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  1. tango

    Sectional 32

    Wow, does any sectional have such lop-sided combined scores predicted? 261-17! Dang...
  2. tango

    Sectional 32

    It’s been that way since at least 2008. We saw the same stufff. Call the IHSAA. Press the issue. Washington has a great basketball facility, so maybe throwing some funds into football will resuscitate a program on life support.
  3. tango

    Sectional 32

    Good Q. I don't know the answer, but I think it would still be their H game. Maybe IHSAA switches it to a neutral site, like Ev. North....LOL..
  4. tango

    Sectional 32

    John Harrell's Sectional 32 picks from his website... I always find this to be one of the more fascinating things to look at during the tournament.. SECTIONAL 32 SECT REGN SEMI STATE Evansville Memorial 78.41% 72.92% 23.37% 13.53% Heritage Hills 12.35% 9.47% 1.25% .35% Gibson Southern 7.99% 5.54% .58% .13% Vincennes Lincoln 1.21% .54% .03% .00% Mount Vernon (Posey) .03% .01% .00% .00% Princeton .01% .00% .00% .00% Washington .00% .00% .00% .00% Pike Central .00% .00% .00% .00% And FYI, his predictions for other 3A Sectionals Brownstown Central 54.30% 7.63% .57% .08% Indianapolis Chatard 96.55% 94.53% 74.17% 57.19% West Lafayette 71.02% 50.87% 46.22% 18.52% Brebeuf Jesuit 64.56% 27.62% 23.47% 6.60%
  5. tango

    Sectional 32

    Asphalt, drains - yes it is dangerous. We haven't played there in quite a while, but vowed to bring pads at least for the visitor's sideline to guard against injury if we played there again. I can only guess the IHSAA hasn't been alerted. Have your AD contact the WHS AD. Maybe they will agree to switch it. It isn't like they have any home field advantage anyway. It helps them financially to switch because they get 1/8 of the Sectional gate and it will be better attended at GS than at WHS.
  6. Before Friday, I thought HHS had a puncher’s chance at Jasper, but I’ve changed my mind. As for MD, their game and the SR game both surprised me a little, so I think MD v. SR is still a toss-up in 40. I like Central over Reitz and Central to go on to win 24. Memorial’s odds went up a little with VL losing their best player, which should allow MHS to rest players in both games before the 32 final. Castle should win 16, but they need to find some O.
  7. tango

    Sectional 32

    Well said PatFan. That matchup with GS will be a great game. I’m interested to see how the unfortunate loss of Corrona impacts VL, but I don’t see them having any trouble with PC. I don’t see any first round games being very competitive for 4 Qs.
  8. tango

    Sectional 32

    Less important than the headsets we left at home for the Danville game...LOL.
  9. tango

    Sectional 32

    Sweet sideline rain gear for GS! Wish we had something like that...
  10. tango

    Big 8 Week 9

    LOL. Our game will be closer than your game....
  11. tango

    PAC week 9

    This is like “yo momma” jokes...
  12. tango

    Big 8 Week 9

    On the jet sweep?