WRC are playing in that sectional with LCC. If the lineup actually happens, overall I like the sectional lineup statewide. For sure gonna be some issues somewhere, but I am sure the teams down there in Sectional 48 like the breathing room with Linton up there in 47.
  3. 1A does not look too bad, really opens up the sectionals. Sectional 43 where you have LCC, North Vermillion and Fountain Central, all three expected to be pretty good this year. Whoever survives that sectional if the lineup holds, would be the odds on favorite to win it all. The other Sectionals look interesting not sure if Lutheran lost a whole lot or not, if so could really be competitve in Sectional 46. I think it would be a good move to put Linton up with South Putnam, Rockville and the other teams in Sectional 47. The balance of the Sectionals if this holds, could really make the season interesting and make the playoffs very competitive.
  4. Very sad to hear that, he was ALWAYS very cordial, fair, and thoughtfull, seemed like a really good person. The best to his family.
  5. Kyle Neddenriep reporter for the Indy Star does a in-depth article on the tragedy: http://www.indystar.com/longform/sports/high-school/2015/02/20/death-high-school-football-player-girls-leaves-lasting-mark-small-indiana-communities/23785097/
  6. I think the option should be discussed at the feasability of implemting some sort of replay in State Championship games. The ramifications of the crowd actually seeing on a big screen a missed critical call, would be very interesting. These cases would be rare, but with the availability of the equipment , would be foolish not to look at the feasability of implementation. You could make the replay available only during the last quarter, thus making sure any missed calls actualy do not cost a team the championship. Teams would have opportunity within that time period knowing any missed calls can be overturned, plus it would not put so much of a burden on the officials to ask for replay assistance, for the entire game, or the 6th referee notifying the on the field referees that replay shows a overturn of the call is needed. . Not all calls would be reviewable, that would be decided by the IHSAA and who ever makes these decisions. I am sure probably the following plays would be reviewable Scoring plays Reception Plays Fumble Plays Penalties would NOT be FGs as if you need that Goal would be to keep the reviewable plays as short as possible, but effective as possible.
  7. Yes it along with many media outlets are owned by Gannett Company Inc... as is the Indy Star. I have seen several articles by our ace HS Sportswriter Kyle Neddenriep appear in the Charlotte Observer. Seems Gannett is like the Walmart of the media industry. Gannett shares articles from its various newspapers to fill out their papers or websites, TV stations ect..... Not sure if that is one of the reasons why Bob Kravitz went to Channel 13 in Indy or not. http://www.gannett.com/section/WHOWEARE06 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gannett_Company The 4 newspapers in Indiana, do they look alike or what? Indy: http://www.indystar.com/ Lafayette: http://www.jconline.com/ Richmond: http://www.pal-item.com/ Muncie: http://www.thestarpress.com/
  8. Get the 6th official up in the booth to review game changing calls that are obviously missed, as the replay shows. Only for State Championship games, or we could have simular incident in Indiana. Why would we allow a bad blantant wrong call cost a team a championship, when technology is available to correct it. The fans, players, and coaches could see the mistake up on the big screen, silly not to change a call when you can see the correct call on a big screen. Do this or never allow coaches to review film, include technology or do away with it. Cost would be minimal, training would be minimal as well, no blind people can apply to be the 6th official
  9. It does not seem to be a serious matter amoung some schools in Indiana, as roughly only 1/3 of them care enough to report concussions statistics. No excuse, if they actually want to improve concussion safety. Why would so many school not report?
  10. Only when they get liquored up, and are named Mike "idi0t kicker" Vanderjagt, per Peyton "finger pointing" Manning Thanks AG Watch PM he points his finger a lot, now crowds are starting to point the finger back at him.
  11. I think probably both, as both the rules and the equipment are updated with new information and new technology. This week a class action lawsuit has been filed against the Illinois High School Association(IHSA): http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-illinois-high-schools-concussion-lawsuit-ihsa-20141129-story.html http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/01/us/concussion-lawsuit-high-school-football/index.html
  12. The staff at LOS would be there to assist or you could just look at the big screen and see that the bad call was made. They replay lots of tiimes at different angles, they love to focus in on controversial calls, or situations. I will never forget in 2008, this one kid on Sheridan made a personal foul on a Ritter player, and they must have played that 10 times they would not stop playing it. Felt bad for the Sheridan player, like can you quit playing that, everyone even the players on the field were watching the play over and over again.
  13. Costs would be ZERO, the IHSAA uses the STADIUM the replay equipment is part of that system. Not sure how much training is needed to look at the big screen or a monitor in a booth. Again the calls would be ones that are blantant incorrect or critical calls. Sure as you know this circumstance is probably going to happen sooner of later, why not be prepared for it. An incorrect call made that directly decides a game, and the mistake shown for all to see on the big screen. All possibly avoidable if a simple way of putting a 6th referee upstairs to insure a critical call was overturned if obviously incorrect. Not disputing the outcome of this game, just that a circumstance may arise in the future that may actually directly impact the outcome of a championship. It possibly could be corrected at that time with the technology available. I know coaches get on the internet and use HUDL or they use programs to evaluate players, teams or other coaches, nope technology plays no part in football at all. Why not use technology at the most critical time during a game when a obvious bad call is possibly made, review it.
  14. Yo no hablo Inglés, podría usar Google Translate