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  1. You're a smart boy Muda, start here: https://www.in.gov/sboa/files/sec2010_001.pdf We are dealing with athletic programs, not schools. But if you feel so inclined, I'm sure you can find what you're looking for at the SBA. Exactly how many schools are you consulting? I'm calling BS, the initiative was a group inside the IFCA.
  2. Athletics has to be self funding and cannot operate in the red. Budgets are set, and you either work inside of that budget or you fundraise. I would assume this year's budget is set on last year's receipts.
  3. Government school athletic programs by state law are not allowed to operate in the red.
  4. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC Off-Season

    This is how me and the crew roll.
  5. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC Off-Season

    Dilly Dilly!
  6. Before joining the Death Star.
  7. Impartial_Observer

    EIAC Off-Season

    Wasn't one of the rumors from years past, he wanted to go back to Ohio? Often wondered the same thing?
  8. State Schools Participation *Texas 1,064 163,998 Ohio 694 42,595 **Florida 547 41,182 ***Michigan 597 39,338 †Georgia 414 32,979 ††Alabama 396 31,468 Indiana 317 21,772 †††Oklahoma 277 15,072 * Does not include 234 schools who play 6-Man ** Does not include 15 schools who play 8-Man or 32 schools who play 6-Man *** Does not include 64 schools who play 8-Man † Does not include 21 schools who play 8-Man †† Does not include 19 schools who play 8-Man or 8 schools who play 6-Man ††† Does not include 88 schools who play 8-Man Even though Alabama as a state ranks below in Indiana in population, they still have higher participation numbers, I would assume by over 11K by the time you add in 27 schools who don't play traditional football. These numbers are from the NFHS 14-15 numbers, it was the latest I could find in a brief Google search: http://www.nfhs.org/ParticipationStatics/PDF/2014-15_Participation_Survey_Results.pdf For the nontraditional numbers, I used MaxPreps numbers for 2016, again as close as I could find, the numbers may not be concrete, but I think they're accurate enough for this discussion. Perhaps playing non-traditional formats is something Indiana needs to look at. It seems to be prevalent in other states. It was interesting to look at some of this. Frankly I've always dismissed it on the face of it. But this may be something to look at if we're going to grow this sport?
  9. I think just the numbers alone have some correlation to mo better teams and talent?
  10. All of the contractionist and all of the playoffist need to get together, share some fellowship and come back to us with an answer.
  11. Texas does not have the market cornered on expensive HS coaches. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/sports/high-school/football/georgia-high-school-football-coaches-score-big-with-100k-plus-salaries/77-514484550
  12. Impartial_Observer

    NFHS Rules Changes

    I don't get out often.
  13. Impartial_Observer

    NFHS Rules Changes

    Any kick in HS can be fair caught. This isn't a proposal, it was changed this past season. They're really asking was is OK?
  14. Impartial_Observer

    NFHS Rules Changes

    1. Fine with me. 2. Fine with me. 3. Fine with me, though I think there was some confusion among officials who at times double dipped. 4. Needs to be thought through, don't make another bad rule that has to be addressed again next year. 5. Works for me, but OMG, all of those new turf fields that have to be remarked. 6. No, why? Has anyone seen this? 7. I voted no. I'm all for getting the call right, but at what cost? 8. I voted yes. 9. I voted yes, but see answer 4.
  15. Impartial_Observer

    Sideline Plays

    Learned my lesson on the thread last summer or early season......I didn't get my bean bag dirty one time this season!