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  1. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    With all due respect to MD, it wasn’t much of a test. I have a feeling we’ll see this settled on the field in November.
  2. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    Bishop Chatard is the #1 team in 3A. They have some great wins and their SOS is very high.
  3. I have little knowledge about 2A other than MD, but IF they are healthy (and that may be an issue if the RB is indeed out), but I would never count them out of the mix in 2A. They will come into the tournament having played some very good teams (and even the lower tier teams in SIAC have some athletes that can create problems), so they have probably seen stiffer competition than most of their 2A opponents. They took state champ SR to OT in the Sectional final as a 5-4 reg. season team and had MD won, could very easily been at LOS too.
  4. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    Any word out of MD about the RB?
  5. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    Calpreps has it the same as John Harrell - Memorial 42-28. I finally had a chance to look at some HUDL over the weekend. Reitz is going to have to establish a running game, move the chains, eat up clock and make this a 4 quarter game. The Panthers have a mobile QB, tough RB, and good OL, and will definitely be the toughest test the Memorial run defense has faced so far. I don't see Reitz having much success through the air, so if Memorial jumps out like last year, then I think it might be a long night for Reitz. Memorial must stop the run. The Tiger OL will need to avoid holding & block in the back penalties. They've improved each game, but this will be the toughest test since the Jasper game. Lindauer and Combs are clicking and Lindauer does a great job finding other WRs when defenses put 2-3 guys on Combs. This is our Homecoming week and Reitz has owned Memorial for 26 years (23-3), so while we may be the favorite in this one, I know our kids won't be looking past the Panthers to the following week against Central...
  6. I think the answer is YES, but if Schenk returns for the HH and GS games, then the answer is just maybe...
  7. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    Broken elbow is what I saw on twitter
  8. How many pancakes did the OL have against HC? This not meant to be a jab. Did the GS OL control the HC DL? What kept GS out of the end zone? I haven't seen the film, but my sense from the things I've read and heard is that HC created a lot of problems for the GS OL and got pressure on the QB.
  9. tango

    SIAC Week 6

    I’ll take Memorial, Bosse, Central and Castle. The loss of the RB will hurt MD and Castle has more athletes. Having seen Bosse and North live, IMO Bosse is the better team. Central will coast over Harrison. Memorial and Reitz should be a good match-up. I’m looking forward to a 4Q game in that one.
  10. tango

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    I'm from SW IN so I'm familiar with the injuries, match-ups, weather, etc. My point is that in just looking at records, Jasper is 1-3 and the only win is against you guys. If you don't dig deeper (and my guess is many coaches and media pollsters don't), then that 28 point loss looks bad for you guys. Add to that your wins are against a 1-3 Linton team and 2 of the weakest teams in 2A, and, well, I guess I'd be happy with being ranked #6.. Especially considering it doesn't mean squat anyway. Sounds apocalyptic! LOL.
  11. tango

    SIAC week 5

    Bosse has a lot of good players. It will be interesting to see how the Tigers answer the bell...
  12. tango

    IFCA Poll Week 4

    I'm not saying SR isn't a good team and assuming Schenk returns, I expect they will be a big factor in the PAC race and 2A tournament, but the loss to Jasper probably looks worse considering the final score and Jasper being 0-3 in its other games..
  13. tango

    Big 8 Week 5

    You know when you pick against or say anything remotely negative about GS, its like spraying water on a wasp nest... LOL.
  14. tango

    Big 8 Week 5

    That's a bold strategy, Cotton...