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  1. tango

    Sectional 31

    Yes, you guys in SE IN are far more creative and talented than us in SW IN.
  2. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    In light of the banter that last day or so, a thread next week about Ev. Memorial @ Heritage Hills for Sect. 32 Championship might be more entertaining than Ev. Memorial @ Gibson Southern. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, no I'm not overlooking VL, and am confident the Tigers are focused squarely on this week. Fortunately we should be back at full strength this week, which will be the first time since the Central game. SEAL (or any other VL fans), you are welcome to stop by our tailgate. We should be set up by 4:30 CDT. Look for the "TIger Tailgater Trailer" in the lot east of the stadium. You can't miss it. Our theme this week is slider sandwiches (no chicken brats), but I'm also thinking gumbo sounds good.
  3. tango

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    LOL. Don't feel bad, several of us got them too.
  4. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    I didn't want to cloud the thread with all the predictions, but just wanted to give you a thumbs up for taking the time to project all those match-ups. Pretty interesting stuff and all those past teams were great teams.
  5. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Rain clearing out of the area by 3pm.
  6. tango

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Because in the SIAC they lost to Memorial, Castle, Central and Reitz? How does your squad fare against those 4 in a 6 week span?
  7. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Based on what? Where is VL better than Reitz in your opinion?
  8. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    I guess on Wednesday I was still drinking the Kool-Aid from having just listened to Coach Hart’s show on the Bash. Nah, the truth is I am really going back and forth on the GS/HH game. GS beat a good SR team, so there has been improvement, but how much I’m unsure of. I would much rather play GS because it is a shorter and safer drive and bad weather on real grass at HH could really play into HH’s hands. What do you think? Can the Titans flip a 24 point loss?
  9. tango

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Memorial at Heritage Hills on 11/2.
  10. tango

    Sectional 32

    I’m just hoping for nice weather. I’m tired of the rain the last 2 weeks.
  11. tango

    Sectional 32

    I’m picking GS over HH by 12 and EM over VL by 32.
  12. Let me flip this and see what your opinion is. We have a school of 625+. About 80% of our students participate in some athletic sport. The last few years our athletic program overall has been pretty good. We had numerous teams/individuals participate at state and won 3 titles in football and boys/girls soccer. Our band, however, really struggles. Only about 15 kids for marching band, not including flag corp. In the winter, the pep band has maybe 10 kids. They sound like the band in the Andy Griffith Show episode when Andy & Barney decided to get the Mayberry bandstand repaired and have a Sunday band concert, and all heck breaks loose. But man, those kids bust butts. They know being in the band isn't cool. They never advance in the real post-season tournament, instead, the school pays to enter them into the scholastic division, which is basically pay your way in to state. We are the band equivalent of getting beat 70-0 8-9 times per year. The school spends lot of resources on band - bus, uniforms, several staff (director, asst directors, etc.). Should we contract the band? Just get rid of it?
  13. I have not heard anything one way or the other. I think the match-ups his year were as good as any of the 4 SIAC schools could have gotten somewhere else. Reitz needs to drop Henderson County and pick up an IN school. I heard at one time over the summer that coaches Hape and Hurley were trying to put together a double-header for next year, but I think that was when there was some doubt a to whether the Border Bowl was going to continue this year. Then ETFCU stepped in and it was decided to move the games to Indiana. Good luck to all the SIAC schools tonight!