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  1. It's shocking that Indiana has as many colleges as it does in regards to its size.
  2. DanteEstonia

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    I had to do a 437-mile (one-way) trip out here in NV. Evansville to St. Leon is nothing.
  3. If East was promoted to 6A, would that make Jeffersonville a 5A school again?
  4. It would be a lot easier to have open playoffs, and have a bingo machine pick who plays whom.
  5. In Indiana, no approval from the IHSAA is needed to switch conferences.
  6. Do schools in Wisconsin get to pick what conference they are in?
  7. Indiana did it from 1973-1983; it didn't work for exactly this reason.
  8. Most do not. Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico sure don’t. Their systems are more like our old cluster system.
  9. ...which is why all qualification systems failed in Indiana.
  10. Cool. Indiana used two systems that had a low % of teams making the playoffs, and both were rejected because they contained game-able biases or compulsory scheduling.
  11. You would then have to under the system proposed in this thread. If you think that Indiana distances are bad, I had to do this trip for a Final 4 game in Nevada- https://goo.gl/maps/dEo1u4tPjS22
  12. You don't. This is the cluster system by a different name.
  13. Isn't the draw done by a bingo machine?